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EarthLink Upload Speeds

EarthLink Upload Speeds – How To Get Faster Internet Today

For potential subscribers who want to know about EarthLink upload speeds, this write-up is for you. At first glance, the internet plans being offered by EarthLink are comparable to what is being offered by other major providers. With EarthLink hyperlink, the speed is about 1gig with no data caps.

Meaning you don’t have to be worried about overages. Of recent, EarthLink has continued to be a good internet service for offering a high-speed connection that is affordable and as well reliable. Their service comprises fiber tech with 3-75 Mbps speeds. With these, streaming movies, games and music is easier because of the absence of data caps.

When it comes to pricing, it differs from one location to another. The same is also applicable to availability and speeds. EarthLink has a fiber and DSL internet presence across 36 states but their greatest coverage can be seen in Texas, New York, and California.

The pricing for hyperlinks starts from $49.95 monthly with a download speed that spans up to 50 Mbps. Subscribing to the $99.95 monthly package, you’ll enjoy a speed of up to 1gig which can be used for multiple devices, large downloads, and playing online games without wasting more time. The DSL internet plan pricing starts from $14.95 per month with a speed of 15 Mbps.

EarthLink Fiber Upload Speed

Internet Plans Price Upload Speed
HyperLink 1 Gbps $99.95 monthly 1Gbps
HyperLink 200 $89.95 monthly 200Mbps

EarthLink’s fiber internet is more reliable when compared to DSL or cable internet but the challenge is that it can’t be accessible in every location. The high upload and download speed have increased the demand. With an upload and download speed of 1 Gbps, this is six times fasters than the entire national average. This ends the argument in your home about who gets to stream at a particular time.

EarthLink DSL Upload Speed

Internet Plans Price Upload Speed
HyperLink 100 $79.95 per month 15 Mbps
HyperLink 80 $69.95 per month 12 Mbps
HyperLink 50 $49.95 per month 7.5 Mbps
HyperLink 30 $49.95 per month 5 Mbps
HyperLink 15 $49.95 per month 2 Mbps
HyperLink 10 $49.95 per month 1 Mbps

Thanks to DSL, it makes use of copper telephone lines which are already in existence in most areas to deliver data. This means that you don’t have to bother yourself with any new installations.

Most preferred EarthLink Internet packages

If you’re ready to choose EarthLink internet plan, you might be interested in these plans:

HyperLink 100 – Suitable for all-around Internet needs

This is recommended for most families. This plan is not the most expensive at $75.95 monthly with a speed spanning up to 100 Mbps. With this, different households can easily play online games, surf on social media, and also stream different movies.

HyperLink 1 Gbps – Most preferred High-Performance Internet Plan

For those that need a high-performance plan, this is for you. At $99.95 monthly and a speed of 1 Gbps, this will certainly exceed your expectations. For families that enjoy gaming, streaming HD content, or constantly playing digital music, this is the best plan.

HyperLink 30 – For Casual Internet Surfer

This is a cheap plan without any of the fiber-optic frills. With a speed of 30 Mbps at $49.95 monthly, you’ll casually surf the internet, check your emails, and do shopping without stressing your pocket.

Is EarthLink worth it?

The no-contract service being offered by EarthLink ensures subscribers will easily focus on their internet plans. For instance, if you don’t want to be limited by data caps or experiencing bundling pitches when you renew a service, you’ll enjoy their plans. Other advantages include:

  • Enjoying unlimited data access without throttling.
  • No increase in pricing after a particular promo.
  • Concentrating on internet security and connection and not worrying about dealing with never-ending pitches for telephone and cable services.

In Conclusion

If you want to enjoy better home internet in your area with an upload speed of 1 Gbps and more coverage within the United States, EarthLink will be suitable for you. Their hyperlink is reliable, fast, and has a fiber connection without any data caps. Subscribe to EarthLink today to connect your business and residence and enjoy their cable internet, hyperlink speed, web hosting.

Frequently asked questions

What is the speed of EarthLink Internet?

75Mbps seems to be the average speed. The Internet Service provider came into existence in 1994 with the focus of offering high-speed internet of up to 75Mbps. The service is offered using a cable connection, a satellite that is 25Mbps, and DSL at a speed of 15 Mbps.

Is EarthLink Internet reliable?

As a subscriber on EarthLink, you’ll get to enjoy different download speeds but that will depend on your residential area but subscribers are impressed with EarthLink’s internet because there is a speed for every purpose be it casual surfing, streaming of music, movies to playing of online games.

What category of the internet does EarthLink belong to?

EarthLink is a DSL that represents the digital subscriber line. This is an internet connection that is transmitted through the telephone network. The speed is much faster when compared to dial-up networks. EarthLink’s specialty is on the DSL plans with a starting speed of 3 Mbps.

What is the most affordable EarthLink plan?

Their most affordable plan is the high-speed internet which is 3 Mbps at $39.95 monthly. It also comes with unlimited data.