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Fios Quantum Gateway Router Review

Fios Quantum Gateway Router Review – Is It Fast Enough

Verizon Fios is a provider of bundled Internet service with lightning-fast internet speeds and digital TV. All the bundled packages are reasonably priced. Verizon Fios continues to be a leader in the internet industry in terms of subscribers and exponential growth. Besides the fact that fiber optic internet is the fastest, there’s something that can lower the overall speeds, which is the router’s overall performance and capabilities.

Furthermore, the constant improvements and router/modem innovation improve their ability to work and provide super-fast internet speeds. This means that you should think of updating your old router. One of the best routers that should cross your mind is the FIOS Quantum Gateway router.

Fios Quantum Gateway router is a good upgrade for its fast connections, efficient dual processor, dual-band technology, and wide range. All these features will help you optimize your internet speeds, bandwidth, and settings. This brief provides a comprehensive review of the Fios Quantum Gateway router and gives you all the reasons why this router is a must-buy for all Verizon FIOS subscribers.

Physical appearance and design

The router is compact and smaller in size. It only measures about 10 inches deep by 10 inches tall and 2 inches wide. You and your family will have wireless connectivity in your home. The router can efficiently broadcast wifi so that everyone will be connected and can enjoy the fastest speeds when browsing and gaming.

Looking at this router, it’s a sleek little device that can comfortably sit on a table or a shelf and won’t draw any significant attention. This is precisely how a router should look like. It’s also stylish and beautifully designed to fit every lifestyle. You can actually leave it here for everyone to see.


The router features all latest and the most fantastic specs for improved performance. You will undoubtedly get some of the best speeds and excellent wifi coverage. Additionally, the router gives all users continued access wherever they are in the house. It’s perfect for people who want to program the device and turn on and off on a schedule.

After installing this router, you will notice improved and stronger signal throughout the home. This is necessary for families with many connected devices. You will definitely not rely on wifi extenders to improve coverage and signal strength. The Fios Quantum Gateway router is perfect for people who need faster online streaming and gaming internet speeds throughout the home.

The FIOS Quantum gateway router is more efficient no matter the time of the day that you are online. Here are some of the best features that you’ll enjoy immediately after installing this router.

Faster speeds-This is a notable and the most convincing reason to get a FIOS Quantum Gateway router. It offers more immediate and consistent performance when it comes to speeds and coverage.

  • High-speed Ethernet connection-You’ll automatically get a high-speed Ethernet connection approaching gigabit speeds. These are perfect for serious streamers and gamers.
  • You can double your data transfer speeds-This router features MoCA 2.0 technology, which you can use to double your data transfer speeds for those with coax connection.
  • VPN router capabilities-You will also get access to advanced features such as VPN router capabilities. This is important because you are guaranteed the information and data on the internet devices are secure and protected all the time.
  • Better connectivity throughout the house-This is another primary reason and benefit for choosing this router. You’ll have better connectivity throughout the house.

Value for Money

You surely don’t want to get a boring piece of hardware as your modem or router. The chosen device should be intelligent, reliable, useful, efficient, and with the highest performance. This router is a high-end device with the best performance and reliability. For the price, I believe this router is the best value for your money.


  • The router delivers a noticeable improvement in internet speeds
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It has a broad wifi range
  • The price is quite reasonable
  • Has Dual-Band technology-This allows access to multiple devices without impacting negatively on the overall speeds
  • It can relatively handle higher levels of Mbps than most competitors.


  • The user interface can be confusing

Reasons to choose FIOS Quantum Gateway router by all Verizon Fios Subscribers

Using the information above, it’s easy to realize that there are many reasons why you all Verizon subscribers should go for the Fios Quantum Gateway router. The device is designed in such a way that it can operate all day regardless of the situation at hand.

Beats Heat Stress

Heat Stress is one major issue that many routers encounter. Many routers usually get damaged when they overheat. The excess workload and other problems like poor air circulation are the main culprits and reasons why your router fails. This issue is further supplemented by the constant neglect that most Verizon subscribers put these important devices through. Most people choose to place these routers near the windows. They are exposed to the heat of the sun, dust, and other environmental debris, which eventually impacts their performance. Fios Quantum Gateway router is not immune to all these, but it’s relatively more robust than most competitors. The router is designed to allow efficient air circulation to make it easy for the router to cool itself.

You need to keep up with the new technologies

Additional reasons to upgrade to FIOS Quantum Gateway router are to get access to more superior technologies and innovations. Even when your current router has some outstanding features, there’s always a reason to choose the FIOS Quantum gateway router. Investing in a new and a superior router when your current router has the same features may seem like a paradox, but it’s financially rewarding.

Easy Setup

Unlike many routers in the market today, FIOS quantum gateway router is easier and super-fast to setup. Gone are the days when we used to call technicians to set some simple devices like routers. Replacing the old router with the current FIOS Quantum Gateway router is rather painless and a straightforward process that hardly requires professional investments. The steps of replacing the old router with the FIOS Quantum Gateway router are easy.

  • Log into your old router and release the DHCP lease on the Broadband Coax WAN port
  • Turn it off and wait for a few minutes.
  • Now connect the coax connection to the new FIOS Quantum Gateway router and switch it on.
  • Voila, you have just boosted your Internet speeds in minutes.
  • Broad wifi range

The Quantum Gateway router has a wide range of up to 325ft and delivers the widest wifi coverage in the market today. This router is perfect for people that live in large houses and want to keep all the devices in the house connected. The signal is also powerful and reaches all the corners of the house with ease. You will not be frustrated even if you are accessing the wireless internet from the top limit of the range.

The device brings wifi connectivity in two settings, which are: FIOS 5G and Regular FIOS access. The Fios 5G is the fastest wifi signal that is available in the market. You will be advantaged if some of your devices in the house support this kind of signal.

Up to 800Mbps wireless Internet speed

There are very few routers in the market that can deliver internet speeds of up to 800Mbps wirelessly. Most providers promise high internet speeds, but very few of them deliver the actual advertised speeds. In many instances, the problem is not necessarily the Internet service provider but the routers we use at home. The Fios Quantum Gateway router provides maximum speeds of up to 800Mbps. This is courtesy of the powerful dual-core processor and dual-band technology. The device is also designed to handle a vast amount of broadband data transmission.

You can manage FIOS Quantum router from anywhere

This is another crucial feature and reason why Verizon FIOS subscribers need this router. The router gives you maximum control over every setting from anywhere you are in real-time. This is mainly because of the FIOS app, which helps you manage the router’s wifi settings.

WPA encryption

I bet you are not a stranger to the weaknesses and limitations that come with older WEP security protocols. The WPA encryption that is used by this router offers maximum safety to all the web browsers in real-time. It puts on a couple of obstacles in front of all potential hackers, which successfully hides data and makes it hard for hackers to access personal data successfully.

Dual Bands

The router promises top performance for all the devices at home. For that reason, Verizon decided to equip the router with innovative technologies known as Dual Band Technology, which provides you with two different highway lanes for the data.

What other customers and users are saying

This router has attracted a couple of reviews in major retail shops. On Amazon, for example, the router has more than 69% five stars and about 10% one star. One user left a review on Amazon claiming that the Fios Quantum Gateway router is excellent. The user continued to explain that the router will work with Verizon Fios. However, if you are upgrading from an older router, the replacement process can be overwhelming. Verizon claims that the process of installing and upgrading this router is easy. You have to move the coax connection from the older router to the new router and power up the new router, and within three minutes, everything will be set. But this doesn’t always work for everyone.

After researching online, you will realize that the DHCP lease on the WAN connection must be removed on the older router. This should happen before connecting the new router. To do this, Log into the ActionTec router and release the DHCP lease on the COAX WAN port. Turn off the ActionTec router after clicking the release. Wait for ten minutes and connect the coax connection to the Fios Quantum Gateway router. The router should now be connected and ready to be used. This user claims that the router is quite good and gets the job done. The router delivers full wifi connections on your laptops.

Another user claims that Verizon is now as bad as Comcast. He believes that technology, the router is good and seems fair. But he explains further that the company didn’t quite help with properly installing the equipment. The user claims that he was billed more than $200 for the router. The technicians wanted him to sign a document for the first instalment payment for the router, which was $100 even when they knew very well that the router was already installed. He goes ahead to explain that he got a preliminary bill a week later.


Which router works best with Verizon Fios?

Many routers would work perfectly fine with Verizon Fios. However, when shopping for the best router, you should be very careful. Linksys EA7500, TP-Link Archer A7, Netgear R8000, and Google Nest Mesh are some of the unique options you have.

Is Fios Quantum Gateway a Modem?

Yes, this is an all in one modem and a wi-fi router. This is the reason why many Verizon Fios users are using this device to serve as both a router and a modem. It can be connected directly with Ethernet cables.

Should I use my own router for Fios?

The Optical Network Terminal works as a modem, and for that reason, you don’t need a modem for Verizon Fios. The cable modems will also not work with it. However, you can use your own router as long as the Optical Network Terminal is configured to deliver the internet over Ethernet Cable and not the Coaxial Cable.

Final verdict

Every FIOS Verizon user should consider the FIOS Quantum Gateway router for its performance, value for money, and other benefits, as explained above. The router does a perfect job in terms of coverage and delivering perfect speeds. It will boost your connection speed, leaving you with little to worry about. The price is also relatively low and reasonable. Consider the FIOS Quantum gateway router if you ever wanted to upgrade your router to superior and technologically grander routers.

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