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how to get wifi on your phone

How To Get Free WIFI on Your Phone – The Easy Tutorial

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Internet is a vital part of our lives today. Almost every person out there has a mobile phone and gets to access Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Netflix or any other social platform any time of the day.

One big challenge is that the cost of a stable internet connection or the cost of buying Mobile data on your phone is very high.

The internet has now become an integral part of our lives, a necessity rather than a luxury. In the US for example, the 4G and 3G plans are very expensive. In case you don’t want to spend your money on these expensive connections, I have a plan for you.

On this brief, we are going to list and explain several ways to get free WI-FI on your phone any time of the day from anywhere you are. These methods are effective with minimal efforts from your side regardless of where you are at a given time.

Invest in a portable router

One of the effortless ways of getting Free WI-FI on your phone is to invest in a portable router. These routers are also known as travel routers and they have no difference from the routers you have at your workplace and homes only that they are small and can be carried around.

Unlike the home and business routers where your computers are connected to the 4G or 3G internet through cables, these routers connect you wirelessly. The router creates a Wi-Fi network which means you can connect more than one device.

The other benefit of these routers is that they are very inexpensive and can run for a long time on a single charge. However, you should pay attention to the number of simultaneous connections it can support and how fast the router connections are.

In most cases, affordable travel routers support up to three simultaneous connections.

This is an indication that you can connect all your devices here including your phone, tablet and laptop. If you have a wide need of internet connection, then it would be necessary to consider an expensive portable router that can offer up to 10 simultaneous connections.

How To Get Free WIFI on Your Phone

WIFI hotspot locations

This is another viable way of getting WI-FI on your phone for free. The good news is that there are many popular WIFI hotspot locations in your school and the market.

If you have wanted to get Free WI-FI on your phone and other devices, then head to Libraries, Public plazas, Starbucks/McDonald’s, schools and many other places.

The good thing is that there are many areas in your locality where you can find WIFI connections. However, you are supposed to be very careful with such connections especially when you are logging in to your accounts including PayPal and Payoneer accounts among many other payment platforms.

Use WIFI finder on your phone

You may want to know where you can find WI-FI before you leave the house. This is the reason why I thought of sharing this one very useful and reliable app that you can install in your phone and find WI-FI locations remotely on your phone

The application is free and will give you free WiFi updates in your area. The app will also show you which among the WI-FI connections are free and which ones you can use without struggling with the passwords.

However, you will be needed to connect to the internet connection prior to using this application. You can just use your mobile data and eventually search for Free WIFI in your area using this app.

Public WIFI

It’s very easy to find a Free WIFI connection almost everywhere you go. Public transport vehicles and trains offer free WIFI to their customers. Public places such as Hotels, Hospitals, supermarkets, malls and many others areas already offer public WIFIs to the customers.

However, just know that public WIFI is the target of many scammers. Once you are connected to unsafe public WIFI, the hackers can access your personal information and everything in your phone with ease.

What this means is that you should spare enough time to check whether the public connection you are about to choose is from a known provider.

If the WIFI is not secured, there are chances that someone wants to lure you into using it. Additionally, do not access your personal accounts such as Bank accounts and social media accounts because the logins can be stolen.

free wifi on phone

Search for Hidden WIFI Networks

Some users may choose to hide the network’s Service Set Identifiers, which means the network can only be accessed upon asking for it. Once hidden, the network is not visible to WI-FI enabled devices.

Though, there’s a way you can easily search for such networks and connect through your phone. I recommend the use of WIFI analyzer apps to search for hidden networks and connect to them. The good thing with hidden connections is that they are safe and most importantly super fast because of the limited number of connections.

Use a Hotspot Database App

Due to the increased demand for public WIFI, there are many applications dedicated at helping people find them with ease. For that reason, you can opt for a Hotspot Database app, which contains a huge list of safe, and secure public WIFI to use.

The good thing is that some of these apps also have a password for certain public WIFI. This is an indication that you can connect to secured public WIFI without having to ask for a password.

You don’t have to pay for expensive data plans or subscribe to expensive and unreliable Wi-Fi providers while you can just try some public Wi-Fi and connect securely. However, before you connect to any public Wi-Fi, you should be very ready for unstable connections in some cases because the Wi-Fi is shared.

Its also important to note that not all public WIFI is safe. So take your time to analyze safe WIFI connections in your area and take extra precautionary measures to secure your accounts.


Free WIFI is possible security Irish waiting to happen and we are seeing WIFI connection scams that are used to spy on your data and steam personal identifiable information including bank details, ID and more can result in catastrophic circumstances for the victim.

However if you are using Public WIFI and free internet responsibility thanks to a VPN then maybe in the clear, but security is never absolute. Your internet browsing security should be valuable as your credit card information because the truth many people get their lives destroyed because of identity theft.

This post is for strictly entertainment purposes only, so use any of the following methods with caution.

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