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How To Find Spectrum Deals And Promotions – 9 Ways To Save Today

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There’s a never-ending utility bills at the end of every month. As a customer that uses a lot of data monthly, you should be looking for viable methods of saving significantly on your monthly internet bills.

Even the tiniest of a dent in the utility bills can mean a lot on your monthly income. There’s probably no discounts found on electricity and gas but I can assure you its easy to save money and score some great discounts on Spectrum Internet and Phone services. Your internet, cable TV and home phone always have a chance for you to score some great discounts.

Top Reasons For Your Spectrum Internet bills always high?

Before we proceed to help you with the best spectrum deals and promotions, let’s find out reasons why your spectrum bill is always high. There are some obvious reasons that you can easily skip. Here are some of them.

1. Exceeding the limit

Some, Internet service providers usually impose data limits on your monthly internet usage. Exceeding the hard data caps will attract a serious overage charge. Spectrum doesn’t currently have any data caps. However, I have seen claims that Spectrum internet is seeking permission to impose the data caps. If FCC allows Spectrum to impose data caps, then we should be very careful with our monthly usage, else we will incur a lot of money on overage charges.

2. Choosing more speeds than we need

I usually like telling people that the higher the speed the more the monthly bill. Spectrum provides internet speeds of up to 940Mbps and unless you have a multinational data company, you don’t need that much data. Some residential subscribers ends up choosing the highest Internet plan which mainly increases the monthly cost significantly.

3. Choosing additional premium features

Spectrum just like other Internet service providers offers a couple of optional and premium features such as security features. So, unless you direly need these optional features, don’t dare to subscribe or add them to the monthly bills. If your bill is high, check to be sure you are not paying for unnecessary features.

4. End of Promotion Cycles

When we are subscribing to Spectrum as new customers, we are very likely to be given the lowest prices possible. After the promotional time, we will all start wondering what we can do to score lower monthly rates. Most of us are caught between moving on to new providers or maintaining the current provider. In both cases, we are in a constant search for cheaper alternatives.

Spectrum has some of the best introductory prices that allows you to access internet for a whole year for the lowest prices possible. Until the end of the first year, there’s no price hikes. The picture becomes very sad after the contract. The prices can either double or increase significantly leaving you wondering whether you still need the services.

What To look For With Spectrum Deals and Discounts

1. Current Spectrum deals and Promotions

Here are some of the deals and promotions that you can secure with Spectrum Internet. Most of the promotions and deals have time limits and can expire any time. The deals also concerns the Cable TV, digital Phone service and the phone service. Generally, Charter offers some of the best discounts and promotions that you can always get any time of the day.

2. Bundling your Spectrum services

The first and the most viable deal is to Bundle Cable TV, Digital Phone service and Internet from Spectrum. Bundling the services saves you a lot of money monthly. Instead of paying for the three services separately, take your time to check whether double play or triple play can help you. If yes, then opt for the Bundle services.

3. 1-year promo rate

One of the best current deals with Spectrum is the one-year promo rate when you choose the Triple Play Select. The speed is up to 100Mbps while the upload speeds are 10Mbps. You will get the spectrum TV select and Unlimited calling. The setup cost is $9.99 but it also includes self-installation activation. There are no data caps you will have a chance to stream and game online without any worries. The plans are also priced regionally meaning that you can easily get cheaper plans depending on where you live. This promotion also applies on other packages such as the Triple play silver and Triple play Gold.

4. Top Ultra 400Mbps

This is the top internet-only plan from Spectrum that you can choose today if you want to save money significantly. It’s the middle tier and offers contract-free internet service. The price is affordable and the offers are amazing. With this internet-only plan, you can get 400Mbps for only $69.99 per month. The upload speed is 20Mbps which is about twice of what we get with many competitors.

5. Spectrum Ultra Internet-only Deals

The spectrum Ultra is the mid-level plan that offers Internet speeds of up to 400Mbps. It’s a good pick for large families and power internet users. The ultra plans includes the router and the modems for Free. The equipment will additionally be top-notch to increase the bandwidth of spectrum ultra plans.

6. Spectrum Gig Internet deals

The Gig internet is the Spectrum’s top tier and one of the best internet plans for serious gamers and power internet users. One challenge is that the raw price can be steep. In most cases, the price is over $100 per month after the promotional deals are over. This is overkill for an average customer running a home business. Luckily, this plan will come with free equipment.

7. Promo Bundles

You can also secure promo Bundles from Spectrum Internet. However, I usually advise that you should be very careful with them. Most of the Internet plans from Spectrum come with promo prices and a lower price tag. The reason why I advise people to be careful with promo data is that you can end up paying for more features than you need. Additional features that come with Promotional Bundles can attract more money at the end of it. However, Triple play has a lower price tag than the double play deals. Taking this as an example, many people ends up signing up for the three services that includes a home phone. Remember there’s a catch, the first year. After the end of the first year, the price can double.

8. Senior discounts

Spectrum is one of the few ISPs that offers discounted internet to seniors. If you fall in this category, always be active and check for some of the best senior discounts from Spectrum. This doesn’t come as a complete waiver for the internet plans. Its actually a small discount but it can save you significantly at the end of every month. Seniors can get low prices of up to $14.99 per month and data without any caps.

The discounts are provided through the Charter Spectrum Internet assist Program. This is available and one member in the SSI program and is over 65 years will get discounts. The program is also eligible to those on the National Lunch Program and the Community Eligibility provision.

9. Spectrum Price Lock plans

There are just few internet providers that don’t use contracts. Spectrum is one of those few ISPs that gives users a chance to cancel the service any time of the day. Some ISPs charge up to $300 to quit. Keep checking because Spectrum usually runs a promotion offering CONTRACT Buyout when you want to quit your current company for Spectrum.

The Spectrum Price-lock deals are only available in few locations. For most parts, the price is vey likely to change significantly after the end of the first month.

Common Things To Pay Attention To Before Changing Service

Pay close attention to the Final price

We usually talk about the promotional prices but very few people will talk about the final price. Even after applying for promotions, the final price might contain a couple of fees that can return it to the original cost. Always pay close attention to the final prices. In some instances, the price will not be promotional at all.

How to find the right Spectrum Deal

To learn more on how to advocate for your right to a discount with Spectrum, utilize the below information.

Do you have the right information?

If you have the right information about the current and upcoming spectrum deals and promotions, you will definitely be able to choose better alternatives. Before even calling the customer service to negotiate your bill, start by gathering all the useful information in the market about the offers and deals for Spectrum.

What are the current provider’s offerings?

Use your detective skills to delve deeper into the spectrum website and check third-party websites for the best discounts that are currently available. Compare the current offerings H2H and equip yourself with the necessary information to gain the right information. Carefully read through the different offers terms and conditions. Don’t just rely on the service providers to give you this useful information.

Your current internet needs

Another important point is to gather enough information about your current internet needs. Do you need internet download speeds of 500Mbps or more? Do you care about the contracts and what is your current financial situation. Which among the plans are you willing and able to pay for? Gather all this information before you start your bargain.

What are the current alternatives?

You probably have a couple of other providers in your area. What are their current offerings? Are they cheaper than the current offerings with Spectrum? Gather all this information. If the offerings from other companies are affordable and comparatively useful, bargain with spectrum with reference to them. If Spectrum is not ready to listen, then there’s room to cancel and move on.

Have you experienced any past issues with Spectrum?

Now you are gathering some weak points to punch the company on the face during the bargain. Have you had current issues with the provider such as slow internet, outages and price hikes? If yes, record all that.

With all that information, you are now in a better position to bargain your rights for a promotion with the company. The good thing with Spectrum is that it gives all the subscribers a chance to cancel the services any time. Now call the customer service and proceed to bargain.

You probably have all the weapons to help you win this battle. You should also be very wise when talking to the customer service. Don’t be rude, the representative is a human being just like you and he/she needs the right respect.

Ask the customer service to direct you to the Billing department. Talk with the billing department expert and ask them that you are concerned with the current hikes of the prices. Clearly explain yourself and say that you are not in such a position to internalize the current high prices. Give information about all the promotions and discounts available and ask if they can consider you.

Take time to listen, but if everything seems not to work, always consider cancelling and proceed to an affordable provider.


What is the cost of spectrum Internet only?

Spectrum has some of the best deals and internet only plans. Currently, Internet only plans range from $49.99 to $109.99 for the 100Mbps and 940Mbps respectively. However, there are several ways to save significantly on this Spectrum internet.

How much does spectrum cost after the 12 months?

The price increase after the 12 months promotional period is about 20%.This is a significant increase which can add significantly to your monthly bills.

Does Spectrum offer discount to seniors?

There are currently no discounts for the seniors but the company has the Internet Assists Program that greatly helps individuals above 65 years.

How much is Spectrum Internet monthly?

Spectrum Internet price changes depending on the plans you choose and the location. But the most expensive plan is $109.99 while the cheapest is $49.99.


Spectrum promotions and deals are common options across the country especially to people that don’t want to cope with the price hikes. The discounts and promotions keeps on changing. Consequently, you should always be in the lookout for the current Spectrum deals and promotio9ns. The above are some of the options you can go with today.

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Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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