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Verizon Wireless Blocking Website problem

Verizon Wireless Blocking Websites – 5 Ways On How To Regain Access

There have been reports by most people that the websites they tend to visit often are being blocked by Verizon wireless. This has seriously affected some people’s work while others are being deprived of visiting their favorite entertainment website. The truth is that most people do not want their website blocked, which is justifiable because when you subscribed to a package, your service provider must supply an uninterrupted signal. So whenever you’re unable to access a particular website when using Verizon wireless, then something must be wrong. At first, you might not think that the problem is from Verizon wireless because routers can’t actually block websites.

On the other hand, if the website you want to access is blocked and you’re using a public network, this is expected. It’s common for certain public places to block access to some websites, especially when they think the website comprises inappropriate content. Some go to the extent of placing an error message that will inform the end-user why the website was blocked. Some tend to block access to a website like YouTube, which they think consumes huge bandwidth.

In this write-up, we’ll discuss issues related to Verizon wireless blocking website and suggest possible solutions to resolve the problem.

What causes Verizon Wireless Blocking Websites?

Whenever there is a hurdle hindering you from surfing smoothly, it means that there is something wrong. For instance,

  • The problem might be from the Verizon device you’re using
  • The website might be unavailable.
  • There might be a technical problem with your browser.
  • Verizon hub might have blocked the website.

Whatever the issue might be, we’ll outline some troubleshooting methods so you can resolve this issue.

Recheck the DNS Settings

The DNS most times blocks some websites without you being aware of it. So it might be the reason behind your issue. Therefore, you must change the DNS server to OpenDNS or, better still, Google public DNS. Just by changing this solves the problem most times.

Change your Router

As you make use of your router, it might often develop an issue without a warning sign. For instance, it might suddenly break down, causing a hardware malfunction. At this point, you need to replace the router with a brand new one and reach out to Verizon for the configuration. Brand new devices are always free from any hardware error, and their service is guaranteed.

Check the Proxy Setting

When a proxy is enabled, it most times blocks certain automatically. For example, you won’t be able to access the Netflix website when VPN or proxy is enabled. To resolve this, you need to turn off the proxy plugged into your browser to start enjoying a flawless browsing experience.

Browser resetting

After trying the above-listed solutions and the problem persists, your browser needs resetting. To do this,

  • Navigate to the browser setting
  • Click on the troubleshoot option
  • Then reset the browser
  • Automatically, the browser will shut down before restarting. After this exercise, you won’t experience any interruption when browsing.

Opt for Smart DNS service mainly for geo-restrictions.

In recent times, it is no longer difficult for many online services to detect VPN traffic. That’s why using a VPN does not usually work as it used to, especially when it lacks obfuscated servers responsible for bypassing VPN blocking. The good thing about smart DNS service is that it helps you access geo-restricted content by hiding your geo-location.

It functions by replacing your original DNS address with its unique server address, which in turn strips geo-location data from it. When Smart DNS is being used, it routes all your traffic and makes it seem you’re in a different location entirely. However, the disadvantage of using it is that your security and privacy is not guaranteed. In other words, it has no encryption; the IP address is made public, and also it can’t bypass firewalls.


Most times, the internet service provider blocks certain websites for some reason. A typical example is when state censorship is involved with government authorization to all ISP’s to enforce it. As a result of this, some websites will automatically become unavailable nationwide. Other reasons why your ISP might decide to block certain websites would be related to their content once they do not fall with any legal regulation(s). They can carry this out without informing their subscribers.

The above-listed suggestions have much helped a lot of Verizon subscribers. So if you follow the suggested solutions religiously, you should’ve gotten rid of the problem. But peradventure none of the above-listed suggestions worked for you, it’s time to reach out to Verizon support and make a formal complaint. They’ll assist you in ensuring you get the problem sorted out within a short period.


Is it true that Verizon block websites?

It is rare for them to block any website but not that they do not have the ability to websites. Most times, the problem is from DNS, transit, or filtering on other providers that break access for Verizon subscribers.

My internet is blocking my website, what could be the reason?

There are three methods in which a website can be blocked. They include; Network level, Computer level, or the ISP/Governmental level. Apart from these, some DNS services, like Open DNS, also provide options for blocking websites.

Is it possible for a router to block a website?

With your native parental control, it’s possible to block a website on your router. Alternatively, you can use third-party software. Apart from these two, use OpenDNS to set up the router’s feature by altering the settings of the DNS server. From there, you can choose a website to block.

Is it possible to see my incognito history from Verizon Smart family?

Verizon cannot access your history once you use incognito mode for internet. This means that you can browse privately, and other people who use the same device won’t have access to your history. However, anything you bookmark or download will be saved and seen.

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