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My Internet is Slow

Why Is My Internet So Slow – How To Fix Your Connection (Solved)

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There is no one person who likes dealing with sluggish and snail-like internet on a daily basis. Slow internet will waste your time and at the same time make page loading, streaming and gaming one of the worst experiences. So, why is your internet slow and what can you do about it? These two questions are answered here, read on.

Top reasons why your Internet is slow

Router position

The distance between your router and your devices will greatly affect the internet speeds. As a general rule of thumb, routers have strength measured in terms of Range. Therefore, the distance between the router and the internet devices will most certainly affect the speed and stability of the internet. As the distance increases, the router strength might decrease by one-third of the original speed and strength. What to do in this case is to relocate the router closer and position it in an open area.

Router type

Router range and features vary from one manufacturer to the other. Now that there are different routers with advanced features, you can expect that the router type and its features will be very significant in determining the internet speeds. The good thing is that even the slowest routers and the smallest in range always provide internet speed that is almost 10 times faster than what you really need. This clearly shows that getting the most expensive router may not be quite significant in improving your online experience.

Interferences with the Wi-Fi signals

There are always some interferences that can either block or interrupt the signals. If your internet speed is slower than normal, check whether there are some obstacles. Is the router placed in a closed closet or cabinet? If yes, you definitely have to remove it from the obstructers for better signal strength. These and many others usually block and affects the Wi-Fi signals from passing through. Remember that the more the barriers that the signals have to pass through, the lower the speeds. This is mainly because construction materials such as duct works, plaster and electric lines can potentially interfere with the signals. It works the same with radio signals.

Cordless phones, baby monitors and microwaves operate on the same frequencies and can significantly lower your signal strength. Some electronics such as wireless controllers, Bluetooth devices, Plasma TVs and Fluorescent lights can also impact the signal strength.

If you live in densely populated areas where there are many routers and modems, you will equally have to deal with poor internet connections as a result of interference. The truth is other Wi-Fi routers and modems can greatly interfere with the internet connections. This mainly happens in areas such as apartment complexes, condos and subdivisions where people are using many routers and modems at the same time. Your devices will obviously be shifting from one connection to the other which will in turn impact on your signal strength.

Outdated devices

Some devices may fail to handle advanced speeds which eventually translates to poor internet connections. Remember that not all devices are created equal. Some of them can only handle internet speeds up to a certain limit. So, if your internet connection is poor, always check whether your device is created to handle such high speeds and whether the OS is up to date. Most routers and modems are designed to slow down to the speeds that your devices can handle.

Failure to reboot your Wi-Fi system

When was actually the last time you rebooted your Wi-Fi system? Rebooting everything usually gives them a fresh start just like you need a short nap to unwind. Rebooting your router will mainly give your Wi-Fi a new start and at the same time help to solve some common bugs with the connection. Make sure you reboot your internet at least once a month.

Problems with your connection

We’ve blamed the routers and the modems for way too long. Issues with your connection whether caused by the ISP or faulty equipment can still cause slow internet. If the connection is loose, it can actually slow down your speeds to a crawl. Most of the times, the culprits of the slow internet are loose connections or an outage.


How do I fix a slow internet connection?

There are many ways to troubleshoot and fix slow internet connections. Disconnect all unnecessary internet connections, contact the customer support in case the speeds are very slow and try a new DNS server.

What makes Internet connection faster?

Log into your router settings and disable network sharing settings and at the same time add password protect. This prevents third-parties from connecting to your internet which can affect the final speeds. Apart from that, you can choose a strong WPA or WPA2 password which is very important for internet protection.

Why is my internet so slow all of a sudden 2020?

Computer viruses such as Trojans can greatly impact your internet connections. They mainly compromise your computer system and use the internet in the background which eventually slows the overall internet connection. So, run a full system scan to detect and remove these viruses.

How can I make my Internet connection stronger?

Angle the router Wi-Fi antenna properly, add an extender, move the router close to a clear spot or upgrade to omnidirectional antennas. All these are ways of making sure you have stronger internet connections.

Do Wi-Fi boosters increase internet speed?

Wi-Fi boosters and Wi-Fi extenders will not necessarily increase internet speeds but it can actually improve the range. This equipment usually fill the dead spots and eventually maintain stable connections throughout the house.


The above are some of the main reasons why your internet is slow. These are not the only reasons and hence you should always test your internet with different devices and call the provider if the problem persists. Above all, ensure your device is upgraded, your connection is secure and tight and reboot your router more often.

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