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what is google allo

What Is Google Allo – Everything You Need To Know

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Google Allo is a smart messaging app or digital assistant. The goal is to make life easier. With this app, instead of stressing yourself typing in your request, all you need to do is speak what you want into your tablet’s or phone’s microphone.

Apart from performing a web search, which can also be done by Google app, Allo can set timer, alarm, and even sign you up for any subscription service. Furthermore, whenever you’re bored, speak to the app to cheer you up (by way of jokes), show you interesting/funny pictures, play a music video, or even tell you a riddle. Other things the Allo can do include; play games, get the latest travel updates, help you locate the nearest restaurant, or give a translation to words you find difficult to understand.

Over time, Google Allo will begin to take recognizance of your routine activities. At a point, it will give you the opportunity to tell it your preferred food, animal, color, etc. Being a messaging app it gives you possible replies as you communicate with your family and friends. For instance, if someone is inviting you to dinner, options like “I’m busy” or “I’m in” will pop up.

How do Google Allo functions?

The functions of Allo is not far from that of WhatsApp. It works based on your phone number. With it, you can send normal text messages to any contact on your phone and not just those that use Allo. There are three key features highlighted by Google that indeed makes the app unique: Google Assistant, Expression, and Security.

Google showcased how this app can help anyone keep in touch with his/her loved ones. For instance, your charts will be presented in bubbles that have different colors. As you chat, you can scroll up to take a look at the entire conversation which appears in a thread. There are also emoji and stickers, which can be used as you chat. A feature referred to as a Shout or Whisper is one of the warmest features. With this, you can resize your reply just by slipping up or down. It also prevents you from typing only in Caps whenever you’re angry.

Furthermore, there is another feature called Ink that helps you be creative with your photos, meaning you can easily doodle on them. Allo is built on understanding the context and content of images, thanks to Google’s computer vision capabilities. There is also a smart reply feature for a quick response while on the go. All these are possible because Allo uses natural language processing as well as machine learning. This means that the app can forestall what you intend to say next. Your conversations get better as you continue to make use of the app.

What are Allo’s features

Security settings and privacy

By default, the messages on Allo are already encrypted between Google’s server and your phone. This prevents an intruder from breaking in and having access to your messages. Another important thing is that Allo’s messages will be temporal on users’ phones. This means it won’t be archived permanently, but you’ve to reconfigure it to your taste because it does not come as default. Alternately, you can delete manually any archived message on your phone, but it will still exist on the phones of those you responded to until they delete it from their phone.

Incognito mode

This help to encrypt all your messages that Google cannot even have access to it. This is possible because Allo uses an open-source Signal protocol. By default, all incognito messages are configured to self-distrust within an hour, but you can reconfigure this as short as 5 seconds from when you sent or received the message.

Incognito for all chats

Chatting via incognito mode gives you access to private notification and expired chats. Remember, all these messages are end-to-end encrypted. Furthermore, incognito mode blocks Google features like a smart reply, google assistant, inability to preview sent or received messages. Notifications won’t be shown with the senders information.

How to use Google Allo to send SMS

  • After you must have signed up, click on the new message button.
  • A list of all your contact will pop up.
  • You can actually send a message to a contact who does not use Allo through a unique 5-digit number. This is common with any text message alert from an automated system.
  • The sent message will inform your recipient that you (with your details) want to chat with them using Allo. A link will be provided to them to download the Allo app.

In Conclusion

As stated in the write-up, Google Allo is an instant messaging mobile application built by Google for iOS and Android operating systems. There is also a web client that is available on Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. The app functions by using your contact’s phone numbers as identifiers. With this, users can easily exchange messages, voice notes, files, and images. In other words, this smart messaging app was built to help you express yourself and get more things done as you chat. You can take advantage of it.


Why should I consider using Google Allo?

If you carefully read this write-up, there are good reasons why you should consider using Google Allo as your primary messaging app. Remember, the app will be tied to your phone numbers as you sign up, meaning you can text anybody already in your phonebook. Some of the things you’ll enjoy include; doodle on different pictures, ask questions using Google Assistant, search any info on the web, book reservations, enter incognito mode, and much more. The good thing is that all these can be done on this app.

What is the usage of the Allo app?

According to Google, Allo is a smart messaging app that can be used on Android and iPhone devices. It’s a smart app because it does more than just give you access to send messages to people on your phone book.

How can I make use of Google Allo?

Before you can make use of this app, you need to download it. So first, go to your Play Store or App Store, depending on your device, and download the app. In some cases, it might be absent in your market, depending on your region. But it will definitely be rolled out soonest.

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