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What Does VM Deposit Mean With Verizon (Answered)

What Does VM Deposit Mean With Verizon (Answered)

Verizon subscribers who frequently ask what does VM deposit means, this write-up is for you. Among well-known cellular service providers, Verizon remains one of the best. This is profound when comparing the number of subscribers that make use of the network. And till date, Verizon has remained consistent in providing the best services to its customers.

VM deposit is one of the organized billing systems that they’ve put in place. This system also ensures your billing remains in systematic order; you can confirm the billing statement for those unaware of it. Now let’s properly delve in and have a proper understanding of what VM deposit means.

What Does VM Deposit Means?

VM deposit is part of the technical term by Verizon, which implies that the voicemail you sent has been delivered. Whenever you send a voicemail to a family member of friends within a monthly circle, and it gets delivered to the recipient, it will be documented on your billing statement as VM deposit. So, if you’ve been thinking it’s an error from Verizon, now you know it’s not.

What is the relationship between Verizon VM Deposit and CL?

Both VM deposit and CL are closely related term that is linked to voicemail services. For instance, whenever you send an email to someone, it will be noted as VM deposit on your billing statement. Similarly, if you still receive a voicemail, it will always be registered as CL on the billing system. Hence, once you come across these terms on your billing system, I’m sure you now know what it implies. So, they’re just technical terms.

Does the term VM deposit mean Verizon charges more?

This has been a confusing term to some subscribers that they even think Verizon is constantly over-billing them. Well, it’s just a problem of not understanding the technical term on the billing statement. If you must know, VM deposit does not mean Verizon is overbilling you. Now you know the meaning of the term, I’m sure you can understand it has no link with any form of over-billing.

Security of Verizon voicemail

The privacy of any subscriber remains paramount to Verizon, including the voicemail services. That has always been why a password is put in place before a subscriber can have access to the Verizon wireless voicemail account.

This must be put in place right from the first day of activation. Subsequently, it will be used every time, from any phone, including other mobile phones. There is no room for any default PIN, meaning whoever must hack it must guess your password right before accessing your voicemail.

However, you still have an obligation to keep the information on your device safe by ensuring your chosen voicemail password is strong. It’s advisable to avoid using sequence numbers, birth dates, or even the address of where you live. Most preferably, you can pick random numbers you can easily remember. Also, change it often.

Setting up Verizon voicemail

To set up voicemail service on your phone:

  1. First, call *86 (*VM) directly from your handset. Alternatively, you can use the 10-digit mobile number from a different phone.
  2. You’ll be welcomed with a system greeting voice note, but you can press the (#) key to interrupt it.
  3. Next, follow the guide to choose your preferred language, then press the (#) key so your choice can be confirmed.
  4. One (1) is for English; next, press the (#) key to confirm the language.
  5. A prompt will come up; enter your preferred 4-7 digit password, press the # key.
  6. If it’s your first time setting up the password, it won’t have a consecutive digit (e.g., 1234) or a repeating digit (e.g., 2222).
  7. When prompted again, it will be for your signature. You can use your name or any other word. Then press the # key for the signature to be confirmed.
  8. Next will be to say the greeting, press the # key to confirm the greeting.

Note: once you hear your system greeting, it means your voicemail has been set up. You can tab the # button to interrupt the greeting and follow the prompts to key in your password so your message can be retrieved.

It’s important to know that voicemail might not necessarily be available in all locations. Your voicemail box won’t be password-protected unless you create a new password by following the prompt already outlined above. You should also know that calling minutes involving mobile to mobile will not be applicable to voicemail retrievals.

Verizon Customer Care Center

Verizon customer centre is always available in case you’ve any problem with VM deposit billing. You can reach out to them anytime for further assistance. Typically, you’ll be asked about the bill in contention; then, further explanation will be made so you can grab how they came about the VM deposit on your bill.

In Conclusion

Having outlined all that pertains to Verizon VM deposit, I’m sure you now have all the information you require and everything you need to understand about Verizon billing that has confused you. As already suggested, you can still reach out to Verizon customer service for further assistance if you still find anything confusing.

Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of VM deposit on a bill?

Simply put, it’s a technical term Verizon uses to represent delivered voicemail. This means that when you send a voicemail and it gets delivered, it will be recorded as a VM deposit on your bill.

What does voicemail deposit number mean?

This is the number all the calls you missed are forwarded to. With this, your mail can greet your callers and record your messages as well. The number is written in bold.

What can I do to lock incoming calls?

You can actually prevent others from answering your incoming calls.

  • Navigate to the advanced section
  • Locate incoming call entry
  • You’ll see a lock icon beside it. Clicking on it locks all incoming calls behind the pattern or the password you’ve already set.
  • After this, whenever your phone rings, the screen will lock.
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