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Frontier TV Vs. DISH Network Cable TV Head To Head Comparison

Frontier TV Vs DISH Network Cable TV – Head To Head in 2022

If you trying to figure out which TV provider to go with Frontier TV or Dish Network Cable TV, then this article is what you should read.

Are you shopping for the best TV options for you and your family, but so far you haven’t found any that tickles your fancy?

Well, we have found two of the best TV providers we think you’ll love. With Frontier TV and DISH Network doing lots of great stuff in the TV landscape, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy an ultimate TV experience.

Without a doubt, Frontier and DISH Network have some incredible things going for them. With Frontier FiOS TV, you’ll enjoy superior TV options and reliable high-speed internet that lets you watch your favorite TV shows and movies without any hassle.

While Frontier has built a solid reputation as one of the biggest internet service companies in the US, it also provides impeccable TV and phone services via its broadband and fiber optic Internet Network.

DISH is also pretty solid on all fronts. From impressive channel selections to powerful DVR performance to spectacular bundle deals and more, DISH Network has so much to offer TV lovers. Read on as we explore how Frontier FiOS TV and DISH network square up.

Frontier TV

Frontier has carved a niche for itself in the TV world, and they are fast becoming the go-to TV options for many TV lovers looking for a TV provider with lots of unique features.

With Frontier TV, you can finally kiss goodby to cable and say hello to the deep HD experience offered by Frontier FiOS TV.

If you’re tired of watching average TV with surprisingly poor TV quality, now is an excellent time to jump on Frontier FiOS TV as they promise to treat you to the ultimate TV experience.

With lots of impressive channels waiting for you to explore together with exceptional bundle deals and impeccable DVR performance, Frontier is set to revolutionize how you watch TV completely.

Want more than just TV? Well, Frontier has you covered as they roll out some of the best bundle services you’ll ever encounter in the TV world.

With Frontier, you get to enjoy more value when combining phone, internet, and TV plans from one provider. Not just that, you also get to manage all your services using one account.

What thrills us about Frontier FiOS TV is its unique customization option. Oh yes, With Frontier, you can mix and match internet options and channel selections, until you get the best package that works for you and your family.

Pros and cons

We are sure by now you’ve been blown away by some of the incredible features offered by Frontier. But before you get too excited, let us show you some pros and cons of Frontier FiOS TV.


  1. Impeccable bundle deals with lots of exciting perks
  2. Brilliant channel selections
  3. Powerful DVR performance


  1. Super challenging to explore charges upfront
  2. It is not available in some locations
  3. Features a confusing website

DISH Network

DISH has become a household name in the TV landscape, and that’s all thanks to the company’s consistency in quality service delivery over the years.

As one of the big guns in the TV industry, DISH Network is rivaled by only very few TV providers who can match their exceptional service delivery.

Featuring tons of impressive channels, a powerful flagship DVR, exciting bundle deals, and more, DISH Network is worth the hype and will completely change how you watch TV.

With DISH Network, you’ll never run out of content to watch as they roll out attractive packages to customers, each with a fantastic range of channels.

With a base package that features 190 channels and a top-tier package that rolls out 290 channels, doing business with DISH means you’ll never have to miss your favorite TV shows and movies.

DISH also offers access to premium channels and fantastic add-ons. Although DISH Network doesn’t currently include HBO as part of their premium channel offerings, users can explore other top premium channels like Starz, Showtime, the DISH Movie Pack, and more to spice up their TV experience. But keep in mind that this isn’t free and will cost you an extra fee every month.

Overall, DISH’s outstanding TV packages cover a wide range of movie channels, family-friendly channels, and sports listings.

Plus, DISH boast of having one of the most comprehensive on-demand libraries in the TV space, as they feature over 20,000 titles.

One of the upsides to DISH is the company’s leading DVR performance. Thanks to the powerful Hopper 3 from DISH, you can record up to 16 shows at a time. Plus, the Hopper 3 is 4K compatible, and Alexa enabled.

Pros and cons

Although DISH’s quality service delivery isn’t in doubt, the company has a few shortcomings you should know. Stay with us as we take you through some pros and cons of DISH Network.


  1. Formidable channel selections
  2. Brilliant DVR performance that lets you record 16 shows at a time
  3. Relatively cheap TV services


  1. Not so impressive customer service
  2. Prone to weather interruptions
  3. You may have to pay more for sports.

DISH Network vs. Frontier TV installation and bundled services

DISH has a reputation for making things easy for its customers, and that includes installation. The minute you subscribe to DISH, the company will send a professional to mount your DISH along with your whole home DVR system free of charge.

Thanks to DISH’s free installation service, which is only available for a limited time, you can save up to $199.

Depending on which of their packages you’re interested in, Frontier may or may not charge you for installation.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that Frontier installation fees vary from one location to the next.

To know whether you’ll be charged extra installation fees or not, please go through their website for more details.

Bundled services

Bundling is such a big deal in the TV landscape today, and guess what, Both DISH Network and Frontier TV, are doing quite an impressive job in this regard.

With Frontier TV, customers will enjoy an exciting blend of bundle deals they cannot resist. If you ever wanted to bundle TV, internet, and phone services while enjoying amazing discounts on your monthly bills, now is an incredible time to give Frontier a try.

With DISH, you’ll get the best deals for TV and internet services. Although DISH doesn’t offer an independent internet service of its own, they hook you up with quality internet services from their partners.

And whether they connect you with fiber, cable, or satellite internet services, you can still pretty much do all the browsing and streaming you like.

Frontier TV vs. DISH: Channel comparison

Frontier TV and DISH are pretty big on channel selections, so you’ll enjoy seamless access to the TV industry’s best channel lineups. Thanks to Frontier FiOS TV, customers will have a glimpse of what the future of TV looks like.

Besides the spectacular channel count offered by Frontier FiOS TV, customers get to enjoy high fidelity audio along with crisp quality videos like never before.

And depending on which of their four packages you want, Frontier TV will grant access to between 155+ and 400+ channels.

Where Frontier TV outperforms, competitors is that they try to keep things fresh and entertaining by varying their channel selections.

So whether you’re a sports fan, a movie lover, a lifestyle enthusiast, or you just like to keep up with binge-worthy shows, rest assured that Frontier TV has you covered.

There are only very few TV providers out there that can go head to head with Frontier TV in terms of channel count. Plus, they have become the go-to option for people looking for quality premium channel selections.

DISH isn’t letting the competition take all the glory as they roll out access to some of the best TV channels you’ll come across.

With DISH, there is a channel for everyone. From movie fans to sports lovers to ‘kids’ programs to lifestyle content and more, DISH has everything you want from a TV provider.

While they play second fiddle to Frontier in terms of channel count, they boast of having more channels than a lot of TV providers out there.

And just like Frontier TV, we love the fact that DISH tries to vary is their channel selections to meet the unique needs of its diverse audience.

With DISH Network, customers will enjoy access to between 190 to 290+ channels. Although Frontier’s over 400 channels dwarf DISH Network channel count, we appreciate the fact that you still get to watch your favorite TV shows. So you wouldn’t be missing out on so much.

Although Frontier TV and DISH Network roll out access to tons of channels, if you want to get more from your TV subscriptions, you’re better off doing business with Frontier FiOS TV.

Premium channel offerings

Frontier TV is not only renowned for its massive channel counts. It has also become the go-to option for TV lovers looking for superior premium channel selections.

With Frontier TV, you’ll unlock access to top premium channels.

That’s not all; you can also opt for Frontier’s Fully Loaded Entertainment pack, which costs $50 per month.

With this fantastic package, you get to stream top premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, Epix, and more. But if you think this is too much for you, you can also grab each channel individually and pay around $10 – $15 per month.

Thanks to DISH, customers can now see the premium channels and movies everyone is talking about.

Without a doubt, DISH premium channel selections will wow users with an entirely new experience. If you have always wanted to stream critically acclaimed series and keep up with fresh movies and specials from the theatre, DISH Network is the way to go.

Some of the top premium channels featured on DISH Network include big names like Showtime, DISH Movie Pack, Starz, Starz Encore, Epix, and more.

In terms of premium channel selections, Frontier TV’s premium channel offerings outshine what users get on DISH Network.

Sports offerings

When it comes to sports selection, it’s a battle of supremacy between DISH Network and Frontier TV as both providers offer access to some of the most outstanding sports channels in the TV landscape.

With Frontier TV, users can now keep up with their favorite sporting event, as the company grants access to top sports channels like Golf Channel, CBS Sports, MLB Strike Zone, Outdoor Channel, NBA TV, and more.

DISH Network features superb sports channels that offer unlimited access to games from all your favorite teams and leagues.

Uniquely designed for die-hard sports lovers, DISH Network sports offerings have all you’re looking for and more.

From football to cricket to tennis to NBA and more, DISH Network ensures you never miss a single game from your favorite league or team.

Some of the most outstanding sports channels on DISH Network include Bien sports, Major League Soccer, Fox Soccer Plus, NBA League Pass, ESPN Full Court, NHL Ice Centre, Race Track Television Network, and more.

If sports is all you breathe and live for, DISH Network will certainly keep you entertained as they do a better job in that regard.

DISH Network and Frontier TV: Price comparison

Before making up your mind about which of these TV providers is perfect for you and your loved ones, it’s important to compare the pricing offered by these providers.

This way, you wouldn’t have to go overboard with your budget to get a quality TV provider you and your family will love.

Thankfully, both DISH Network and Frontier FiOS TV offer some of the most competitive pricing the TV industry has seen in a long time.

Stay with us as we explore the cost of TV, equipment cost, and DVR fees charged by either of these TV providers.

The cost of TV service

DISH Network keeps its pricing pretty reasonable for a variety of packages the company rolls out to users. Plus, their packages are competitive and far better than what you get with other TV providers.

And regardless of which of their package you decide to explore, DISH Network comes through with a two-year contract that locks users to a lower rate.

DISH Network charges around $59.99 to $94.99 per month for their respective packages with four excellent TV packages to explore.

Hang in as we take you through some of their awesome packages as well as their unique pricing.

DISH Network Packages and pricing

America’s Top 120

If you want to explore a variety of channels that will keep you glued to your screen all day, look no further than this brilliant package from DISH Network.

With this spectacular package, it’s TV like you have never experienced before. With 190 top channels available on this package for only $59.99, you can sit back and surf through tons of channels.

America’s Top 120+

From entertainment to sports to movies and more, this exceptional package from DISH is poised to deliver the kind of content you love.

Featuring over 190 channels for $74.99, this impressive package is the real deal for people looking to enjoy a fun time with their loved ones.

With this package, you’ll unlock access to top sports channels like NFL Network, Pac -12 Network, SEC,, and more.

America’s Top 200

Tired of your dreary days and looking for some excitement to spice up your life? Well, this brilliant package from DISH Network features over 240 channels you’ll love.

Now, you can keep up with all your favorite TV shows and movies. And you know what, the package is super affordable and costs just $84.99 per month.

America’s Top 250

Looking to watch the latest movies and TV shows without breaking the bank or digging too deep into your savings?

Then now is an incredible time to explore this superb package from DISH. With this brilliant package, you’ll enjoy access to over 290 channels at $94.99 per month.

Although Frontier TV is a little more pricey than DISH Network, they deliver value and more channel count for the money spent.

With Frontier TV, customers can explore any of the company’s four packages. And depending on which of their plans you finally settle for, you’ll be paying around $83 to $110 per month. Here, check out some of Frontier’s packages along with pricing.

Frontier TV packages and pricing

FiOS TV Custom Essentials

This outstanding package from Frontier is poised to deliver a remarkable TV experience. Thanks to this fantastic package, users can now explore over 150 brilliant channels at $83 per month.

FiOS TV Prime HD

For deep HD and crystal clear video quality, this is the package for you. With this breathtaking package, you’re in for an intriguing time when you settle down to watch your favorite TV shows.

With over 315 channels waiting for users who opt for this package, we doubt you’ll ever run out of content to watch. Amazingly, this plan from Frontier is reasonably priced and costs just $94 per month.

FiOS TV Extreme HD

This fantastic TV package is guaranteed to deliver an awesome TV experience. And for people looking for more from their TV subscription, rest assured that this package will not disappoint as it offers access to over 375 channels for only $99 per month.

FiOS TV Ultimate HD

Unlock access to some of the best channels in the TV world by opting for this superior TV package from Frontier. With this package, you’ll enjoy access to more than 400 channels at only $110 per month.

Cost of equipme3nt and DVR

Although DISH doesn’t charge its customers anything for its main receiver, customers will pay around $7 to $10 if they are interested in extra receivers. Compared to what other TV providers charge, you’ll agree that DISH is reasonably priced.

Like DISH Network, Frontier includes a unique setup box to make watching your favorite programs hassle-free. The only problem is that Frontier is not very clear with pricing for its receiver.

With respect to DVR, DISH Network stays strong with its flagship DVR, the Hopper 3. With this powerful DVR, you can record up to 16 shows at a time.

On the flip side, Frontier FiOS TV comes with a whole-home DVR that lets you record 12 shows at a time.

Contract and cancellation

First off, Frontier offers some pretty exciting options when it comes to contracts. And if you decide to explore just FiOS TV from Frontier, you will not need to agree