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Google Fi Review

Google Fi Review – Is the Wireless Hotspot Worth It?

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If you are looking for more information about this service then you are in the right place, We did a Google Fi review of their services and how it stacks up with the rest.

If you are aware fo the efforts google have been making with an internet connection with the likes of Google Fiber internet then you may be wondering if they have a wireless service option?

Among the top four carriers, Google has made its way into the hotspot wireless world with Google Fi.

This tends to have changed in recent time, especially in the United States, where the popularity of the no-contract and prepaid networks reduced drastically. In fact, it was finally left for individuals who prioritized spending the minimum amount of money over all other things.

In today’s market, these networks have become a worthwhile replacement to the likes of Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T, not minding the category of the phone being used by the individual and the amount of money he/she is willing to spend. One of the exciting preferences available in the market right from 2015 has been Project Fi. This is Google’s first effort at ensuring wireless service is made simpler. It attracted so much attention when it was first launched in 2017.

Since then, the project has undergone a series of transformation and rebranding, which made them to finally peg the name at Google Fi. Though there are still some catches here and there, especially considering the service you use with the Google Fi network.

Furthermore, this project was expanded more to ensure all unlocked mobile phones are accommodated after restricting it previously.

New International Coverage Of Google Fi

In case you want to venture on a little business trip to Sweden or even Mexico, be rest assured that Google Fi got your back. You’ll be covered in up to 200 countries around the world. Also, you’ll get unlimited text using Google Fi and one cent per minute for any voice calls. The data rates remain the same without any increase. This is an excellent deal, especially for casual travellers.

What Is Google Fi?

Over the years, Google has already proven competent because they have a series of phones and other home products. This has been the sole reason why many tend to trust Google with other mobile services. The fact is that among other MVNO’s, Google Fi is so unique because it supports so many series of phones, unlike others.

For instance, it combines U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile’s network for efficient coverage. Sprint is also included (this has been wholly rolled into T-Mobile).

These top network combinations mean an automatic switch from one network to another for efficient service no matter the location you find yourself. In other words, if you need a service that serves as an alternative to the top networks, Google Fi remains the ideal choice.

Furthermore, considering the relationship with T-Mobile, any device on Google Fi can enjoy access to the 5G network, but your device must be 5G enabled.

Google Fi comprises of two major categories. These plans include unlimited minutes for calling together with texting though the rates for the data can quickly rack up.

This means that heavy data users on Google Fi will likely spend so much on data bills when compared with other ISP. However, if there is a way to keep your data in check, you’ll enjoy Google Fi because they offer a formidable national network, quick sign up and superb international coverage. Are you ready to give this Google service a try? Let’s get to it.

Google Fi Plans

Like stated earlier, Google Fi has two plans – one that comprises of unlimited data and the other that is pay as you go. Each of these plans has its unique perks. So it depends on you to decide on which plan to pitch your tent. You can enjoy signing up about six lines in a single account. So for a large family, this is an ideal option.

Flexible Google Fi Plan

This plan is ideal if you intend to save money. A monthly rate of not more than $20 will be paid for the service, and then you’ll also pay for every gig used.

After all these, access to data becomes free, especially after reaching a threshold of 6GB monthly on a single line. You can still use an additional 12GB of high-speed data without any fees. This basically functions as a data cap which prevents you from paying beyond a specific amount of money.

It’s your choice to decide what you intend doing with all the data with full speed hotspot access. For those that have plans to travel abroad, Google Fi is an excellent plan to go for because you’ll enjoy one cent for international calls and a standard rate for your data usage.


  • You’ll get unlimited minutes for calls and text.
  • The monthly price is low.
  • $10 for every G.B. used. It involves a full speed hotspot.
  • There is free data when you exceed the allotted monthly data.
  • Cheap data, text and $0.01 per minute when you go abroad.


  • For one active line – $20.
  • For two active lines – $18.
  • For three active lines -$17.
  • For four active lines – $17

Ideal for:

  • This plan will be suitable for users that need flexible data usage and as well want to enjoy minutes for calls and text.

Unlimited Google Fi Plan

The idea behind this plan is to just flaunt it once you can subscribe to it. This is majorly for heavy data users. Here you’ll get as much as 22GB of high-speed data on a monthly basis.

It starts at $70 for each person which comprises of mobile hotspot and DVD quality video streaming (480p). Added to this is also Google One membership that gives you access to 100GB of free storage capacity.

This plan is also a unique international option because of the free data usage together with free texting. Just that you’ll have to any calls, you make. You can call about 50 countries.


  • Access to use up to 22GB of data.
  • Google One membership is contained within.
  • Full-speed hotspots.
  • Free data and text when you go abroad. The monthly call rates are meagre.


  • For one active line – $70
  • For two active lines – $60
  • For three active lines – $50
  • For four active lines – $45

Ideal for:

  • Suitable for any user that plans to have a fun time abroad and also wants data, calls and text.

Google Fi Family Plans

Currently, a 2GB family plan on Google Fi goes for $70 per month. Remember it costs $40 per month for the same 2GB on an individual plan. So the family plan involves paying an extra $30 to add two additional lines.

Note: If you consider it, family plans are cheaper per line.

It’s not difficult to add extra lines on Google Fi. Each line you add will cost you a flat rate of $15 which comprises of international coverage, data charged per GB rate and unlimited minutes for calls and text.

Furthermore, your data will be capped at a certain point, but this will depend on the number of active lines.

So you might need to pay keen attention to the data usage knowing fully well that everyone signed in this plan share from the entire data pool.

Since the entire data pool is shared by all the lines, you’ll be charged based on the data used until the threshold is reached. So it’s advisable not to use Google Fi for any data hogs because one line (primarily used by a teenager) can quickly use tons of data which will indirectly push up the monthly charge.

At this point, you’ll wish to have gotten a family plan from a different ISP.

Which Is The Best Plan Fi Plan For You?

To determine the plan that is right for you, first, it’s essential to give a range of how many data you intend to use. Once it’s beyond five gigabytes for an individual line, it’s better to go for the Unlimited plan. However, the flexible plan will be ideal if you only use small mobile data simply because you spend most of your time on Wi-Fi.

Alternatively, you can decide the plan to choose from using the international access. United States users can only access the Google Fi, but peradventure you intend to go abroad, the Unlimited plan remains an ideal choice for you. However, if you still travel here and there within, the flexible plan should also be enough for you.

Cell Phones And Devices On Google Fi

Initially, when this project was launched, it worked with only the Nexus 6 phone, and this really became a gaping problem. Well, you might wish to know, that era is now in the past, especially since the rebranding was fully integrated.

This gave access to a vast number of phones comprising of iPhone and Android devices.

Despite the rebranding that opened up access to other phone devices, Google Fi still lacks behind when it comes to the compatible devices. For instance, on their website, iPhone 6 is the latest compatible device on Apple mentioned there. Any series after this is still under beta testing.

Their focus is undoubtedly on their own devices – Google Pixel, which has no baggage whatsoever.

Top phones Offered by Google Fi 


  • In beta testing – iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6 works perfectly.


  • Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL


  • Galaxy Note 8
  • Galaxy S8/S8+
  • Galaxy Note 9
  • Galaxy S9/S9+


  • Moto G6.
  • Moto G7.

In case you intend to bring in your own phone, just know that your option is minimal. Google Fi actually offers support for numerous options. You can even go through the list here. Most importantly, you need to be aware that the majority of these phones do not support making a switch to U.S. Cellular. You don’t need to bother your head about this unless you reside in a region majorly for U.S. Cellular.

How Google Fi Functions On Your Phone

If you make use of a phone that is compatible with the Google Fi, then assessing the entire Fi network won’t be a problem for you. Majority of these phones include the Google Pixel series together with any old version of Nexus phones. Once your phone belongs to any of these categories and Google Fi app is activated, without your effort, your phone will automatically switch between Sprint, T-Mobile or U.S. cellular depending on the one that has the best coverage where you’re located. In other words, it’s just as if you’re making use of an extensive network.

Phones that are not mainly designed for Google Fi will only get T-Mobile service. So it’s important to cross-check the coverage and phone compatibility and not just rush because you want to enjoy the benefits of three major mobile networks together with Wi-Fi in one SIM.

Apart from the three major networks that work on Google Fi, it also relies on Wi-Fi at any given time, not considering whether you’re within the range of a known network or not. The Wi-Fi assistant on your phone automatically searches for a reliable network to connect to as you navigate around. Whenever a Wi-Fi connection is made on your phone, it occurs through a VPN which indirectly protects you. There won’t be any difference in your experience, just that your mobile data is no longer accounted for.

Even as your phone makes these switches, you can still make your calls and send a text as if you’re making use of your mobile data.

Furthermore, with Google Fi, you’re also entitled to get other features such as Google Voice. With this, you can easily forward phone calls to any number you want, including Google Fi numbers. Also, you can take a view of your voicemail and make calls with the aid of the hangout app.

Google Fi vs 5g Network

When it comes to 5G deployment, T-Mobile maintains the lead because of its extensive focus on the expansion of 5G. Because the majority of Google Fi network is provided by T-Mobile, you can get access to 5G network once you have a compatible unlocked phone that is 5G enabled. Google Fi is indeed ready to support T-Mobile’s 5G network that operates on 600MHz.

This indeed paves the way towards actualizing a faster and more reliable network. In fact, 5G on Google Fi has continued to evolve significantly since the final purchase of Sprint by T-Mobile.  U.S. Cellular in recent times has also been putting more effort to complete its 5G launch.

Is It Work Making A Switch To Google Fi?

Once you’re familiar with the hassle of switching and porting from one carrier to another, then you won’t have any problem of switching to Google Fi especially now that the services are very much open to numerous unlocked phone.

Within a few minutes online, you can quickly sign up to Google Fi. If you’re buoyant enough, you’re free to purchase any phone of your choice or alternatively, an eSIM will be sent to you by Google to be used on your current phone (especially for Pixel phones).

There are other exciting features that make Google Fi a must-have; simplified billing, monthly bill protection to cap your charges, easy international calls & data usage, improved network coverage as a result of the linkage of the major networks and finally access to Wi-Fi networks.

This means that Google Fi really has a captivating package that has the tendency to attract a vast population of people based on their needs. Despite all these features, you might still need to compare other carrier based on your financial capability because Google Fi pricing is not that low when compared to others.

Google Fi Vs The Competition

Making a head-to-head comparison between Google Fi and other MVNOS available in the market is one of the best ways to choose a suitable carrier. Below are some options to consider – each one is from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Mint Mobile

There is no Unlimited option on the Mint Mobile plan, but you can still get 12GB of LTE which comprises of access to 5G for a monthly fee of $45. Your phone will still make an automatic switch based on a more reliable service. International calls can also be made to Canada, Mexico with much of your cap being used for a hotspot.

One unique thing about Mint is that they do not snag an additional fee to your SIM rather you’ll receive a Universal option from them to decide on any three sizes. The absence of any bonus perk and streaming options is really a drawdown. Apart from that, Mint offers an interesting option on T-Mobile.


  • Up to 12GB of 4G LTE or monthly data of 5G.
  • Calls to Canada and Mexico.


This is a subsidiary of Verizon meaning as a subscriber, you can get good nationwide networks without having to pay the exorbitant prices charged by the three top carriers. The plan option here is more comfortable when compared to Google Fi because they offer only one plan which comprises of Unlimited text, talk and data for $40 monthly. This can further be reduced to a monthly fee of $25 via Party pay (ability to team up with other friends on Visible network).

Through this means, you’ll get to save $5 for each added user, just that everybody will pay individually. With this, late payment by one of the users won’t affect others in any way. Furthermore, there is still access to hotspot.


  • Unlimited data, talk and text
  • With Party Pay, you can per a monthly fee of $25.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket wireless relies heavily on AT&T, but they still act like their own network by offering numerous add-ons and plans to make the most of your service. Cricket More, which is one of their plans (high-end unlimited) is the most expensive. In this plan, you’ll get data of 15GB with hotspot, unlimited talk and text.

Furthermore, you can also make use of your plan in Mexico and Canada, but it must be less than half of your service. Again, for a fee, you can add more hotspot or calls to other individual countries.


  • Up to 50% usage in Mexico and Canada.
  • Comprises of 15GB mobile hotspot. For a fee, you can add more.

In Conclusion

Having read all these, I believe you’re able to figure out about Google Fi. You can start by checking out Google’s official Fi coverage map.

Here you can input your specific address to see what combined coverage to expect in your neighbourhood where you reside. In addition, for frequent travellers, endeavour to check locations where you intend to travel, including your home front.


How good is Google Fi for travellers?

When going internationally, the data rate remains the same. Overall, Google Fi remains a convenient deal for frequent travellers.

Which of the networks is used by Google Fi use?

They make use of networks operated by T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Sprint.

Why is Google Fi is expensive?

Google Fi looks expensive, especially for folks who use fewer data. Heavy data users across the globe still do not find it expensive. In other words, heavy data users appreciate it more.

Does Google F.I. have access to 5g network?

Yes. With the partnership of Google Fi with T-Mobile and Sprint, subscribers can have access to 5G networks. But you must have a smartphone that is 5G enabled. With this, it can easily connect to T-Mobile 5G network.

How secured is Google Fi?

If you must know, Google Fi helps protect your data, especially if you’re making use of a public Wi-Fi. For instance, when your phone automatically connects you to an open Wi-Fi network, the signal passes through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is a secured

Do I require a SIM card to use Google fi network?

This is what you need to do to transfer to Google Fi. First, you need to check your Android version number and also download the software updates. The next thing to do is to insert your Fi SIM card.

However, if your phone is Pixel 2 series and above, you do not require a SIM card. What you need to do is to download the Fi app to activate your service, which will enable you to transfer your number to Google Fi.

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