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Verizon Phone Keep Switching To 3G

Why Does My Verizon Phone Keep Switching To 3G

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Subscribers have been asking why does my Verizon phone keep switching to 3G and a way to rectify it. This might be a temporary issue, and most times, it happens based on location.

When it comes to 4G LTE service delivery in the United States, Verizon is undisputed. This has been why most of their subscribers have been enjoying the service, with few phone complaints about the phone occasionally switching from 4G to 3G. If you’re currently facing this issue, this write-up will outline a few troubleshooting methods to apply to resolve this issue.

Why Does My Verizon Phone Keep Switching To 3G?

To resolve this problem, you need to follow the steps below religiously;

Have another look at your phone’s network mode

This is obviously the very first thing to do when you occasionally notice this error. To do this,

  • Navigate to the apps,
  • Search for settings, then click on more.
  • Click on mobile networks, then select system
  • Tab on the network mode and check the network that is active on your phone.
  • Usually, it should always be set at LTE/CDMA. If you notice it’s on another network, you need to revert it to the mode outlined above. This will definitely rectify the issue.

The area you reside must have a reliable 4G LTE network

If the area where you reside lacks a reliable 4G LTE network, it won’t be easy to access the 4G network on your phone. In a case like this, your phone will automatically switch to the 3G network as the next available network in that area. Hence, in other to resolve this, you must be in an area with 4G LTE. On the other hand, if you usually experience this issue when you’re in a different location or as you travel, it means the fault is due to low network coverage, meaning the areas lack 4G LTE. You can’t actually do anything unless you leave the place.

Some do face this issue when present inside their home or in an area known to have reliable 4G LTE. Weak signals cause situations like this due to blockages from walls or interference triggered by other devices nearby. Issues like this are generally resolved within a few minutes. Alternatively, you can change to a different position inside your house to ascertain if the signal will improve.

Check your phone holistically

If none of the steps listed above resolved the error, then there might be something wrong with your phone. You might need to visit a Verizon phone repair shop to make a formal complaint. There, your phone will be appropriately checked to discover if there is something wrong with it. Once the phone is still under warranty, they will give you a new phone if the error can’t be rectified. This is the sure way to solve this error.

In Conclusion

In most cases, your phone might fall to 3G or 2G at some point when the signal strength needed for the 4G service is not available in your area. That is, there is no reliable network coverage where you are at the moment. At this point, if your phone is set to only 4G, it then means you’ll have difficulty making or receiving calls, including having access to the internet.

However, if the phone can access any network mode with an unstable 4G network, it will automatically switch to the next available mode (3G or 2G). Most times, your phone might switch the mode to save power resources (your battery life). 4G, as we know, makes use of a lot more power, especially when it has to struggle to maintain it. There are some devices that are configured to “force the 4G” to enable it to remain even when the 4G strength is not stable. But this won’t work, especially when the 4G signal is non-existent in that area.

Finally, you must know that many 4G LTE networks are yet to implement the VoLTE used for making voice calls fully. The implication is that the phone will actually be using 3G or 2G depending on the readily available one.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it that my Verizon phone keeps switching to 3G

Your phone is likely to switch from 4G to 3G when you find yourself in an area without 4G service. This means your phone will be without an LTE signal. But if you’re sure the area is 4G covered, then you can force your phone to search for an LTE connection.

My phone keeps changing from LTE to 3G. What could be the problem?

The reason might be that you’re located in a cell edge environment, which explains why it keeps switching. But you still have an option of changing it back. Navigate to settings, look for connections, mobile networks, searching network mode, then choose either 4G or 3G

My iPhone keeps switching to 3G. How do I stop it?

In circumstances like this, you can turn off 3G mode. If you intend to disable the 3G, first turn off your cellular data. Some phones do offer 3G; then, you can turn it off.

Is Verizon actually shutting down the 3G service?

Before now, Verizon announced that they’ll be retiring their 3G network with no specific date. But it’s a tip for their 3G subscribers to upgrade to the LTE network. The fact is that; other networks will likely do the same and not only Verizon.

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