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HBO East Vs HBO West It Is All About Time Zones

HBO East Vs HBO West – Whats The Difference

Are you looking for a decent streaming platform, then HBO might be one to look into, did you know there are HBO East and HBO West?

Originally there were fewer streaming platforms, and giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime had a larger share of the market. There were hardly any competitors around to keep these industry pioneers on their toes.

With time, other streaming platforms have emerged with plenty to offer. While some people still prefer to watch TV the old-fashioned way, the majority are cutting the cord and opting for streaming services.

Streaming is so popular nowadays that networks like HBO joined the group and created their very own streaming service for mostly exclusive content.

HBO (Home Box Office) is basically one of the best streaming platforms on the market. It’s a service design to offer top-notch entertainment through various multimedia streaming options.

There are all kinds of content to glue you on the television including movies, series, TV shows, sporting events, documentaries and so much more.

In addition, HBO has its own production house. This is where all the HBO exclusive content comes from and it’s out of this world.

We can easily say HBO gives the likes of Netflix a run for their money.

If you’re planning to get an HBO subscription, you might want to know the differences between HBO East and HBO West.

Let’s explore the details.

The various HBO Channels on cable

If you are using a cable, you may have already seen that there are different channels available on your subscription.

For instance, the people subscribed to the premium channels will notice the network comes with several HBO channels.

In that regard, the word HBO is essentially used to describe a channel while in reality, it’s a premium TV network.

That being said, many channels fall under HBO including;

  1. HBO East
  2. HBO West
  3. HBO Family West
  4. HBO Family East
  5. HBO 2 East
  6. HBO 2 West
  7. HBO Latino
  8. HBO Zone
  9. HBO Signature

This explains where the term HBO East and HBO West comes from. Both HBO East and HBO West are among the channels found on the network.

The difference between HBO East vs. HBO West

HBO East and West have often been a cause of confusion among the subscribers. On that note, we will try and set the record straight.

HBO East

HBO East is more like the primary entertainment channel. It’s a wholesome channel that you’ll find in almost every premium subscription.

HBO East airs lots of content including HBO original series, fresh movie releases, sporting events, documentaries, and feature-length films.

In general, the channel allows users to enjoy a wide selection of entertainment content and have a remarkable TV experience.

So, why the name HBO East? As you might have guessed, HBO East essentially gets its real name from the fact that it broadcasts on Eastern Standard Time.

This means you will be watching all its shows according to EST. The people living along or near the East Coast region will most likely spend their time enjoying a world of entertainment from none other than HBO East.

HBO West

In terms of content and programming, there is barely any difference between HBO East and HBO West.

As a matter of fact, it would be correct to say both channels are virtually identical in regards to important aspects like programming, special broadcasts, and commercial breaks.

The only difference is seen in the broadcasting time. HBO West follows a different time zone, which is PST or Pacific Standard Time.

As such, this channel is mainly accessible to the people on the West Coast.

The glaring difference between the two time zones is there to stay. But you can easily turn it into a benefit. Simply learn to make good use of both channels.

Why does the HBO Network follow different time zones?

The US is a large country with its borders stretching all the way from the East Coast to West Coast.

That’s why there are different time zones meant to ensure optimum use of the daylight hours. The existence of differing time zones is what has compelled networks such as HBO to create at least two versions of the same network.

Each of the versions is assigned a particular time zone while still maintaining the important aspects like the programming, broadcasting, and even the specials.

This is the main reason why HBO East and HBO West actually exist. They cater to audiences within the same country but in different time zones.

Each of these channels tends to follow a broadcasting schedule designed according to the time.

Most of the important content is aired during the prime time when many people are probably at home sitting in front of their televisions and free from any work activities.

The prime time is usually between 7 PM to 10 PM. The majority of people would have left work by now and already home relaxing.

Since HBO East and HBO West broadcast at different time zones, the subscribers can watch their favorite content at a convenient time.

It’s the perfect strategy that ensures subscribers get the best experience possible.

Also, we would like to point out that you don’t necessarily have to be on the East or West Coast to access either of these channels.

On the contrary, the viewers are given unrestricted access to both HBO East and HBO West regardless of whether they are on the East Coast or West Coast.

This means you can watch HBO either way depending on what’s preferable. Furthermore, you have a chance of using this to your advantage.

Have you ever missed an episode of your favorite TV show? If yes, then it must have been a bit annoying. Now, there is a nice way to avoid missing out on the shows you love.

EST is basically three hours behind PST. Therefore, if you’re in the EST and for some reason missed an episode of a show you were supposed to stream, there is really nothing to worry about.

It would be easy to catch up with the broadcast on HBO West later in the day. All you have to do is find out the exact time the specific program will be airing on the other channel.

Then, simply switch to HBO West and enjoy watching the same content you missed. Everything is done at your leisure, which is more than you would ever ask for.

HBO East vs. HBO West: Subscription

HBO has gone the extra mile to make sure customers can get a subscription with most of the available service providers.

This streaming network supports multiple service providers including Cox, DIRECTV, Spectrum, Xfinity, U-verse, Optimum, and so on.

Hence, you won’t have a problem concerning the HBO subscription with your current provider.

It’s also possible to purchase a stand-alone subscription that you can use to stream the service over cable TV or your internet service.

The choice depends on your preferences but since many people have home internet, it’s usually considered the best way to stream.

Keep in mind HBO offers different subscription types that might confuse you. It’s important to check carefully the features of each package as well as the different HBO channels.

This will help you settle for a subscription that works for you.

On that note, let’s briefly discuss the various ways you can get HBO and how to subscribe.

Subscribe to HBO Max for the HBO programming

HBO Max is primarily the one-stop streaming service that allows access to a wide array of new and familiar content from HBO.

The service is focused on providing the best entertainment. Its library is made up of HBO’s high-caliber, binge-worthy content for all ages and ensures no one misses out.

The viewers who subscribe to HBO Max are assured of a vast content library with high-quality offerings.

Furthermore, HBO Max provides exclusive access to some of the films and television shows that can’t be found anywhere else like on the competing streaming platforms.

If you wish to subscribe, go to the HBO website and create an account. That said, for the HBO subscribers, there is a good chance HBO Max is already added to your plan at no extra cost.

You can always confirm this in case of doubts or confusion.

Also, HBO Max is easily accessible through other platforms such as YouTube TV, Hulu, AT&T TV Now, Apple, and Google Play.

A subscription to HBO Max costs $14.99 per month.

While it’s a bit pricey compared to the competing streaming services, it offers unlimited access to HBO’s vast library of famous series, films, special documentaries, and much more content.

Get HBO for free on Xfinity

If you already have the Xfinity cable service or Comcast, you only need to activate HBO. Sometimes it’s included for free depending on the specific package.

It may also be part of your bundle package. With that said, the best way to get HBO with Comcast is to add it to your existing plan.


DISH is a renowned satellite TV provider that has hundreds of other networks under its umbrella. Since DISH essentially operates Sling TV, it fits well within the streaming ecosystem.

It also means their streaming services are inclusive of HBO. Getting HBO on DISH is quite simple.

All you need to do is call DISH on the phone line and request them to add the service to your existing package.

The same goes for all the other service providers such as Spectrum, Cox, and DirecTV. You are required to include HBO in your existing subscription or add it to the bundle package.

Sometimes, some offers and deals allow people to get this streaming service for free. We recommend you take the time to check for any deals available.

HBO East and HBO West Schedule

The schedule for both channels can be found online. You can always check online if you’re not sure of when your favorite show or series will air.

Remember, any time you miss out, there is a chance to catch up on the other channel.

The best movies and shows on HBO

Currently, HBO is more robust than ever. They keep topping up their content library with lots of movies and series to keep the viewers intrigued.

There are many movies and series to watch on HBO. As a matter of fact, this streaming service has joined the many others giving the likes of Amazon Prime and Netflix a run for their money.

Some of the movies you can watch include Saw, a classic horror saga, Tenet, The Dark Knight Rises, The Normal Heart, Lincoln, King of Staten Island and so much more.

Moving on to the TV shows, HBO has plenty in store for you besides the legendary Game of Thrones.

HBO’s list of enchanting TV shows seems to be getting longer by the day. The truth is if we decided to name them all, that list could go on forever.

However, we have a few recommendations up our sleeves.

The best shows to check out on HBO include The Wire, The Sopranos, Chernobyl, Succession, Six Feet Under, The Left Overs, Deadwood, Big Little Lies and so much more.


HBO East and HBO West have often been confusing to several people. Initially, you would think they are completely different channels.

But in reality, they are the same. The programming and broadcasts are similar for both channels.

Now you know the only thing that differentiates them is the time zones. We suggest you take advantage of this especially when you missed a favorite program.


What is the cheapest way to get HBO?

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways you can get HBO at a way cheaper price than normal. For instance, most of the cable TV providers let their customers add HBO to existing packages.

This is not only the easiest way but also among the cheapest. It’s normally included in the subscription so you won’t have to pay a separate bill.

Also, promotions and special deals often come with free HBO for a given period of time.

Is Netflix better than HBO?

While Netflix is king when it comes to the amount of content, HBO has quite a high hit rate. This means Netflix may release many series but people don’t really watch all of them.


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