Tello Hotspot Plans Review

Tello Hotspot Plans Review – A Must Read Before You Buy Guide

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Tello is somewhat a newer entry into the progressively congested field of a low-cost carrier, delivering monthly service that is flexible using Sprint’s existing network. Furthermore, they’re a cheap prepaid wireless mobile service, especially for people who dislike being trapped into long-term contracts with any ISP. Apart from the required fees together with the tax, Tello doesn’t charge any hidden fees like activation of phone payments. At the moment, Tello still makes use of the Sprint 4G LTE network. This is still in place despite T-Mobile’s merge with Sprint.

The merge brought about more consistent coverage within different urban areas and tremendously spotty coverage around the rural areas. Since Tello’s plans are all prepaid, they don’t have any contract and there no charge when you terminate your subscription. They operate a unique service where it is easier to put together your custom platform based on your talk time needs as well as data plans. Apart from these, they also have preassembled plans.


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Best Tello Hotspot Plans 

Unlimited Mins – Build Your Plan With Data 

On this package, you’ve got the privilege to arrange your plan according to talk time and 4G LTE data suitable to your routine. The plan also comprises of unlimited texts, talk time and can be used as a hotspot. As a plan that can be customized, you’ve got the privilege of updating your present plan at whatever time you deem fit without the attraction of any fee. The change is usually effected at once and peradventure you still have an active unused data remaining, it will be added to your new subscribed plan. Everything is free without any cost. For data, it is unlimited with a 64kps throttling speed, especially when you exhaust your 4G LTE data. The minimum plan value you can get from this plan is $5, which automatically renews after 30 calendar days.

500 MINS Build Your Plan With Data 

This is another package that enables you to put together your preferable plans. It is configured with unlimited texts and you can update your active plan when you desire. The effected change is activated instantly. There is no expiration of any unused balance; rather you’ll get to enjoy it in your next plan. For the data usage, it is unlimited with a 64kps throttling speed, especially when you deplete your 4G LTE data. The minimum plan value you can get from this package is $5, which automatically renews after 30 calendar days. It can serve as hotspot too.


When you subscribe for this, you get to receive unlimited texts with calling minutes together with 1GB of 4G LTE internet data. When your active data gets exhausted before the expiration day, you can easily top up with no additional fee. Furthermore, the data usage is unlimited, but it has a throttle speed of 64kbps especially when 4G LTE has been exhausted. The plan gets to be renewed every 30 calendar days.


You get to enjoy unlimited texts and minutes together with a 2GB 4G LTE data which can be updated without any extra cost. Any unused balance gets shifted to your next subscription that will still elapse after 30days. Data usage is unlimited with 64kbps throttled speed once the 4G LTE has been exhausted. This plan routinely renews every 30 calendar days.


In this plan, you’ll get limitless texts and minutes together 4GB 4G LTE data. You can freely update your plan, and it will be effected instantly, with any remaining balance rolled over the next 30days. Data usage is unlimited, with speeds throttled to 64kbps once 4G LTE amount finishes. This plan gets to be renewed every 30 days.


It comprises of unlimited data together with minutes for calls and text. Your data can be updated at your discretion for free, and the effected change will be activated instantly. Any left-over balance is automatically rolled over to your next plan for 30 days. Data usage is limitless, with a throttled speed of 64kbps once you exhaust the 25GB scheduled data. Hotspot usage will cease once you use up 25GB of 4G LTE data until the next subscription is made. This plan automatically gets renewed every 30 calendar days.

What We Love About Tellos Hotspot Plans?

The allotted minutes are for calls across Mexico, Canada and China.

No Contract – You get to enjoy the plan not being worried about any contract that will trap you down—also, nothing like hidden fees such as activation fees, overage fees or even cancellation fees.

Buy New Device – If you’ve any Sprint phone in your possession or even a CDMA device, bring it onboard. You won’t be charged any extra cost. Then again, Tello has brand new devices you can still buy. It comes with free shipping.

Family Plan – Tello also has a functional family plan which can contain up to ten (10) lines under one single account. The unique thing about this family plan is the fact that different Tello plan can be subscribed on each line at no additional cost. You can mix and match or either upgrade or downgrade as you desire. Furthermore, you can select a specialized payment plan or better still pay with other options.

International Calls – If you’re interested in making international calls, with extra pay-as-you-go credit, you can use it for any international calls.

Tethering – Share data to other devices by activating tethering at no extra cost.

Phones Compatible With Tello Hotspot Plans

If you check Tello’s website, you’ll get to see twenty-seven (27) different phones that are very affordable. Some of the models are also refurbished, which in turn reduces the cost a bit further.

  • You can buy an iPhone X ($999) down to iPhone 5.
  • For Android, you can get Galaxy S7 (2017). There are also cheaper devices such as Moto E4 Plus. Majority of their Android phone is below $100.

The phone payment involves a one-time payment without any payment plans. Remember this is not compulsory because you can still come on board with your phone or other compatible devices with Sprint network. There is a compatibility checker you can use for confirmation. Furthermore, either CDMA or GSM devices with a provision for a SIM card slot is suitable. Alternatively, you’ve to purchase one from Tello at the point of subscription.

Tello HotSpot Review

There are no extra charges involved to use the Tello’s hotspot because their unique features extend to free hotspot access. For instance, some other service providers charge as much as $10 per month to use your phones as hotspot. This means that by calculation, just by signing up with Tello, you’ve indirectly saved yourself from spending $120 per annum and still get to enjoy free hotspot.

  • Using your phone as a hotspot is very easy. On your phone;
  • Navigate to settings,
  • Click on network and internet section,
  • Click on hotspot and tethering.
  • Then turn on your hotspot, don’t forget to adjust the password to what you can remember.

Furthermore, on Tello, as you use a hotspot, your active data automatically counts against your usual monthly data allowance. For instance, let say you subscribed to Tello 4GB monthly data plan, you’ve the opportunity of sharing the data through hotspot. For heavy users, the 12GB plan will be more suitable for you. Also, be aware that the scheduled monthly data is strictly for LTE data. When this gets exhausting, your network will be swapped to 2G data, meaning it will be slower but still good enough to surf the web, make use of Google Maps, book for Uber and even use some app (lite version though).

Inportand Infomation About Tello

The customizable plans on Tello are what distinguishes them from other ISP. You just pick your preferred data suitable for you without any exclusive plans or lock-ins. It comprises of tethering with makes use of your normal allotted data at no additional charge.

Aside from their promised transparency and simplicity together with no extra fees, Tello does not offer much in the way of perks.


The fact is that Tello will save you from spending so much on data, especially if you’re a less data user. For example, with just $10 and you’ll receive a talk time of 100 minutes, unlimited text together with 1GB of data. Furthermore, the competitive pay-as-you-go rates are unlike no other plan. If you majorly utilize your phone as Wi-Fi in a particular area with reliable Sprint’s network, then with Tello you’re covered. Alternatively, if you’re a high data user and also mostly travel to places with inconsistent Sprint coverage, Tello hotspot plan may not be for you.


Does Tello have any hotspot?

Yes, Tello’s network has hotspot and as well allows hotspot usage. This comes free no matter the data plan. With tethering, you’re good to go.

Is Tello so cheap?

The fact is you’ll save yourself from too much subscription with Tello particularly if you’re not a heavy data user and also requires less amount of minutes for call or text. With just $10, you can get a suitable plan that comprises of 1GB date and 100 minutes for talk and text. Furthermore, you’ll get to enjoy Tello’s competitive pay-as-you-go rates.

What categories of phones are well-matched with Tello?

CDMA Phones function perfectly on Tello network. You can buy any brand of CDMA phones without contract either from Sprint or any other carriers. Tello also has some handpicked phones you can choose from. The starting price is $99. There are also iPhones S5 to SE and even Nexus 5 to 6P.

Can my phone work optimally with Tello?

If you use a Nexus device that you bought through big box stores, Google Play or any carrier retail channels, sure it will work. Nexus models like 5 & Nexus 6, where formerly sign up with Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. They’re all compatible with Tello.

How reliable Is Tello?

Once you reside in a location with strong Sprint coverage, then Tello is worth considering. Though the speed of the data might not necessarily be enough, they’re still pretty cool and usable. However, heavy data users might not find it funny.

Are there any hidden fees or overage within any Tello plan?

Apart from the prepaid fees, local taxes you pay at the point of subscription together with the money used to purchase a phone (which is not compulsory), you won’t be charged any other fee. Furthermore, you can either upgrade or step down your plan at your convenience free of charge.

Can I bring my phone when coming on board Tello?

Sure you can come along you’re your phone if you do not want to purchase another brand new phone. BYOD is particularly stress-free from Verizon because they’re already a CDMA carrier.

What about my original phone number, can I still keep it?

Once you’re ready to sign up, your original number will be synchronized on Tello through the assistance of a representative. Your line will be set up at the point of subscription.

Does Tello have a return policy?

You’ll get 30 calendar days to return any phones in the absence of any delivery fees. The service is non-refundable.

Do students or military personnel enjoy any discount?

No, they don’t enjoy any special discount. Already the plans have been subsidized, and it’s also customizable based on your needs.

When using pay-as-you-go, will I use unlimited data?

No. Unlimited data strictly applies to active data plans. PAYG is charged just like the name. You can surf the net with your data from your available PAYG balance and PAYG data is activated within your online account. Remember your data will be disabled when your PAYG balance goes below $0.50. this means that you’ll be unable to make use of tethering.

Is hotspot/ tethering eating up my data?

Free tethering is one of the unique features about Tello but tethering can easily make your data to get exhausted fast. Though it depends on your online activities.

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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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