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how to return verizon Fios equipment

Verizon PSP Connection Problem – The 5 Step Fix (Guide)

What to know how to fix the Verizon PSP Connection Problem in 2022 then keep reading.

The Verizon PSP comes with Wi-Fi capabilities and an internet browser to surf the Web. Connecting to the Internet is fairly straightforward. All you’ve to do is enter a wireless router’s name and password, and the PSP should be able to establish a Wi-Fi connection.

However, when you attempt to connect your Verizon PSP to the Internet, you may get an 80410A0b error, which denotes a problem with the Internet connection.

Portable Play Station (PSP)

The PSP stands for Portable Play Station which is primarily a gaming device, but aside from this, it can also perform other notable media functionality such as internet connectivity, listening of music, streaming of movies, watching of pictures and a lot more.

In the early 2000s, this portable play station (PSP) became so popular that a lot of people referred to it as the most dominant handheld gaming device.

In addition to all these features mentioned above, this device can you used to stream videos, download different games and surf the internet. But it is not compatible with multiple frequency connectivity. Also, the widely used WPA2 routers are not supported by PSP. Fortunately, that’s the model used for Verizon optimal connectivity.

Ways to Fix Verizon PSP Connection Problem

Adjust from your router network encryption settings from WPA2 to WPA

Recently produced Verizon routers now come along with WPA2 encryption which is more secured and advanced than WPA, but sometimes it affects the internet connection of PSP. The good thing is that you can actually switch this encryption setting on your router’s settings

Seek assistance from Verizon representatives

In most cases, Verizon on their own does prevent some PSP from accessing the router’s admin panel as a result of some locational policies or even security risks.

At this point, you need to put a call across to Verizon representative and explain your challenge. This will enable them to troubleshoot the issue from their own end to get the very best encryption that will work well for your encryption. This rectification will enable you to start enjoying your game optimally.

Go for a new router

You might need to go for a new router if the Verizon router you’re currently making use of does not have the option to change your encryption settings, you’ll need to change the router.

You can either get a third-party router yourself or better still contact Verizon for another router that can grant you access to the encryption settings. In most cases, you might be denied access by Verizon so do not hesitate to ask for authorization before attempting to change this setting.

Try out the setting on your PSP

At times we tend to ignore the PSP settings. The networking problem, at some point, does originate from there. It’s important you also carefully check the settings of your PSP. To do this, you need to change it back to the original factory settings to correct any networking problem.

Update the Firmware

Outdated firmware also affects connection to the internet. You need your PSP firmware to the latest version for your internet to function without restrictions.

This update can be done through the PSP settings or better still you can have the stock firmware installed by connecting your PSP to your computer. When this is done, you can start enjoying your Verizon internet without any connectivity errors.

How to Fix the Verizon PSP Internal Error 80410A0b

There are moments when you’ll try to connect your PSP to the internet but will be faced with 80410A0b error. This simply signifies a problem you’re your internet connection.

At this point, some simple troubleshooting you can carry out on your own may help solve this issue. Follow these steps;

  • First, you need to remove any UMD disc inserted into the PSP.
  • Next, from the memory card reader, take out your memory card if one is inserted already.
  • Then turn on your PSP.
  • Proceed to the settings tab (this can be found in the Cross Media Bar) then select system settings.
  • Tab restore default settings and authorize that you wish to change to the original factory settings.
  • That’s all. Restart your PSP.

Once you’ve gone through all these processes, try to reconnect again. If the error still persists, it’s advisable to join another network.

When you successfully establish a connection, it simply means that there might be a problem with the router. However, if you still cannot connect to the new network, another possible suspect is the Wi-Fi card. It could’ve been damaged, which means it needs to be repaired.

In Conclusion

Like any other electronic gadgets that make use of operating systems, the Verizon PSP can have a problem as well. Certainly, you might experience many PSP errors codes at the cause of the usage but might not know what to do. The possible solution has been outlined in this write up so to ease this challenge so you can enjoy smooth internet connection with your PSP.


Why is my PSP not connecting to the Internet?

First, you need to check your network security configuration. WPA2 encryption which now comes with most routers might be the cause. You need to switch it back to WPA. Also, your wireless security needs to be configured correctly to enable smooth internet connection

How do I fix my Verizon Internet connection?

This issue can be easily solved simply by turning off and turning on the router.

  • Unplug your router.
  • Wait 30-60 seconds.
  • Plug it back in.
  • Now try connecting to the internet.

Which PSP has WIFI?

The Portable paly station has built-in Wi-Fi capability. This allows it to easily connect to any wireless internet service without any restrictions, be it WAP and WEP encryption. It normally has a problem connecting to WPA2.

With a USB, Can I update my PSP?

To do this, after using your PSP, eject it from the PC and also unplug the USB cable but the AC adapter needs to remain plugged in.

Next, navigate to the System menu of the PSP and select system update. Here, it’s important to select update through storage media so the update can commerce. Better still, you can navigate to the menu of the game and select the memory card and then update.