How to Jailbreak Roku

How to Jailbreak Roku – Free Roku With Limitations

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The question, can you jailbreak a Roku will be answered in this write-up. but the short and fast answer is no, but there are some exceptions on how you may get access to Roku for free. This article is strictly for entertainment purposes and educational purposes only.

Roku TV is an affordable service and we highly recommend them for their ever-expanding services. They listen to their customers and that’s why they are becoming one of the biggest go-to streaming services in the US and this is why we love Roku.

By the way of definition, jailbreaking is the means of altering a particular device to enable any user to evade restrictions placed by the manufactures to stop the installation of any unlicensed software. Officially, all Roku devices are jailbreak-proof.

This means that the device functions with a closed operating system which can only be accessed by authorized developers. Hence, the team that manufactured Roku ensured that the Roku stick or the box cannot be altered. That’s why the operating system was made impenetrable. All this does not mean that you can’t experiment with a tested method to jailbreak Roku.

How to Jailbreak Roku TV

There are four tested methods to jailbreak Roku, they are as follows:

  • Screen Casting
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Through Roku Mobile App
  • Using USB or Local network.

Each of these methods will be explained in details with their step-by-step process;

Screen Casting method of Jailbreaking Roku

This is a good approach to jailbreak of Roku but it can be achievable only by using compatible apps. For instance, YouTube and Netflix are compatible for casting just the content is displayed without showing any status icons or menu bars. However, when the content starts to playback, different tasks can be performed like making calls, etc.

Screen Mirroring method of Jailbreaking Roku

For this approach, what is required is a Windows PC or Android smartphone which will be used to screen mirror any Roku box. When this is done, everything from videos, photos, web pages will appear on your TV with the help of the Roku box.

Also, you can see the entire screen of your smartphone. However, it will be impossible to perform any smartphone activity as long as the screen mirroring lasts. Once you try to do so, the content will stop automatically.

Through Roku Mobile App

This is not that different from the other options discussed. The play on Roku grants you access to display any content as well send music via your directly to Roku stick. The challenge is that it’s not compatible with Netflix.

Using USB or Local Network

Here your phone can be used together with Roku streaming boxes to play any content from your laptop using the local network. For this function, Roku media player app needs to be installed.

Screen mirror steps to Jailbreak Roku –Android and Windows.

Here are simple steps you need to follow:

Choose how Roku acts as you attempt to mirror the screen of the device.

  1. Navigate to settings from the Roku’s main screen
  2. Tab on screen mirroring located in the system menu. From here, select screen mirroring mode.
  3. If you pick Prompt, it means you need the Roku’s remote to confirm any time a device wants to connect
  4. If you pick Always Allow, it means Roku will grant instance approval to any devices that want to connect.
  5. Picking Never Allow means that any device that wants to connect will be blocked by Roku.

Enabling Screen mirroring on Roku

  1. Click on display from the settings.
  2. Navigate to a wireless display.
  3. You’ll get to see many devices beneath the display tab. Tab the particular Roku device you intend to connect using the custom name.
  4. Your device is now ready to be displayed on your TV through Roku.

In Conclusion

While a Roku device cannot be directly jailbroken, some methods can be applied to still gain access to the same content. With the step-by-step outlined above, you now have all that is required to jailbreak your Roku.

Roku is worth it and we recommend reading the Roku review.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to Jailbreak Roku?

Roku is protected which is why it is different from other devices. This is because it has a closed operating system that can be accessed by the developer. However, there are ways to bypass it. So, it is possible.

Is Jailbreaking Roku legal?

It is legal because the difference between one which has been jailbroken and the other is just the installation of the Kodi app.

Can I use Roku to watch pirated movies?

Roku does not support pirated content but you can by depending on Kodi. or by using any of the jailbreaking methods outlined in the article.

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