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Cox Complete Care Is It Worth Your Money Review

Cox Complete Care – Is It Worth it in 2022

Cox Communications now offers an additional service known as Cox Complete Care but you are probably wondering if its worth it in 2022.

Cox Communications provides internet, TV, and phone service. All these are utilities that people rely on to get things done daily.

Let’s start with entertainment and the fact that it’s now an absolute necessity. The Cox cable TV service comes with a variety of channels, as many as 200.

A huge number of people are subscribed to Cox internet services, and to help their customers, they have launched Cox Complete Care. Its sole purpose is to help the customers.

But like everything else, you will have to pay for it.

You might wonder why to pay money to receive customer service, which is more likely an obligation of the provider.

Well, we will review Cox Complete Care to help you discern whether it’s worth your money or not.

What is Cox Complete Care?

The main problem that usually arises between service providers and their customers is customer support.

With millions of subscribers, it’s quite difficult to give out the level of customer service that the users want.

Furthermore, providing top-notch customer service is bound to cost any company a substantial amount of money.

That’s why Cox created Complete Care. It’s an exclusive service that not only solves the never-ending customer service problem but also provides the company with an additional source of income.

According to Cox, Complete Care service is a cost-effective, comprehensive, and simple solution for residential customers.

It’s meant to combine remote troubleshooting and the resolution of issues people face while using the Cox cable service or internet.

Basically, Complete Care provides upgraded and additional support at a fee. Subscribers who opt for this service receive device troubleshooting, e-resolution for app bugs, wiring for the company services, and even in-home tech services.

Therefore, you can rest easy knowing in case of a hitch, the problem will be rectified in due time.

Reliable customer support service is indeed vital for all users. It’s frustrating to deal with reps that have no idea how to help.

Sometimes, you may have to wait on a call for hours before you can get help.

But is the Cox Complete Care service worth your money? Will it be helpful or just another disappointing customer support experience? We have more details on that.

What does Complete Care do?

As mentioned, you can pay an extra fee for this service, which guarantees an improved support level.

This means you will no longer have to pay a hefty amount for technical service. Without Cox Complete Care, you’re charged a $75 fee for in-home tech repairs and services.

As such, it takes the burden off your shoulders and all you have to do is enjoy internet or cable TV services without worries.

Whenever there is a glitch, the Complete Care customer support representatives get remote access to the particular device.

This way, they can identify potential causes of the service interruption. Whether it’s your laptop or PC, they’ll be able to troubleshoot and understand the underlying cause of the issue by analyzing the device remotely.

After that, you will receive robust assistance from customer support. But that’s not all, there are other benefits involved with Complete Care.

The service is designed to offer one-of-a-kind customer support. For instance, you can reach out to an agent who will then watch live video streaming from your smartphone and proceed to interpret the stream.

If you feel something is wrong with your device that’s causing a malfunction, this would be the best way to explain the issue and get it resolved.

Similarly, the rep can send and receive messages while empowering the user to co-browse the websites.

This is an easy and simple way to resolve any hitches. In addition, the customer support rep can review the information given and diagnostics concerning the device. All this is done remotely.

That said, if you want to use the Cox Complete Care services, you are required to hit the connection code the representatives provide.

This occurs every time you want to access the service. The users have to check the box as it gives consent and then hit the connect button.

It’s really a simple process that won’t take much of your time. But is it a good idea to give consent and opt for this service? Let’s see what you’ll get out of it.

Advanced technical support

Like any other telecommunications company, Cox Complete Care provides technical support for the customers whenever required.

That being said, the kind of advanced technical support you’ll receive from this service is through phone, chat, and remote access to devices.

Unfortunately, in-home technical support is not included in the Complete Care service, which is super disappointing.

According to Cox, a subscription to Complete Care provides support regarding device configuration, device setup, device connectivity, troubleshooting, synchronization, enablement, and even customer awareness.

They have also provided a list of the devices that fall under the service including computers, tablets, laptops, televisions, mobile phones, wifi devices, home entertainment devices, IoT devices, and so on.

The support for PCs, Macs, laptops, and any other devices is provided regardless of the operating system. Smart home devices, gaming systems, and other appliances are put under the support umbrella too.

Keep in mind, Cox’s complete care mainly supports Apple and Android devices. But for the other services, they only focus on the devices affiliated with the company. This is one of the things to keep at the back of your mind.

Additionally, this support service includes customer education. It’s basically a feature that allows customers to ask questions and get helpful information regarding a device they’ve bought or something they’re considering buying.

A technician will be made available to help the user operate the new device. This happens through a phone or over the internet.

You can pick the most suitable method. While this is definitely a nice feature meant to educate the customers, it’s not really necessary for the majority of users.

Many people are well versed with technology and how it’s used. If you’re already a technical person and knows quite a lot about how everything works, Complete Care might not be worth it.

It makes no sense to pay an extra fee every month for something you can do on your own. But we are talking about the technical people. If you have no idea how devices work or what to do when there is an issue, you need this.

Internal wiring

Wiring is the only service for which Cox actually agrees to provide in-home tech support. As such, the company is responsible for the repair and replacement of faulty internal cables, including telephone wires.

The replacements done will include fittings, outlets, amplifiers, outlets, and splitters. Though, the company insists it will not offer a replacement or fix damages caused by theft, tampering, and hardware repairing.

Support Level

Cox Complete Care is designed to improve the customer support level. As a result, Cox is required to be responsible for taking care of all potential issues.

The service covers everything ranging from faulty cables, software glitches, device malfunctions, and so on.

But for them to know a subscriber is experiencing an issue, the particular person has to contact them either through phone, chat, or online.

However, the live chat option is limited on the website. This brings down the efficiency of customer support because many people opt for the live chat expecting it to be the faster option.

Several people get frustrated because the customer reps tend to take time with the replies. In addition to the slow response, the answers are not helpful or even satisfying.

For one thing, the solutions they suggest are confusing and to a greater extent impractical. In the end, your time is wasted and still, there is no viable resolve for the issue at hand.

The replying time

It’s unfortunate to pay for improved customer support only to still deal with unhelpful staff. It gets worse because they are also slow to respond.

In fact, most customers have reported having to wait for at least a day or two before receiving a reply to their email.

We suggest you start by calling the phone line whenever there is an urgent issue that needs tech support. This will help reduce the waiting time.

While Cox claims to offer round-the-clock customer support service, they have proven to fall short of expectations.

What is the cost of Cox Complete Care?

This service costs $10 a month. With the subscription, you’re granted access to upgraded and improved customer support.

Most device issues are covered so that customers can rest easy. However, you don’t need the Complete Care service if you have some technical knowledge.

Many of the issues users face are simple and can be resolved without the need for a professional. However, the people not subscribed to this service are charged a high fee for technical assistance going all the way to $75.

The Downsides

Cox Complete Care is often touted to provide upgraded customer service. But that’s not really the case. For one thing, the support staff is poor and slow to reply.

Many of the users decided to get this service because they were expecting better customer service. It’s disappointing to discover you still have to bear with the same issues like slow response and unhelpful reps.

The best way to get the help you need is by calling the phone line. However, this results in a bit of hold time.

You won’t receive the top-notch customer service that was anticipated while signing up. Moreover, we have some issues concerning in-home tech for internal wiring. The support is limited only to wiring replacements and repairs.

If there is any other kind of damage or glitch, you’re required to take care of it by yourself. This means paying a fee of $75 for technical support from them.

It could even be a minor issue that you can solve on your own if you had the technical skills. Therefore, tech-savvy people might not need the Complete Care service. It just doesn’t make sense to pay for a service you won’t use.

How to Cancel Complete Care service?

Maybe you signed up for Cox Complete Care thinking it will solve all of your problems with the service and later on realized nothing much has changed.

Perhaps this support service did not meet your expectations and you no longer believe it’s useful. The sensible thing would be to cancel the service and rely on the regular customer support service from the company.

But how do you cancel Cox Complete Care?

Canceling the Care service is pretty easy. According to the Complete Care terms of service, anyone who wants to terminate the service can do so through a phone call.

Also, they can cancel at any time they want. All you’re required to do is call Cox Complete Care at the number on their website, which is 1-877-269-2778.

This is actually the only way you can get rid of the Care service.

But before you proceed, discern whether unsubscribing is the best solution. You will be losing technical support and in-home support for wiring repairs and replacements.

If you can do without this, then canceling the service is the way to go.

Is Cox Complete Care worth it?

The truth is getting reliable customer support isn’t easy. Many of the service providers pay little attention to their customer support and that’s why there are always complaints.

We believe Complete Care is capable of improving the kind of customer service received from the provider. It’s also inexpensive and won’t weigh heavily on your monthly bills.


What is Cox Complete Care?

This is the service providing cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to Cox customers.

Can I cancel Cox Cable and keep Internet?

Yes, you can cancel Cox Cable services and keep the internet. However, you must approach the process as provided on their Website.

What are panoramic Wi-Fi and Cox complete care?

Panoramic Wi-Fi is high-speed internet from Cox designed to meet the needs of users by providing reliable wifi coverage, blazing-fast speeds, and impeccable support tools to manage home wifi networks.

Cox Complete care is a support service designed to provide a better and improve customer service experience.