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Verizon Error 31 Other Network Problem

Verizon Error 31 Other Network Problem – How To Fix (Guide)

Experiencing Verizon ERROR 31 other network problem then you have come to the right place on fixing it.

The innovative communication, coupled with Verizon’s various technology solutions, has gained numerous satisfied subscribers across the United States. Despite all the users’ positive reviews, they’ve also reported an “error 31: other network problem,” which has hindered receiving and sending messages. In this write-up, we’ll dissert some reasons that trigger this error and also make necessary recommendations. So ensure you carefully follow the steps and accurately apply all that is recommended to avoid any conflict.

The leading causes behind the “Error 31: Other Network Problem” on Verizon.

The reasons that trigger this error on your Verizon network are as follows;

  • Signal Extender – These devices help get better coverage by sending cellular data through Wi-Fi, but it can also be the reason behind this problem. This happens mostly when it malfunctions, thereby leading to this error.
  • Messaging App – The particular message application you use can also be the cause of this problem. This malfunction especially at the point of sending messages for Verizon.
  • iMessage – This error can also be noticed at the point of sending a message from an Android device to an iPhone. This happens especially when the iPhone user turns on the “iMessage” feature, which blocks the message from being sent to the recipient.

Now that the root of the problem has been made known, next is to outline how to solve it. To achieve a significant result, you need to religiously follow the steps to avoid confusing you in any way.

How to fix it

Substitute your Messaging App

Android users know that numerous applications can be used when it comes to sending messages. These applications cannot effectively communicate with the Verizon network. Hence, this leads to the error 31 message appearing on your phone. According to experts, once Verizon is concerned, it’s essential you strictly make use of the recommended application by Verizon (i.e., the official Verizon app). In fact, most users online testified to getting this problem rectifimessing+ed by just substituting the message application they were making use of. Below is the process on how to install the official Verizon app to your device in case you do have already installed

  • Please navigate to the menu of your phone, look for play store, then click on it.
  • On the search tap, type in “Verizon Message App,” next it to click on the installation tab so the app can be installed.
  • You can now correctly fill in your details to personalize the app. Then try and make use of it for your messages. When you do this, please recheck if the problem has revolved.

Disable Extender

Most people make use of an extender to be able to receive better network coverage. This extender should be completely disabled. That’s not all; the Wi-Fi should also be turned off. When this is done, try to see if it is possible to send a message using a cellular network. If it was successful, it practically means that the extender is restricting you from sending a message. At this point, it’s of utmost importance to reach out to the customer representative, who will possibly send a technician over to hello you look at the extender.

Disable iMessage

Another incident that can lead to this is when an iPhone user sends a message to an Android user through iMessage, which has its features already turned on. Follow the steps below to turn off the iMessage application on your iPhone Phone quickly;

  • Navigate to the “Settings” of your phone.
  • Click on the “Messages” option
  • Click on the “iMessage” toggle, which will automatically turn it off.
  • After this, you need to check to ascertain if the problem has been sorted out.

Clear the data and cache of the messaging app completely.

If the error persists after trying out the above recommendations, you need to empty your message app’s data and cache. To do this, you need to follow the steps outline below;

  • Click on the setting icon from the menu of your Android phone.
  • Proceed to the Apps and notifications section. It might be written just “Apps” on your Android device. Know that it all means the same thing.
  • Look for where Message+ is located, then open it.
  • From there, click on clear data together with a clear cache. This automatically wipes off all the history data deposited in the cache.
  • Continuously click on the send button if the error persists. This will repeatedly clear the issue.


From all indication, the error 31 being noticed by Verizon users can be triggered by other problems associated with other networks. In the write-up above, possible recommendations have been made to rectify this problem so you can send messages without any hindrance. Apart from the options listed above, you can automatically repair your phone by installing the Restoro app on your Android device. This application helps to detect any corrupted or obsolete driver when it scans through your computer.


What is the exact meaning of Error 31 other network problems?

The error 31 is a hindrance that prevents Verizon users from sending or receiving messages on their device. Android users notice this error when a third party message app is being used to send messages. On the other hand, iPhone users tend to experience this when the iMessage features are enabled before sending any message. These two scenarios prevent the Verizon network from connecting correctly.

Why is all my text sent via Verizon is not sending?

In a situation where you’re able to receive a message on your Verizon network but can’t send, then you must cross-check your network directly on your phone, especially if you’re making use of an iPhone.

What is the best method to update my Verizon Message+?

On the search field, which is located on the top of your device, enter Verizon Messages. From the result, you’ll notice if a new update has been released. If it has been, then tap update, and the Message+ will be automatically updated.

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