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How to Watch TV without Cable

How to Watch TV without Cable – Top Free & Low-Cost Alternatives

The cost of subscribing for Cable TV or satellite TV has risen dramatically over the last couple of years. This can become a burden, especially if you are on a tight budget but still want to be able to watch your favourite TV shows.

And for people who are always busy and have little or no time to watch cable TV, you may finally decide that the high price for cable TV subscription isn’t worth it. Well, you’re not alone, as many people feel just the same way.

Thankfully, you don’t have to pull the curtain against your favourite TV shows as we have discovered smart ways you can watch TV without cable? Read on, and we will run you through some of them.

How to watch TV without paying for cable subscriptions

Kissing goodbye to cable bills can save you $2000 or more. Just imagine what you can do with all that money? And the best part is that you still get to watch your favourite TV shows, how cool can that be? Well, here is how you too can watch your favourite TV shows without cable.

Best Video Streaming on Demand (SVOD) Services

Don’t let the long name confuse you, streaming video-on-demand services, is probably something you’ve come across. With SVOD services, customers can stream their favourite movies and TV shows on the go.

Think of streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime videos, Netflix, Disney Plus and you’ll understand precisely what we mean. Here is a list of top streaming video-on-demand services you should know.


Hulu is one of our favourite ways to watch TV without cable subscriptions. And guess what, their basic plan cost just $7.99. With Hulu basic plan, you’ll get unlimited access to stream your favourite TV shows on your preferred device, plus it comes with limited commercials too.

Although you can pay extra to get rid of the ads, we don’t mind the few commercials that Hulu basic plan offers. The truth is, there are way fewer commercials on Hulu than you get on cable TV.

If you’re looking for a more robust plan, you can choose Hulu with Live TV that cost $39.99 a month. With this package, customers get to watch 50+ live TV and cap it up with what the basic plan offers.

And even if you opt for their premium plan, compared to cable TV, you’ll still be saving around $30 a month. More so, you can switch plans or cancel your subscription any time you like without having to pay a disconnection fee.

One thing we love about Hulu is that you can stream it on your TV, simply get Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple TV, Chromecast or Roku, and you’re good to go.


Another incredible way to watch your favourite movies or TV shows without cable is to sign up for Netflix. With their basic plan starting at only $7.99 a month, you can watch exciting episodes of your favourite movies, and TV shows from just about anywhere, using any device.

If you’re looking to use two devices to stream Netflix simultaneously, then you’re better off with their $10.99 package a month. The best part about this plan is that it allows you to stream movies and TV shows in HD.

With Netflix, you can create multiple profiles. This is super important if you plan on sharing your Netflix plan with your roommate or family members.

This way, everyone has their queue of shows as well as watch history.
Want to take things up a notch? Then go for their premium package that cost $13.99 a month. With this package, you can do so much, including viewing on four devices simultaneously as well as enjoying ultra-high-definition streaming.

One thing that puts Netflix ahead of other streaming video-on-demand services is that there are no commercials. Plus you can choose to add a DVD or Blu-ray plan to your package. This would cost anywhere from $4.99 to $14.99 a month, depending on what you want.

Although Netflix is super cool, it has a few drawbacks you should know. Unlike other video streaming platforms, Netflix does not have local news or programs. However, it is still super affordable when you compare it with cable TV subscriptions.

Amazon Prime Video

If you have ever signed up for Amazon Prime membership, then you already have access to Amazon prime videos, and this includes access to thousands of video contents and TV channels you can choose from without having to pay any additional fee. However, if you are yet to sign up for Amazon Prime Membership, you can do that right away for $12.99 to unlock all their exciting features.

If you’re looking to cut cost, then we suggest you go for Amazon Prime annual membership as it offers a much better deal. Although it will cost you an upfront payment of $119, you’ll still be saving around $37. On the flip side, if you don’t want to become a prime member, you can subscribe for just Amazon Prime Videos, and that will cost you $5.99 a month.

Compared to cable subscriptions, Amazon prime video is way cheaper, plus you’ll be saving $50-60, which for us is a great bargain.
One cool thing with Amazon Prime Videos is that you don’t need a dedicated streaming device to stream their contents. All you need to do; is set up your

Amazon Prime account and stream via any device that can connect to the internet.

As with other streaming services, Amazon Prime video has its letdowns. One such drawback is that your credit card will automatically be charged for next month if you don’t cancel it. The good news is, you will get refunded if you didn’t use the service.


While you can get HBO on cable, but considering you want to ditch cable, it is refreshing to know that you can still enjoy exciting HBO video contents without opting for expensive cable subscription packages. And besides the fact that you can also enjoy HBO contents on Amazon and skinny bundles, HBO also offers a stand-alone stream service via HBO now branding.

Regardless of what streaming options work for you, HBO offers fantastic video contents, movies and TV shows that will keep you glued to your screen all day long. With HBO producing some of the best shows on cable for years now, you’re in luck as you can now stream their contents from just about anywhere.

Sony Crackle

Looking to watch TV free? Then Sony crackle will not fail to impress you. Although Sony crackle is an AVOD service and is quite similar to SVOD services, the difference is that Sony Crackle is ad supported.

This makes it free; however, you’ll have to sit through different commercials while streaming your favourite TV shows and movies. And while you may not get access to Netflix sized catalogues, you can still expect to watch quality contents that will keep you entertained.

Live streaming video services

There is no doubt that streaming video on demand is a great way to replace video contents from TV as it offers customers access to their favourite TV shows and movies. But does that really mean the same thing as being able to watch TV without cable?

Well, it depends on how you see it. While SVOD offers you access to thousands of movies and TV shows on the go, you may sometimes find that it doesn’t provide you with some of your favourite TV contents.

So if you want to watch brand new episodes of the latest network TV shows or watch live sporting events, then you should be considering other options.

How to watch TV without paying for cable subscriptions

This is where live TV streaming video services or skinny bundles come in.
The idea behind live TV streaming services and skinny bundles is quite simple. Although it is a bit similar to cable subscriptions, the difference is that it is online and way cheaper.

While cable subscription is becoming an unpopular option, it didn’t use to be this way as they offered some great stuff to users. And guess what, this is where major live TV companies drew their inspiration as they set out to beat cable TV providers at their game.

With live TV streaming services, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to pay-TV multichannel services, a popular lingo used for both cable and satellite type pay-TV bundles.

The only difference is that live TV streaming services slashed the price of cable bundles and offered customers an essential selection of channels for less. And because you can stream their services online, you can watch your favourite channels on the go, using any device.

Whether you crave ESPN, EMC, TBC and others, rest assured that live TV streaming services will have you glued to your screen all day long.

Amazingly, you can also subscribe to premium channels like HBO and enjoy access to fantastic channels like NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC. However, you should keep in mind that these four channels are only available in some markets.

Here, check out a couple of live TV streaming services you should consider

AT&T live TV services

AT&T TV NOW is one of the most reliable live TV streaming services out there. They offer their customers access to some of their favourite TV channels and network shows.

From their $35 a month live a little bundle, AT&T TV NOW has a blend of exciting plans that will keep you entertained. Simply make your choice from their array of services, and you’re good to go.


For sports enthusiasts looking for a cool live TV streaming service that offers exclusive sporting contents, you’ll be hard picked to find any live TV streaming service that is better than FuboTV at the moment. Although ESPN is missing from their channel list, you still get to enjoy “A” list sporting contents you’ll love. Not just that, they also have other incredible channels where you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows.

Starting at $59.99 a month and working its way up, FuboTV has a plan for individuals and family.

Hulu with live TV

Think you’re having the time of your life with Hulu? Well, we are sorry to disappoint you as Hulu with Live TV is way better than Hulu.

With Hulu Live TV, you have access to amazing TV shows and movie channels you can find on cable subscriptions.

Although it is more expensive than Hulu, you’ll enjoy more features you’ll typically not get with your Hulu plans. Starting at $39.99; Hulu with Live TV is the way to go for people looking for more.

Sling TV

Sling TV has earned its place as one of the oldest skinny bundles available. The cool thing about this live TV service is that subscribers can choose between one or all their packages and proceed to build a customized bundle with affordable extras that will make for a fantastic streaming experience.

You can start with their $20 Sling Orange package and take things up a notch.


If what you want is a live TV streaming service that is affordable and fits your budget, you’ll find Philo worth a try.

With their bundle starting at $16 a month for their basic package, this is just about the best price you’ll get for this kind of service. The letdown, however, is that Philo offers no local channel or sporting contents.

YouTube TV

YouTube Live TV has got to be top on our list of reliable live TV streaming service. And guess what, it was launched as part of Google’s skinny bundle service. At the moment, it is still being rolled out, one region at a time, so it isn’t available to everyone.

Notwithstanding, it is still available in major markets. For people who can access this service in their region, you’ll love their $40 a month package.

But just like SVOD services, our list isn’t exhaustive; as there are tons of fantastic live TV streaming services out there. This isn’t to say they are not good, but we just wanted to list the ones we have tried and loved.

How to get local channels without cable

Are you aware that you can watch your local channels without cable? Well, with free over the air TV now becoming so popular among cord-cutters, people can now watch their popular local channels without having to subscribe to cable plans.

The catch is, your local ABC, CBS, NBC or fox channels are broadcasting their programs from those big towers installed on their properties, and they have been doing so even before the advent of cable TV. With just an antenna installed in your home, you can start enjoying their coverage for free. How cool can that be?

One thing you should keep in mind, however, is that you’ll have to choose an antenna that is appropriate to your location, connect that antenna to your TV and scan for channels.

With an antenna installed in your home, you can do more than just watch the big four major networks. This is because channels like PBS, Univision and a lot of other channels broadcast over the air too.

Again, you should remember that your channel selection will vary on your location, but not to worry, you’ll still have lots of options that will keep you and your loved ones entertained.

Free over-the-air TV is uniquely set up to fix the same problems that live TV streaming services aim to fix. And that is offering live TV and channel surfing experience, something that SVOD services are lacking.
The letdown with using free over the air TV, however, is that it lags in content when compared to live streaming services, this is because free over the air TV is missing familiar channels you can easily watch on pay-TV streaming services.

In hindsight, nothing beats free over the air TV as anyone with an antenna if you are looking to save money on cable or web streaming services, you can start watching their favourite local channels so long they have the right antenna.

All you have to do is; plug your antenna to your TV; scan for local channels and watch the magic unfolds. More so, you’ll not need to get a streaming stick, smart TV, a streaming box or internet connection to make this happen.

Did we forget to add that modern OTA is in HD? This makes free to air TV a big plus for people who want to watch their local channels in crystal clear HD.

How to get free cable TV legally

If you’re thinking of dropping your cable bills in an attempt to save more, then we are happy to tell you that you’re not alone. This is because the US cable industry is reported to be losing over 410,000 subscribers every year.

While cable TV providers are always trying to convince you that their pricy cable plans are the best deals you can get, there are lots of legit ways to get cable TV for free or for a significantly reduced price.

With these options, you can save close to $140 a month in cable subscriptions. Cool right? We thought so too. Here, checkout, how to get free cable TV legally.

Get yourself an HDTV antenna

HDTV antennas are making a huge comeback as free to air TV is becoming increasingly popular among cord-cutters who are tired of paying for expensive cable subscriptions. According to reports; the number of people opting for antennas has grown by over 20%, and that number is set to increase in the coming years.

Make no mistake about it. These aren’t the regular antennas that you usually install close to a window to get good receptions. The kind of antenna we are talking about are HDTV antennas.

This means superior broadcast signals and a variety of new channels to keep you glued to your TV screens. For those who live in cities, you should be able to watch over 109 “A” list TV channels using HDTV antennas.

Signup for free video streaming services

If you’re on the lookout for free cable TV, the internet offers lots of fantastic video streaming services. More so, they are DMCA compliant, so you can be rest assured that they are completely legal and you aren’t doing anything wrong by opting for their services.

While some of them are completely free and wouldn’t require you to sign up to start watching your favourite TV channels and shows, a few of them will require you to sign up and pay subscription fees. Here are some free video streaming services you should give a try.

Crackle TV

If you want to watch binge-worthy movies and TV shows for free, then you should seriously be considering giving Crackle TV a try. Originally called the Grouper, the company was renamed Crackle TV after it was purchased in 2006 by Sony Entertainment. With Crackle TV, you still get to enjoy popular

TV shows and movies without having to pay a subscription fee. Notwithstanding, keep in mind that Crackle TV runs ads within their contents at set intervals.

While this can sometimes get annoying, don’t forget that this is what makes their service free. And although the contents on Crackle TV rotates every month, users are never short of movies or TV shows to keep them entertained.

Avoiding AD’s and getting Paid streaming options

If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of ads, then you should be considering signing up for video streaming services like Amazon Prime

Videos and Netflix. Although you’ll need to pay for monthly subscriptions, compared to cable TV, these options are super affordable and will save you a ton of cash you’d have spent on cable subscriptions.

Even with the most expensive plans for these video streaming options, you’d only be paying a fraction compared to how much you usually pay for your monthly cable package.

How to Stream cable TV online for free

For those who subscribed for high-speed internet services, you can watch live cable TV online free and here is how to go about it.

How to get free cable TV legally


Using is a fantastic way to keep up with your favourite TV shows, movies and television news. This website provides you with exciting collections of TV programs that will keep you plugged in all day long.

Another cool thing about this website is that you can interact with their robust community of television fans.

While they provide you with a comprehensive list of TV shows, you get to interact and talk about your favourite shows with other users.

Surf through network websites

Visiting popular network websites like, or will allow you to watch their TV programs on the same day they are aired.

Although you’ll not be able to watch their contents live, it’s refreshing to know that you can still watch free cable TV legally. Again, you can also watch previous episodes of top TV shows while waiting for new episodes to be rolled out.

Leverage classic one television

Do you want to stream television classics without paying monthly cable subscriptions?

Then head right away to Classic Television Online, and you can gain unlimited access to a comprehensive list of vintage television programs. From prime time specials to day time shows to vintage late-night interviews, Classic Television Online will spark your nostalgia with your favourite childhood TV shows.

Get Tivo Roamio’s DVR recording device

Tivo Roamio DVR device seamlessly integrates OTA, streaming and recording in one exciting package.

With this device, you can surf through popular streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos and others. Although it will cost you a one-time fee, it is super affordable and an incredible alternative for people who want to kiss goodbye to cable TV subscriptions.

Here is the thing, television programs should provide entertainment and not stress you over the need to meet your monthly cable bills.

And with the options we have listed above, you should be able to watch free cable TV legally without stressing yourself.

How to watch local channels without antenna

Thanks to the myriads of streaming devices on the market today as well as live TV streaming services, people can now easily watch their favourite local channels without installing an antenna in their homes.

To make this possible, however, you’ll need to subscribe to high-speed internet services as this would help you stream your favourite local channels and shows online.

What’s the cost of internet?

It’s one thing to get reliable cable TV alternatives that allow you to watch live cable TV online free and another to get a high-speed internet service that allows for seamless streaming of your favourite TV shows and movies.

For what it’s worth; the majority of the cable alternatives we have listed in today’s post requires that you have high-speed internet or mobile data to stream.

If you already pay for internet services, you have nothing to worry about. However, if that’s not the case, and you’re thinking of cutting the cords, please make sure you do your math correctly before deciding if cutting the cord is a good option.

The average internet bill will cost around $50, even though it can range from $12-120 depending on the speed you choose, the internet service provider or if you get an introductory offer that brings down the bill temporarily.

With that said, we will like to encourage you to consider the cost of internet services together with the cost of live TV streaming services to determine if the cutting cords is worth it.

No internet cable TV alternative

For those who don’t already have internet and have crunched the numbers and things doesn’t look too favourable, we have a fantastic alternative we think you should explore; TV antennas.

And before you think of writing them off, TV antennas aren’t what they used to be. These days, they are stronger and will usher you into the world of your favourite TV shows.

Using a good antenna will grant you access to 50 channels, plus you wouldn’t need to pay for monthly subscriptions.

Most times, the number of channels you can get using antennas depend primarily on the type of antenna you get and your location. But if you don’t watch a lot of TV; the channels you get using antennas will keep you entertained and relaxed.

Why is cable TV so expensive?

One of the significant reasons why cable TV subscriptions are on the high side has to do with bundling. To give you an idea of what we are saying, the average cost of cable subscriptions ranges from $80-$120 every month in some homes.

And for many cable TV lovers, cable service providers are to blame for bundling and price hikes.

There is no doubt that cable providers make good money from bundling; however, the larger networks are behind the price hikes. They force cable providers to bundle popular channels along with unwanted channels.

And because those large providers are powerful, they have the final say. If a provider refuses to bundle, they simply respond by getting a new provider, and to be honest, no one wants to lose money. So, in essence, cable service providers have their hands tied.

Giving the condition, they find themselves; providers have little to no option as they keep agreeing to the demands of networks while customers continue paying exorbitant fees; because a number of them are locked into a long term contract. This is the sole reason why customers are looking for how to watch TV without cable or satellite.

Is cutting the cable TV cord a wise decision?

Before you make up your mind to cut the cord, please double check to ensure those TV shows or movies you can’t do without are available on at least one of the cable TV alternatives we listed earlier.

You should also keep in mind that not all shows or movies are available on every cable alternatives. Thankfully we have always been able to find the shows and movies we love on at least one of the video streaming platforms we earlier discussed and we are optimistic that you too will not be left behind.

Another good thing about considering the shows or movies you like to watch is that it will help you make a choice regarding the best cable alternatives to opt for.

To put things simply, if what you like watching news contents and TV shows from the major networks like NBC or CBC, you may only need to get an antenna. This means you will not need to subscribe to streaming services at all.

On the flip side, if you like watching movies and TV shows, then we highly recommend that you check which of the streaming services offer the best selection of movies and TV shows that meets your taste.

What to Consider when you’d like to watch TV

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind before cutting the cord is that not all of the cable alternatives we mentioned have the newest episodes of some the popular TV shows or movies you follow.

So for movie enthusiasts who want to avoid spoilers while keeping up with their friends who still have cable subscriptions, you’ll want to opt for Hulu video streaming services.

This is because Hulu offers its users new shows and movies right after they air on cable or Netflix. With Hulu, you don’t have to wait until the entire season airs before you can get plugged in to your favourite shows or movies.

From our experience over the years, we have come to find that Hulu is the best option if you want to keep up newer TV shows. Also, remember that each of the platforms we mentioned has a variety of original movies and shows. So put all these into consideration before making a choice.

How do I want to watch TV?

Just before you decide to cut the cord, take a minute to think about how you want to watch TV. If you’re thinking of opting for streaming services, then you should know upfront that you’ll need a strong internet connection.

That is not all; you may also be needing a streaming device to enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

Thankfully, there are now a variety of devices you can use to stream, so that isn’t much a worry nowadays. Nonetheless, you’ll want to factor in the cost of streaming devices before you cut the cord. If that isn’t a problem, then you’re all set to cut off that good old cord.

Also, if you don’t have a way of plugging in a streaming device to your TV, maybe because you’re using an old TV instead of a smart TV, you’re better off sticking to your cable subscription.

However, if you think you have the money to splash, then we advise you to get a good smart TV.

Will cutting the cord save you money?

Here is where you need a lot of thinking. Take your time to do the math and ensure that the streaming services you are opting for will actually save you money.

After you have decided on the service, you’d like to use, compare it with your monthly cable bill and ensure it is lower than how much you’re currently paying.

For people using a cable service that is bundled with internet service, please ensure you check how much the internet service will cost you once it is no longer bundled together. This is because most of the streaming platforms we highlighted need high-speed internet for a seamless viewing experience.

What you can use to watch TV without cable

In today’s post, we have listed tons of streaming services you can opt for. While we highly recommend Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime videos giving their popularity, we would like to urge you to opt for a video streaming platform that works with your budget.

What we like about the streaming platforms we listed is that they all have a plan for everybody.
Whether you decide to go for Hulu’s basic package that cost $7.99 or Netflix basic plan that cost $10.99, rest assured that these platforms offer mind-blowing video content that will surely give you hours of entertainment.

Get yourself an HDTV antenna

Again, all these options have nearly all the shows and movies you love to watch on cable TV, so you will not be missing out on so much. And although you can watch Hulu or Netflix on your smartphone devices, you can get a Roku, Firestick or Chromecast device to watch your favourite shows on Netflix or

Use Hulu directly on your TV. If you use a smart TV, you’ll not be needing a streaming device.

Without a doubt, cable TV subscription has skyrocketed over the years, especially considering that providers cajole customers to bundle services together.

What this means is that customers will have to pay through their nose to enjoy the TV shows and movies they love. Well, not anymore. With the growing demand for video streaming services, people are now cutting cords and opting for more affordable options while saving money to meet their other needs.


Cutting the cords can be quite enticing, especially among people who are looking to stop their cable bills while saving more. And guess what, you don’t have to sweat it to cancel your cable deal.

With lots of fantastic video streaming options available on the market today, you can still get to enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows for a very affordable fee.

And whether you decide to go for streaming video-on-demand services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Videos that offer customers previously aired episodes of TV shows; or you decide to opt for Live TV streaming services like SlingTV, rest assured that you’ll have amazing contents that will keep you relaxed and entertained all day long.

For people on a budget who still want to watch free cable TV, you should be seriously considering free over the air TV, which requires you to install an antenna in your home.

  • How do you watch Televisions?
  • Do you still pay for cable services?

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