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Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me Watch Out For Scammers

Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me – Is It A Scam? – Must Read

Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me and is it a scam? is a common thing that people are asking right now and its important that you read this before anything goes wrong.

Verizon remains on top when it comes to premium carriers that are widely used in Canada and United States.

Their services cuts across the offering of top-quality services including internet, phone, text messages, and voice.

This has been the attractive force why most people choose to pitch their tenth with Verizon. In addition, the strength of their signal is top-notch that even subscribers in remote areas can access it.

No matter where you’re at the corner of your house (even basement), be rest assured to receive an impeccable service. Their signals are without any issues.

Verizon Voice Mail Calling explained

If you’re a Verizon customer, there is every tendency you must have received some calls from their Voicemail service.

This is a regular occurrence and it happens as a result of some reasons. But you don’t need to be worried about it.

For those using their account and it’s working just fine, you can reach out to them yourself for confirmation. There are two main approaches to take if you’re receiving calls from Voicemail.

Identifying calls from Verizon

Receiving calls from Verizon voicemail is normal once you’re a subscriber. For you to confirm the call is from Verizon, you’ll receive the call during working hours and not odd hours.

If they can’t reach you, a voicemail will be sent if it’s an urgent matter. They won’t call you repeatedly i.e., you can just get one or two calls if it’s an issue that needs attention.

It’s important to note that Verizon won’t request any of your financial or sensitive information during the calls.

If the call is from them, the instruction on what to do will be in the voicemail. You can as well reach out to them if you find anything confusing.

Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me Explained

Verizon respects their policies when it comes to customer service so it’s rare for them to constantly keep calling you.

When you receive various calls during the day claiming they’re from Verizon, it’s obvious it’s from scammers trying to steal your information.

The majority of these calls are recorded, so when you fall prey, it now is transferred to a live person who will start demanding your personal information.

Because they already have some of your information, they’ll try to convince you that they’re from Verizon.

So if you’ve had the experience of getting multiple voicemails during the day, be sure to check that it’s from Verizon. This will help you save yourself from a scammer.

Ways to keep yourself safe from unknown voicemail

1. Do not take the call

If you keep receiving calls, save yourself by not taking the calls. It is preferable to reach out to Verizon support and confirm if there is a pending issue with your account that needed urgent attention.

If there is nothing wrong with your account, then report those numbers. The chances that those hackers must have had access to your account is very rare, though they’ll try to make you believe so.

In addition, reset all your settings and change your account details. Verizon on their part will also reset your account to prevent any unauthorized access to your account to fix anything.

2. Do not reveal your private and financial information

Normally when you receive calls from these scammers, you’ll be asked the details of your financial and personal information like your credit card number in other to reactivate your account.

You’ll be given excuses like your number needs to be updated, they started discount offers and you need to sign up with your credit card details.

It’s important to know that Verizon won’t ask for your sensitive information when they call. If they’ve succeeded in hacking into your account, they must have gotten your details and just need you to confirm the rest.

But no matter how they lure you, you’re not supposed to share such information with anybody. Do well to report such numbers to Verizon.

Your details can be used to perpetrate illegal activities or even steal money from your account. These can get you into trouble.

3. Take the precautionary measures and stay safe

In as much as you avoided the calls from these scammers, it’s also important to take precautionary measures instantly.

For instance, log in to your account and change your account details. Approach your bank report so they can check your account to fish out any fraudulent transactions you can’t recognize.

Report to Verizon so those numbers can be blocked and investigated. There is an Identity Protection department that will swing into action to protect you from any scam.

In Conclusion

You’re now informed of the necessary step to take when you keep receiving voicemail claiming it’s from Verizon.

On most Android devices, voicemail can be disabled by navigating to your phone settings >>> call >>> Voicemail >>> Voicemail number >>> then delete.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my voicemail from calling me?

On most Android devices, voicemail can be disabled by navigating to your phone settings >>> call >>> Voicemail >>> Voicemail number >>> then delete.

Why do I keep receiving calls from my voicemail?

The majority of these calls are from scammers making an illegal robocall. With advanced technology, scammers can now fake caller IDs and make it appear like they’re calling a different phone number or place.

Is it possible to stop Verizon robocalls?

Using the Verizon call filter app, incoming calls can be screened, then auto-block spam will be able to report any suspicious number.

You can as well upgrade the Call Filter Plus to pro for additional security. Make your personal blocklist by putting a name to the unknown numbers.

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