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How To Get Free Internet Without Paying for it

How To Get Free Internet Without Paying

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The Internet has become a necessity for everyone in this modern time. People of all ages and occupations use the Internet every day.

It is now one of the most essential parts of our daily life and without it seems like the whole world halted for the moment. Unlike past days, when the Internet was costly and not everyone had access to the Internet, but now with the advancing time, anyone from anywhere can access the Internet even from the phone.

Though the availability is now high, the price is not too low yet. Still, we have to pay quite a big bill every month for the Internet, which turns out into a massive amount by the year.

As many of us know that to have access to a high-speed internet connection we pay more $60 per month which is not a very low amount of bill to pay monthly.

If you are in search of ways to cut this bill down to absolute zero then you are in the right place. By the end of this article, you will surely know what you should do to get free Internet without paying anything.

Many of you out there may be thinking, is it possible to get free Internet legally. Few of us may think that only by illegal ways we can have access to free Internet which is not exactly right.

You can have a free Internet legally, and for that, you don’t even have to pay a thing. It’s not very much difficult to enjoy free Internet at home or even on the go.

How much money you can save with free internet?

On average we pay around $50 per month for internet service, but it may rise according to the plan we choose. So, if you are spending this average amount of $50 per month, you are paying around $600 per year, which is quite a lot.

Just imagine how many things you could do with this huge amount of money if you could save it by not paying anything for the Internet. We have just provided this calculation based on the average cost you may be spending more than that. By using the free Internet, you can keep all this money in your wallet and plan a tour where you can enjoy.

Now, let’s start saving your money with our list of ways to enjoy free Internet.

Wifimap App

An ideal solution, when you’re outdoors and need internet access on the go, Wifimap is an interactive app that helps in finding free Wi-Fi hotspots. Currently, the app has covered more than 100 million locations with free Wi-Fi. So, there is a strong possibility of finding a location near you.

The thing that is making the app even better is the crowdsourcing approach, which it applies to its inventory. Under this approach, users around the world upload their locations of Wi-Fi spots so that other people can use free Internet on the go. Thus, with more users, the database will continue to grow.

The app got featured in some renowned publications, and its popularity is increasing day by day, allowing users to expect more free locations to access the Internet all the time. All you have to do is just downloading the app, search your nearby area and you’re ready to go!

free internet without paying


Check out FreedomPop if you’d like to learn how to get free Internet at home without spending money, and how to get internet access on the go. As one of the most common ways of having free Internet, you’ll find that many users already profit from its services.

FreedomPop, based in Los Angeles, is a dedicated cable and wireless internet service provider. Their plans for data, email, and talk begin at just $0.00 a month. Yeah sure, you’ve read that correctly-you could pay $0.00 a month for your Internet!

You will be paying a small deposit when you open a new account, and FreedomPop will give you the materials you need. You may simply buy a mobile phone or an unlocked sim card from them to access the Internet on the go.

FreedomPop currently provides 2 GB of free data for the first month, supplemented by 500 MB of data each month afterwards. However, if you use a GSM SIM card, it will be decreased to 200 MB of data.

While the allocation does not amount to a vast amount of data, it is suitable for users who don’t spend much time on the Internet. For instance, if you just check your emails a couple of times a day and do some online shopping, you will be satisfied with the amount of free data given.

For people who want more data, FreedomPop offers cheap packages to match your use. But, you’re in no obligation to subscribe for either of these. If you’d like to stick to your monthly allowance to have monthly internet access at home and on the go, then you can do it.

EveryoneOn org

EveryoneOn is the part of the government program named Connect to Complete and executed by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The program is designed to provide internet access to people who wouldn’t be able to afford an internet connection on their own, which makes EveryoneOn an ideal internet solution for low-income families.

The program is aimed especially at students as the FCC understands that while you’re studying, access to the Internet is essential. The program is intended to ensure that all students have equal access to opportunities to perform best at school, they are offering underprivileged people free and low-cost internet connections. As an Internet service provider, this makes them a top pick, while the service is for 10 Mbps, it will help you to break the digital divide! However, don’t get fed up on the Internet speed as this is cheap Internet.

There’re some eligibility requirements in the program, but still, it’s worth checking in a moment to see if you’re eligible for the service.

All Free ISP

While you ask yourself what to do to get free home internet, All Free ISP is providing the solution. Although they do not provide free Internet, they will be communicating with several suppliers that do. All Free ISP provides you with the details you need to use free and cheap Internet at home.

You just have to input your zip code or state with reams of free internet providers to figure out what’s accessible at your place. The feature that makes All Free ISP so beneficial is the customer feedback that it presents on its website, apart from providing free internet connection.

Customer feedbacks are crucial when you’re searching for a credible, free internet provider, so be sure to read out the feedbacks before you pick a service.


If you’re old enough to have experienced dial-up Internet, you undoubtedly know NetZero. Founded in 1998, the firm is still growing actively and now offers its customers with a good amount of free internet access.

NetZero is a perfect choice if you’re eager to find out how to get free internet access at home without spending money. You will get 10 hours of free Internet a month, and it is not that bad looking when you take into account how much you’re paying, which is absolutely nothing. Adopting NetZero may be an ideal solution to lower your internet bill with cheap solutions for people who choose to connect to the Internet wirelessly for over 10 hours a month.

NetZero also provides Internet dial-up services, however, and if you’d like to reap the benefits of their free Internet you would need a phone line. Surely, dial-up Internet may not be as good as more mainstream connections, so when you make the move for the very first time, it might be a little bit surprising.

Although NetZero’s dial-up structure won’t please gamers or users who want to watch loads of video content on the web, if you don’t mind a little bit longer loading times, it’s an obvious choice for free Internet.

Municipal Wireless Network

Several private sector institutions are dedicated to providing free internet access to all who require it as it is much more necessary than ever before to have internet access. Usually, municipal wireless networks are just used to link companies and government organizations, but they are also expanded to individuals as well.

Municipal wireless internet providers are most frequently located in bigger towns and counties. Nevertheless, the concept is asserting so beneficial that they are being used in increasing numbers of regions. If you are not aware if there is one around, it is surely worth checking out.

Although some locations have eligibility requirements that restrict unlimited free internet access across municipal Wi-Fi networks, other locations provide free internet access to all. It could be a perfect way of accessing free Internet, based on your location and the local network accessibility, which makes it worth checking out.


InstaBridge is indeed a free internet application for your mobile phone, which offers Wi-Fi passwords and locations on the go comfortably.

It was initially created as a way of sharing your home Wi-Fi connectivity among your Facebook friends. But it changed rapidly towards becoming a broader Wi-Fi sharing service.

InstaBridge will display the closest locations near you with free Wi-Fi connections, along with the efficiency and walking distance, indicating the time it will take for you to reach the location on foot. The app can identify the networks that work best, and therefore will immediately link you to those Wi-Fi networks while also keeping you away from the networks that don’t work.

One cool function they have retained from their initial years is that you can register your home Wi-Fi to share among your friends and family.

Mobile Hotspot

Almost every modern smartphone comes up with a hotspot functionality that is also known as tethering. A hotspot enables network sharing from one smartphone or device to other devices such as laptops, smartphones, smart TV, etc. The device can also be a camera or a sound system. A hotspot is more like a router that uses your data to share your internet connection across other devices in the house or office.

You must first switch on your hotspot function to link to other devices, and then you can connect to any other device inside the range by rigidly following simple guidelines on your mobile device.

When you have got yourself a cell phone deal that many of us do, a portion in your monthly or quarterly combo pack or bundle may come with some data. Folks often have access to GBs of data per month, which they do not even use. When you are already paying for the data, then why not use it by sharing across your devices and among other members of the family.

However, with most mobile operators, limitless Wi-Fi hotspot data can often be incredibly cheap, which might make you choose this option. Particularly in comparison to spending on the Internet separately, it can be more budgetary. When you do not fear to surpass your data caps and incur extra charges, this can be a perfect way to tether to other devices without automatically spending a lot of money.

Share a Connection with Neighbors

Another option you might consider going for reducing your internet bills is sharing a connection with a neighbour or ask them to see if they will share their connection with you for a half price. Thus, both of you will be able to split the up the cost of affording a high-speed internet connection.

While sharing a connection could be a fantastic idea, it depends on your friendship with your neighbours. However, it is a more realistic choice if there is an unlimited internet connection in place. Or else, you might probably wind up quibbling about who can have more data!

Bottom Line

It’s feasible to get free Internet at home without spending, as you’ve seen in the discussion. While it may seem highly probable to get the free Internet, you ought to live in a densely populated city, and other areas are quickly catching up and realizing the value of staying connected with the public.

No need to bother, because more areas will have municipal wireless networks or companies with free Wi-Fi through the government in collaboration with the service providers as the Internet has already become even more of a requirement than demand in the 21st century.

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