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Verizon Fios Error Codes

Verizon Fios Error Codes – Most Common Fixes

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Verizon is a name that many internet users, computer software users, and phone users can trust. However, users usually encounter a couple of error codes from time to time. Despite being an industry leader, there are a couple of temporary and permanent glitches that you are likely to encounter.

This article covers the most common Verizon error codes and their possible solutions. Some of the errors have more than one solution. You should actually try more than one solution before calling customer support for assistance. But if this is not working, the last option should be to involve technical support.

Verizon Error code 1000 on Android

This error code is very common for people that have got their android devices from the US and happens to be from Verizon carrier. The error is usually accompanied by a message that says, “sorry, we ran into a problem, please try again” It also goes further to tell you that if this problem persists, you should call Verizon at 800-922-0204. If you’ve received this error code, you shouldn’t worry because there’s a simple solution to this issue.

What causes this error code?

This error code can happen if you do not use the Verizon Backup feature. The error will most likely come out if it tries to connect to the cloud but failed because you haven’t set the feature. You can easily choose to disable this feature if you are currently not using it.

Other users can experience this issue if they accidentally opened any Verizon service app. It can happen when an app that uses services provided by Verizon is opened such as the Voicemail app. The error code 1000 will occur even when you try to close the app immediately. I’ve come across most people saying that this app freezes their phone and might cause the phone to stop working.

How to fix Verizon error code 1000 on android

There are few ways of fixing this error code which highly depends on the cause. If you have been experiencing this error code, follow the steps below to see what you can do about it.

  • Step 1: Open the settings
  • Step 2: Proceed to apps or applications depending on the phone. The name might vary depending on the phone you’re using.
  • Step 3: Head to the Verizon VVM app and open it. You can search for this app and you will easily find it in the list. If you cannot find this application, click the 3-dot menu at the top right corner to show system apps.
  • Step 4: Click the disable Button and if you cannot see it, click on Force stop. But you should know that force stop will only fix this problem temporarily and it may come again.
  • Step 5: If the error persists, do the same for Backup+Media and Verizon Login app.

If you cannot disable the apps, you may have to reboot the device. You can as well perform a workaround. To do this, follow the below steps;

  • Step 1: Open Settings
  • Step 2: Click apps
  • Step 3: Choose the Verizon VVM app and Verizon Login app
  • Step 4: Click on App Permissions and disable every permission.
  • Step 5: Do the same for all the Verizon apps you find and the problem should be solved.

If you have done all this and the problem is not solved, then you might have to disable all the Verizon apps and services. After that, reboot and check if the issue is fixed.

Verizon error code 9001

The Verizon error code 9001 usually appears during the mail service use. It happens due to the failure of the voicemail application. If you have been seeing this, don’t worry because it can be solved easily.

What causes Verizon error code 9001?

There are a couple of elements that can cause this error. For an easy solution, you should focus on the main cause of the issue. So, here are some common root causes that can inform your decision. The first reason is removed or deleted files when you’re upgrading the system. The second is the booting procedure that can delete the wireless communications. If that is not successful, it can cause the issue at hand.

Another reason behind this is switching the phone data and airplane mode simultaneously. If there are any errors in network settings, this problem is bound to occur. Lastly, providing the wrong account name or password can cause the same issue.

How to fix the Verizon error 9001?

With the above information, you can easily be able to fix the problem. Here are some easy steps to fi the Verizon error code 9001. However, you have to choose the method that works for you depending on the issue at hand. Another thing is that the problem can vary depending on the OS of the phone. If you are an Android user, follow the below steps.

Fix the issue with Voicemail- As I started by saying that failure of voicemail could be the root cause for this issue, you need to solve it from down up. This error code can occur if you accidentally press the airplane mode. For that reason, you need to check and slide over the screen to find the airplane mode. After getting it, turn the airplane mode off.

Go to Voicemail and try to sign in afresh-Another big solution to this issue is to go to Voicemail and try to sign in afresh. Make sure you’ve entered the correct username and password. This might help you access Verizon smoothly.

Are you an iPhone user?

If you’re an iPhone user experiencing Verizon error code 9001, then you might have to pick another different solution as explained below.

Solution 1

  • Go to settings and tap General settings
  • Proceed to the about page and navigate to Carrier Options.
  • Install it to remove any pending information and the problem might be solved.

Solution 2

  • Visit the settings of the iPhone and Cellular Options
  • Find the Cellular data option
  • Tap on the Cellular data option and turn the data on
  • Restart the device

This can easily resolve the problem at hand.

Contact Verizon Customer Service

If no single solution above has worked for you, the best thing to do in this case is to get in touch with Verizon Customer Service. The team will take a professional approach to solve the Verizon error code 9001.

Verizon Error code 9004

Most Verizon users get Verizon Error code 9004, meaning corrupted registry files. It can happen if the device is not completely updated or it has malfunctioned during wireless connection. If you are encountering this issue, then resolving the error can be very easy and simple if you follow the right steps.

What causes Verizon error code 9004?

Even though Verizon is trusted by many as a cell phone service provider, users can experience error code 9004 for a couple of reasons.

  • The registry files are corrupted– If the registry files are corrupted, then there’s a possibility that you’ll get this error code. As soon as you experience corrupted registry files, you have to repair them as soon as possible.
  • Update method on the system is not well done-The error code can be displayed on the screen in case the update method is not done successfully.
  • The Internet has malfunctioned-In case the wireless connection has malfunctioned, then you might experience this error code.
  • Hardware malfunction-The error code can equally happen if the hardware has malfunctioned and the wireless driver is not working properly.

How to fix Verizon error code 9004

There are several things you can do to get this error code resolved. The methods that will work for you highly depend on the root cause.

  1. Changing the path of Application Data within Registry– Although there are chances that this method would not work for all causes, you should try it first.
  2. Tap on the Start Button and head to Run Option and type regedit.exe at the top of the command Box and eventually hit the Enter Key. This will eventually display the Registry Editor.
  3. After that, go to the left panel of the screen and extend the folder “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” What follows is to select the “software folder and expand it again.
  4. You also have to select the current Version and extend it and lastly choose the Explorer and hit on it. Different types of options will be displayed on the “Explorer option” but you should select “User Shell Folders” and move it to the right-hand side of the screen.
  5. Now tap on the ”AppData” option twice and you’ll get the dialog Box called ”Edit String. You should now change it to the default path using your own profile and eventually click on and if possible restart the device. This error will be eliminated automatically after this.
  6. Updating the Device-If you have got an outdated version of windows, you are very likely to experience this issue. To deal with it, you need to go through the process of updating the device. Switch on the computer and choose the Start icon. Many options will be visible here but you should click on settings and select the ”Update and Security” icon. Head to ”windows Update” and check for any updates. Eventually, click on the update icon and after the process is done, restart the computer.

Verizon Error Code 31

Verizon offers voice, video, data services, and Mobile Broadband Internet services for netbooks, tablets, and smartphone users. Despite the popularity, Verizon users encounter a couple of errors when sending messages via their mobile phones. Some of them have reported getting Verizon Error code 31. So what does Verizon error code 31 mean? What are some common solutions to this error code?

The Verizon error code 31 indicates issues with the network. The main cause of this error code on Verizon Email is the signal extender, iMessage, and Messaging app. If you come across this problem, proceed to check some of the most viable solutions;

Use Verizon Official App

The Playstore and Appstore are full of messaging applications but the fact is not all the applications can work smoothly without interfering with Verizon applications and Networks. For that reason, users are advised to use Verizon’s official messaging app. This application can easily be downloaded from the Google Playstore. You might not experience this error if you shift to Verizon official site.

Turn off the extender

Another solution is to turn off the extender. Users that are using extenders for better Verizon coverage on their mobile phones have higher chances of getting this error code. To solve this error code temporarily, you should disable the single extender and the Wi-Fi connection on the Mobile Phone. After this, try to send a message via the Mobile Network. If this is possible, then the issue will automatically be with the extender.

Turn off the iMessage

Android users usually experience an issue when they’re trying to send a message to an iPhone user. The iMessage feature in your phone will automatically block the message. To solve this error code, consider disabling the iMessage. Head to “Settings” and Messages and eventually on iMessages. After this, try to send the message again. The error will have been eliminated.

Call Verizon Customer service

If this is not resolved, then you might have to consider calling Verizon Customer support for expert advice and solution. The customer service will give you the way forward and help as much as they can to resolve the issue at hand.

Verizon Error Code 2101 and 2107: Verizon VZ Access Manager Connection error code

This is another very common error code that you can get while using Verizon services. Some people complain that they bought a Brand new Wi-Fi card, installed the software and the signal is good yet they are still getting this error.

How to solve Verizon Error Code 2101 and 2107

To deal with these errors, you can follow the below steps:

  • Launch VZ Access Manager
  • Proceed to Tools and eventually head to the Preferences
  • Check the NDIS mode checkbox
  • As you plug in UM175, it will automatically dial up a connection according to the VZ Access Manager is off.
  • Now you will see NDIS mode allows the device to make a dial-up connection without necessarily using the Windows RAS dialer.

Remove the USB dongle aircard

Some other people can easily solve this issue by removing the USB dongle aircard and close the VZaccess manager. This can work for almost all issues.

Verizon Email error code 2003

There are many possible causes of this error. We’ve mentioned a couple of them and some possible solutions depending on the issue at hand. The first cause is due to damage or corruption of the Verizon Email account due to Malware and virus on windows system files. Other causes include the error arising when the essential files are deleted unknowingly. If the connection is not stable or has an issue, then this error can easily come up. Lastly, when the SMTP mail server is not connected well to the router, this problem will come up.

Common solutions to Verizon error code 2003

Have you been experiencing this error code and want a one-time solution to it? If that is true, then you came to the best place. Experts have a couple of solutions that might not disappoint you. The Verizon customer service can equally offer some good solutions at no additional costs. To get rid of this error code, you will automatically have to apply the below troubleshooting steps.

Is the Internet well connected?

You must, first of all, ensure that the internet is well connected. This is a common cause for many errors. If the internet is connected and it’s strong enough to establish stable connections, you might have to proceed and check other potential causes.

Refresh the browser

The next step to take is to refresh the browser page from time to time. This method will automatically correct a couple of issues with your Verizon connection. After this, you should click non Trending and open the Mail Box.

If you’ve tried all these methods and the problem persists, the Customer service is always ready to help. For that reason, you can contact Verizon through a phone number +(1)-855-651-9384.

Error code ob00

This Verizon error code can also occur at any time. This error code is one of the many random glitches that you can get with Verizon Fios. If you have experienced it, there’s a chance that you are already out there looking for an effective solution.

How to solve Verizon Fios error code ob00?

Reset the hardware-The best and the main approach to this issue is to reset the hardware. You should start with the power cycle process and eventually head to the router and the TV set. If this method doesn’t fix the issue, you can conduct a thorough visual inspection of the cables especially those that are connected to the set-top Box.

Get in touch with experts-There are chances that the above issue will not be solved through the method above. If that is the case, then get in touch with the experts for technical solutions.

Error 97: SMS origination denied

You might be receiving the error code 97 which mainly means that the SMS origination has been denied. Many people have reported that they have been getting this error code for weeks. Some of them can actually send and receive messages. But several other people have complained about this and many other messaging problems.

What does Error 97 SMS Origination Denied mean?

This error code indicates that SMS origination is denied. The error code usually occurs when composing an SMS message and hit send. This clearly shows that SMS cannot be sent. It might mean that you have corrupted cache or even the data on your phone. Another common reason is when the phone cannot store data. Regardless of the cause, there are some ways to fix the problem.

How to fix Android SMS error 97?

Power Cycle your android device-This is a very effective method of solving this issue. To power cycle the device, follow the steps below.

  • Power off the android device and wait for about 1 minute
  • Now press the Power Button and eventually restart the android device.

Clear Cache-This is another method that can work for you regardless of the device you’re currently using. To clear cache, follow the steps below:

  • Settings and eventually navigate the Applications
  • Click on Apps
  • Head to messages
  • Click on Storage
  • Select the Clear Cache Button and confirm

After this, you should restart the device and try again.

Clear Data-Another effective method of solving this issue is to clear data. The method can provide more space for the messages to be stored. To clear data, then you can follow the steps below.

  • Select Settings and Head to Applications
  • Click on Apps and pick Messages
  • Now head to Storage and Tap Clear Data Button.

After everything is done, you can choose to restart the phone and the problem should have concluded.

Force Stop the Android Messages App-One of the many ways of solving issues with applications is to force the application to stop. This way, most of the issues with connectivity and software functionality can be solved. To force the app to stop and refresh, follow the steps below.

  • Select Settings and head to Applications
  • Select Apps and eventually click on Messages
  • After the messages App is selected, then it’s easy to select Force Stop Button and everything will be okay.
  • Choose to restart the app or the phone to refresh the app.

Enable Storage from your app

Lastly, enabling storage from the messages app can equally solve this issue. To do this, the steps below will guide you. Choose settings in your phone and eventually click on Applications and Tap Apps.

  • From the apps list, choose Messages
  • Open on Permissions
  • Look for storage
  • Toggle it to Enable

Which of the two methods that will work for you will automatically depend on the root cause? If any of these methods don’t work, then you can call the Customer service to get the problem solved. Customer support might help you figure out the root cause and the eventual solution. So don’t hesitate to visit Verizon Official site and follow the steps to get in touch.

Verizon Error code ADDR VCNT

If you are a smartphone user getting the wireless services from Verizon, you might have heard people talk about Verizon error code ADDR VCNT. Some of the errors can be temporary while others can extend for a longer time. This error code means that essential files are missing. This problem can occur when the unit is not well maintained and it requires repair.

How to solve Verizon Error code ADDR VCNT

There are two major methods of solving this error code. Many of the methods explained in this brief can work briefly depending on the root cause. For that reason, these two methods will work depending on the exact reason for this issue.

Resetting Network settings

This is the first and the most effective method of solving this problem. You should reset the network settings whether you are using a smartphone or a Tablet. The problem might occur if you’ve used the phone for a long time without giving it time to reset. This can cause bugs which can lead to more serious issues. For that reason, I would suggest you reset the network settings. To reset the Internet settings, you just need to get your mobile phone and click on reset network settings. Some phones may request you to forget the network settings. After this, you will be able to respond to everything.

The issue with a single contact

Before you proceed to the next solution, you should determine whether the issue is with a single contact. If this problem only occurs with a single contact, then there’s a chance that the receiver’s Phone has issues and you should get in touch to help them solve the problem at hand.

Verizon Voicemail Unavailable: Could not Authorize Access

Here is another common Verizon error that you can come across. It’s not an error code but rather an error message claiming that Verizon Voicemail Unavailable and the system cannot authorize access. Verizon just like other carriers has a couple of features and Voicemail is one of them. This is because Voicemail makes sure all users have all their messages delivered. But many users are complaining about this error.

How to Fix Verizon Voicemail Unavailable: Could not Authorize Access

Reset the Phone

This error message can appear even when there are some minor glitches or even some minor issues with the OS. For that reason, resetting the phone can solve a lot of such bugs. You will have to conduct a hard reset of the phone. To hard reset the phone, press and hold the Volume Down and the Power Button while the phone is off. When the phone restarts, the problem might have resolved itself.

Voicemail Reset

You might now be required to follow the methods that are specific to the voicemail. You can call Verizon and request them to reset the Voicemail for you. This will have a serious impact on the phone but the problem will be eliminated entirely. After Verizon has reset the phone, you should call *86 and follow the setup menu. This method will solve the issue and you will be able to authorize the Voicemail.


If you are struggling with the authorization issues on Verizon, you might think of changing the Voicemail password. After changing the password, you will be required to log in again with the new Password. You can as well choose to create a Temporary password through the website. This can actually correct the issue and restore functionality.

How to fix welcome to Verizon Wireless Error

Most Verizon users claim that they are experiencing an error when they dial a number. They get an automated Verizon Voice that comes up after dialing showing “welcome to Verizon Wireless. Your call cannot be completed”. If you’ve experienced this error code, then I’ll definitely help you to solve it.

Delete the Dialed Number

I’ve come across a lot of people wondering whether this error can be eliminated by deleting the dialed number. Yes, it can help especially if the number is saved twice or by another name. There are chances that the data of the number is corrupted and deleting it can resolve the problem completely. To check, write the number on the screen, and all the entries in will be displayed. You can delete all the other duplicate numbers or delete them entirely and resave.

Reboot the Phone

Rebooting the phone has been confirmed to solve very many bugs. To reboot the phone, power the phone off and press the power button for few seconds. After this, select the restart option. The error might go away completely.


What is error code did1?

This error code means that it’s forwarding the wrong number. It actually means “Goodbye”.

What does Verizon code 480 mean?

This error code means that the call cannot be completed because the called party is unavailable temporarily. The user might be off or might be unreachable.

What does Error code 1000 mean?

This error means that the system is unable to enable geofences. The error originates from the OS when it’s trying to register Geofences.

Final verdict

As written above, there are several glitches that you will come across when using Verizon as your carrier. The above are just some of the most common Verizon wireless errors and their possible solutions. The draft has got the best troubleshooting steps for different error codes. There are chances that you can get into some serious glitches where the Customer support will have to intervene to solve.

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