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AT&T Port Forwarding Minecraft How To Set It Up Guide

AT&T Port Forwarding Minecraft – How To Set It Up (Guide)

This will be a guide about AT&T port forwarding Minecraft. For Minecraft fans that intend to host their server, you must get to know about port forwarding and how it functions.

Even if you’re a novice and still want to learn the necessary basics concerning port forwarding and how to set it up, this write-up will show you how.

Port Forwarding – Explained

This is principally a method that gives you access to incoming and outgoing data directly on your home device or network from a remote location.

The system is easy and not complicated in any way but you need to understand the basics and how it works.

First, you need to set up a gateway that directs this data to the location you want i.e, a remote device.

You’ll set up and align the rules needed for this data that is being sent and received on a particular port directly to a preferable IP address found on your home network.

The process of port forwarding is an advanced subject and you don’t need to use it generally but though it will be beneficial under some circumstances like running a streaming media device or running a sling box.

In addition, it helps the user host photo-sharing hard drives which will grant you remote access to the data on your drive no matter your location.

The process of port forwarding also grants you access to a home surveillance camera including your home computer.

But the emphasis will be on how to use this same method to AT&T to host Minecraft gaming server.

With this server, you can host once you have the required PC specifications to take the load and process all the incoming data sent from the server.

Follow the steps below to set it up on your AT&T network.

How Port Forwarding in Minecraft is done on AT&T?

Through Gateway settings

Firstly, you need access to your router or modern settings depending on your device. When you establish access to these settings, you’ll get to see access to Gateway settings which will help you set up and also manage other AT&T Gateways.

What is required from you there is to navigate to Settings >>> Firewall >>> Applications >>> Pinholes & DMZ.

If you encounter any warning here, proceed to the AT&T port forwarding tool, then enable port forwarding. When this is in place, then you can access the firewall settings.

Firewall Settings

Just beneath the firewall settings, you’ll get to find your account details such as pinholes, applications, and DMZ which can be used for port forwarding protocol.

Under the name of the application, you’re required to outline the list of applications you need for port forwarding in the case of Minecraft.

Once you’ve permitted Minecraft to be exempted from the firewall, next is to select multiple settings which are protocol. If you’re uncertain about these settings, it’s better to reach out to AT&T for support. You’ll be given the values to enter.

Port Hosting

When you’ve completed the firewall settings next is to host the port from the default map. With this, you can select your preferable port to host Minecraft.

It’s also possible to host more than one port if that’s what you want. The good thing is that any of them can be used for the Minecraft server.

You’ll receive the application type but you need to first select the closest description to link to the application you intend to use for the port forwarding.

After you’ve carefully entered the entire settings, click on Add to the list and all will be added. Next, you’ll get a prompt to add the access code which will ensure security.

However, it’s still important to enter your unique access code whenever you want to access the port from any remote location.

In Conclusion

By carefully following the procedure, you can easily set up the port forwarding for the Minecraft on subscribed AT&T network.

With this, you can enjoy hosting your preferable security without stress. Port forwarding is important especially when you want to allow users who are not linked to your Wi-Fi network to link a server you’ll be hosting.

With this, traffic outside your network can access your computer. But you need to note that certain applications require a designated port if it must work properly.

That’s where port forwarding is needed. The process can also be used for video games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to do AT&T port forwarding Minecraft?

Through Gateway settings.

Just navigate to the settings >>> firewall >>> applications >>> pinholes >>> DMZ.

If you get to see a warning here, recheck the port forwarding tool and ensure port forwarding is enabled. When it’s set up, next is to access the firewall settings.

Does AT&T permit port forwarding?

Yes, but you need to set it up.

Navigate to gateway settings >>> Select Settings >>> Firewall >>> Applications >>> Pinholes >>> DMZ.

When a warning message appears, proceed to the port forwarding tools to activate port forwarding on your account. Still, proceed with other steps.

Is port forward Minecraft dangerous?

No, it’s safe. The thing about it is that once the router receives incoming traffic on that particular port, the traffic will be directed to LAND IP.

But when it comes to Minecraft it transfers all incoming data directly to port 25565, then to the IP address of the computer you already specified.


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