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What Happens When You Don't Pay The AT&T bill? (Answered)

What Happens When You Don’t Pay The AT&T bill? (Answered)

What happens when an AT&T Customer dosnt pay on time?

We all know that communication is essential in the modern world. Without mobile phones, so many aspects of our lives would be affected. The dependency on mobile phones for fast and convenient communication has led to a spike on demand for these services. That’s why there are many network companies providing phone and internet services. One such renowned company is AT&T, and it’s among the largest service providers in the US.

AT&T provides reliable internet and communication services to people in different states across the US.

With that said, every service provider faces a couple of challenges in dealing with customers. Sometimes it could be the customers complaining about the services they are getting probably because the provider is not doing their part. On the other hand, it may be the customers failing to hold the end of their bargain by not paying the bills on the stipulated time. It is the responsibility of all the customers to pay their bills on time.

For this reason, the companies have taken on strict measures to ensure people pay their dues and those who don’t face the consequences. Well, here is what can likely happen if you don’t pay your AT&T bill on time;

AT&T and Covid-19 Billing Period

AT&T is has joined other companies that are helping shield people from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The truth is the Covid-19 outbreak has affected the lives of millions of people in the world. A significant number of Americans have lost their jobs as a result. For this reason, some may not be able to pay their internet and phone bills on time. Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel because AT&T decided to suspend broadband usage caps for residential customers. That means no more overage fees.

Furthermore, the company decided to waive late att payment fees for the residential and small business customers who cannot pay their bills due to the coronavirus pandemic. This applies to the wireless plans, broadband, and home phone users.

Call cutting

We started with the Covid-19 pledge and the fact that many of the service providers are aware of how the coronavirus has impacted many people’s lives. However, on a regular occasion, if you fail to pay your bills as agreed on the signed contract with the company, you’re bound to face the music. For one thing, AT&T holds the mandate to cut off your mobile services. This means no more phone services and communications, including making or receiving calls and text messages.

There is usually a specified timeline by which you are supposed to have paid the bill. Failing to pay your bill on time means you have violated the terms on the contract, and as a result, it will be cancelled. The network company will then proceed to switch off your number.

The late payment charge

You may already know about the late payment charge. This is a fee charged when you pay your AT&T bill after the bill due date. Additionally, if you happen to make the payment on time, but it’s not the full amount, the late payment charge also applies. The more days that you spend without paying the bill, the higher the fee will be. Therefore, it is wiser and easier to just pay the full amount before or on the bill dates. The late payment fees tend to vary by the states.

Passing the debt to a collection agency

People must take the mobile phone bill debt seriously because the service providers will do what needs to be done to recover the outstanding bill. For instance, if you do not pay your bill, the company will pass the debt to a debt collection agency. AT&T has its own collection agency, and it won’t be right for you to get to this point. They will put a collection on your credit report, and this, in turn, damages your credit score. Only after the collection is removed will your credit score start getting back into the good books. Hence watch out for that!

What is AT&T providing to its customers to make paying bills a lot easier?

Some customers have the lousy behaviour of dodging to pay their bills on time. However, not everyone has this unsavoury habit. There are those customers who would genuinely like to pay their bills on time, but some circumstances get in the way. Maybe you recently lost your job, and it was the main source of income, or you’re dealing with some financial problems. Whatever it is, the company understands and has been trying to make things a bit easier for the customers.

For starters, those using the unlimited plan have their data cap increased up to 15 GB per line as the company puts in an effort to provide free mobile hotspots for the customers. In addition, there are waivers for the upgrade fees and also people don’t really have to pay for express shipping. Aside from that, if for any reason you were unable to pay your bill on time, and it’s now already late, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, set aside some time to fill an AT&T waive form on its website so that you are not charged for the penalties.

Here is what else AT&T is providing to help its customers manage or lower their bill;

Set up a payment arrangement

Did you actually know that you can set up a payment arrangement with AT&T? Well, now you know that and the process is quite simple. Before we can go any further, I would like to ensure that you understand what a payment arrangement is and its concept. Basically, a payment arrangement is a way for you to delay your payment if you cannot pay the bill before the due date. A payment arrangement will work to keep your service active by letting the service provider know when and how you will pay your pending balance.

With that said, it’s not everyone who is eligible to schedule a payment arrangement. If the calendar in your AT&T account does not show any options or dates for payment after your due date, then you’re probably not eligible. However, you can contact the customer service for inquiries on the same.

Request to pay in instalments

For some people, paying the bill all at once can be quite stressful and overwhelming. This is where installments come into play. As far as I can remember, people have always used instalments to clear payments for different products and services. While it may not be that much applicable in the payment of services such as the internet and phone, it won’t hurt to ask for help from your service provider.

In this modern age, it’s almost impossible to do without a phone or internet. So rather than suffer in silence, you can talk to your provider and provide genuine reasons why you need to make the payments in instalments. Paying your bill bit by bit throughout the month will actually help ensure it’s paid in full before the due date. Furthermore, you won’t have to feel pressured and under stress all the time. It’s a win-win for all.

Redeem allowances

Many service providers offer all-in-one plans to their customers. These are usually helpful, especially when it comes to saving money on the phone and internet bills. If you are the kind of person who likes buying an all-in-one plan, there is a big chance you will gain the most allowances. Therefore, if you have been receiving a hefty bill lately, you can reach out to customer support and request that they redeem all of your unutilized allowances. This in turn will surely help to lower the bill by a significant amount of money. You can also tell them to limit your allowance utilization to ensure you don’t surpass it and consequently increase the bill. With this, your future bills will be way lower.

Negotiate the pricing

There are a myriad of network providers in the market today. This means that if you feel you can get a better deal somewhere else, there is an opportunity to leave. With that said, the providers can be open to negotiating the service price only if you actually make the first step. If you can take the time to negotiate a better deal, you will be paying less for mobile phone services. In the end, it will be beneficial for those people struggling with paying their bills. So don’t be afraid to make the call. Just make sure you have done plenty of research, and after that, you can let them know there are better deals elsewhere.

Go for the SIM-only deals

I have come across people who enter a mobile phone contract since it seems like the easiest way to get the latest phone and spread out the costs. It may be cheap at the time, but the cost becomes more in the long term. Well, this is how you might find yourself falling into debt.

Luckily, there are also alternatives to cut down your current contract’s cost and pay a lower bill. Some network providers offer SIM only deals, which include a package of texts, mobile data, and minutes. The good thing about this is that a phone is not included in the contracts and therefore, you won’t have to pay a massive amount of money for the phone. You can either use the phone you already have or purchase one separately. When you look at it from all dimensions, the cost will be less. Another thing is that there is usually a minimum contract term of 30 days. For that reason, cancelling is super easy if you want to.

Paying the AT&T bill

At this point, you must have realized it’s only fair to pay your due bill to the company. It’s essentially a win-win situation for everyone. Besides, you have already made a contract, and the company even goes the extra mile to provide suitable options for you to make the payments, whether in instalments or a waived-off fine. These are the notable methods you can use to make the payments;

Use the app

Nowadays, there is obviously an app for everything, and AT&T has their own app through which people can pay bills. In fact, apps are the quickest and most straightforward way to pay any of your bills, including the AT&T bill. All you have to do is download the myAT&T app on your mobile phone and make your payments at any time of day or night. The best part of it is that it will only take a few minutes of your time.

Use AT&T’s website

Another alternative is to make your bill payments through the company website. There are two websites at your disposal. The first one is for payments involving the myAT&T account, and the other website is for the people who want to make payments without necessarily signing in.

Pay by phone

You can opt to call AT&T in order to pay your bill. Some people also pay through text messages.

Frequently asked questions

How long will AT&T let you go without paying your bill?

Carrier companies typically don’t just cut off their customers. A few things are considered before they suspend your service, such as your payment history, any suspensions in the past year, and if there is a risk of further delinquency. If you have been consistently paying each of your bills on time, they might allow you to go for a complete billing cycle before the service is cut off. But expect to pay late fees next time.

Does AT&T block IMEI for nonpayment?

This is unlikely to happen unless the phone is reported stolen. However, it might remain locked until you complete your payments.

Does AT&T bill a month in advance?

Yes, your service is billed in advance for each of the months. For instance, your first bill may include a charge for your next month of service. It may also include installation costs, equipment, and other costs.


Sometimes people are unable to pay their bills due to genuine reasons. However, before signing up for a service, ensure you can actually afford it to avoid facing bill debt in the future. With that said, hopefully the information provided here will help you find suitable and cheaper means of managing your monthly bills.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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