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How To Get Rid Of Broadcast TV Fee

How To Get Rid Of Broadcast TV Fee With Xfinity – Guide 2022

Many Xfinity subscribers have been asking how to get rid of broadcast TV fees with Xfinity in 2022, this will be the emphasis of this write-up. With this guide, you’ll be able to understand how it can be permanently removed from your monthly bill.

Why Xfinity charges a broadcast TV fee

The broadcast fee TV charges from Xfinity is the cost needed to offer the broadcast stations that are local to specific parts of the country. With this, you’ll be able to watch and access this local station no matter the interior place you found yourself.

These fees weren’t mandated by the government but were part of the promotional cost. The bad part of these fees is that it’s not fixed, meaning it keeps increasing. Though service providers do inform subscribers when the fees will be increased.

How to get rid of the Xfinity broadcast TV fee

Canceling your Xfinity TV services is the only guaranteed way to make this happen. Below are the steps to get it done:

  1. Reach out to a third-party negotiator, who will help you contact Xfinity on your behalf.
  2. They’ll speak up and bargain for you.
  3. You’ve to pay for their services regardless of the outcome.

Apart from these, there is no other way to remove the bill from your monthly bill. Here are the full details.

Reach out to the Xfinity customer service team

This is the first thing to do. The customer service department is every company’s first contact, so you need to go through them. However, you’ll be willing to be patient for few minutes until they attend to you. Once they pick your calls, proceed to the next step.

Inform them of your intention to cancel

When they pick your call and you directly inform them that you’re not happy with the monthly broadcast TV fee, they’ll tell you it’s out of their control. It’s better to inform them of your willingness to cancel because you found a provider with minimum charges. However, it’s important to speak to them in a friendly manner to make the entire process easier.

Try to Negotiate

In all the cancellation processes, you need to be patient because they might likely keep your call on hold for about 5 minutes. Within this period, they’ll try to find a preferable solution to your issue.

But from feedback, the majority of people who called were just given credit but only to a subscriber who has been with them for a long time. So, for new subscribers, there is every tendency you won’t have such privilege.

They might want to lower your bill but you’ll decide to accept it or not. Else, you can just decline and tell them you’re not comfortable paying the bill. When you’re done with the call, expect your service to be canceled.

Alternatives to Xfinity TV Services

Let’s forget about the cancellation of your services and focus on what you get in exchange for the fees you pay. For instance, you’re billed $50 or $60 monthly for Xfinity service but you can get a better service that is more flexible.

Xfinity indeed has more than 60 channels but you don’t even watch all the channels. On average you can only watch a maximum of 20 channels. But you can go for a different alternative and pay for just what you need. Some of these alternatives include:

YouTube Tv

You can get about five different networks including some other features being offered by service providers. Among what you’ll enjoy include unlimited DVR comic live sport (cloud-based).

Hulu with live TV

This service is similar to YouTube TV and it can be a good alternative to the Xfinity service which you’re currently using. You’ll get to enjoy about 65 channels or ON-Demand content command which comprises some of the most popular channels on cable TV. The good thing about these alternatives is that they’re cheap and affordable and you get to enjoy free features which is a paid service.

In Conclusion

There is no other known method to get rid of broadcast tv fees except cancellation of the service. If you’re tired of paying, it’s better to cancel the service and focus on other alternatives.

Frequently asked questions

Why am I charged a broadcast TV fee?

Normally, the broadcast fee is an itemized charge that always appears on the monthly bill. The fee is not enforced by the government but it is needed for your provider to provide local channels. The challenge with the fees is that its not consistent. It keeps increasing from time to time.

If I have just internet, am I expected to pay a broadcast TV fee?

For cord-cutters that went for just internet service, you’ll not be charged a broadcast TV fee.

What does broadcast TV surcharge mean?

This is a pass-through fee that reflects charges assessed to Charter Communications by local TV stations or local broadcast owners. Normally, these signals are broadcasted over the air through a free spectrum made available to them by the federal government.

What is the broadcast TV fee on my Spectrum bill?

The monthly charge is $16.45. It’s one of the regulatory broadcast TV fees being charged by spectrum. There is another common fee known as the regional sports fee but subscribers happen to be off the hook for this particular fee.

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Jill Burns
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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