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Verizon Server Unreachable - Do this to fix the error guide

Verizon Server Unreachable – Do This To Fix The Error (Guide)

Verizon, when compared to other carriers, is indisputably one of the reliable and strong networks around. It’s actually difficult to compare their connectivity with others because of their network towers, which is strategically positioned. In fact, this gives subscribers confidence to travel to any part of the county or abroad, knowing fully well that Verizon has an excellent roaming service. Despite all these, some subscribers have complained about their inability to access the Verizon server. If you’re facing this challenge with Verizon, read on to find out how you can resolve it.

Why am I getting “Verizon Server Unreachable” error

We’re so reliant on our mobile phones and tablet that it is essential we always have a stable network on them to communicate with our loved ones. Losing connectivity on your Verizon device(s) can be caused by certain factors. So as a Verizon subscriber, whenever you get “Verizon Server Unreachable,” it simply means your device has lost the connection. Below are a few things that will help you resolve this connection problem.

How to fix error

Recheck the Network Coverage

Confirming the network coverage is the very first thing you need to check. Like was stated earlier, yes, Verizon has reliable network towers across strategic places, but that does not mean it can’t malfunction at some point. The truth is that if you reside in a remote area, you might find it difficult to have stable Verizon coverage. The farther you’re from the nearest tower, the more difficult to have full network coverage.

Hence to avoid this, it’s essential to be close to a Verizon tower for effective network signals. Apart from this, it is also vital to be at a higher ground devoid of any obstruction (bushes, trees, higher buildings, etc.). Areas like this don’t usually have a nearby tower, meaning the signal’s strength might be a bit lower. Therefore, if you want to receive uninterrupted Verizon coverage, the area you reside matters.

Switch off and restart your device

In a situation where you’re sure that your phone is receiving the proper coverage, then other errors might be responsible for the Verizon Server Unreachable. There is no need to fright because it’s not unusual, and rectifying it is not difficult. At this point, you need to reboot/restart your phone. The rebooting process helps restart the network components from the beginning to get hooked with the Verizon network again.

This simple exercise of restarting your phone will automatically fix any error preventing stable coverage. However, it’s crucial you dial #832 when your phone comes back on because the three digits are Verizon’s number to confirm the signal’s strength on your phone. The unique thing concerning this code is that it will ensure you’ve the prerequisite signal to make calls and receive calls using a Verizon network.

Try resetting the network settings

In case you’re not aware of it, certain network configuration and settings on your phone must be set correctly if you want to experience stable coverage. In fact, they must be on automatic selection by the network.

Any minor error in these settings can result in connectivity malfunction. Hence, it’s essential to reset the network settings to the initial default to make it work. To do this, navigate to auto-configuration and proceed to reset your phone. In most cases, this works out.

Check your SIM card

If you’ve tried the above two suggestions and the problem persists, you must take a second look at your SIM card. Because of how sensitive the SIM card is, it can get damaged without you being aware of it, resulting in your network problem.

To ascertain this, insert another Verizon SIM card inside the phone and observe if the network is stable. You might need to request another SIM card if it’s damaged. To do this, walk into any approved Verizon outlet and explain your plight; a new SIM will be provided to you to replace the damaged one without delay. Normally, this is done free of charge, so don’t bother about payment.


Like you discovered from the write-up, several reasons can cause your device to display the error message “Verizon Server Unreachable.” So it’s important to ensure your device has a strong signal connection. Alternatively, you might also try to connect using another internet connection. To a large extent, this will help you ascertain if there is any problem with your Verizon signal.


What’s the implication when your phone displays service unreachable?

This unreachable temporary status message differs from one phone to another. To some, it might be an indication that your mobile phone is turned off or that it is out of range. However, for other phones, it might mean that there is an issue with your ISP.

Why is my server unavailable?

In most cases, this annoying message’s primary cause can be traced back to the server outage. This means that the DNS is temporarily inaccessible. Changing browsers in times like this can solve this problem. Secondly, you can restart your router or, better still, switch a few of your firewall settings.

What does “server error” shown on mobile phones implies?

This is not an unusual thing. Usually, Google Play Store shows such pop-up messages, especially when you can’t access the internet on your device. If this happens when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, recheck to your Wi-Fi internet is actually working.

How do I resolve an unavailable signal on my device?

First, it’s crucial to ensure you have a strong signal on your phone. Then try to disconnect and connect several times again to make sure the problem is not a result of a sticky connection. If it fails, you can try to connect using another internet. For instance, you can try a router if you’ve been using a mobile connection. Alternatively, you can change to a new location. Secondly, if you’re using an IPad, you need to change the wireless settings, allowing you to use the Google DNS server, which is preferable to your ISP.

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