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how to lower my cable bill

How To Negotiate My Cable Bill – How To Save in 2022

You have probably heard of many ways on How To Negotiate My Cable Bill without switching services? in this updated 2022 guide we help you minimise your monthly cable TV bill.

I believe there are plenty of times you spend your afternoon cooling feet in front of the television as you watch your favorite show. The only worry that might pop up in your mind at such a moment is how to lower the ever-rising cable bills.

The truth is cable bills do not get less expensive. As a matter of fact, you might wake up the next morning and find the price has gone up by $5 or $10. These might seem like pretty small jumps but they can amount to a lot of money in the long run.

Here’s How to effectively save on your Cable TV Bill

Nowadays, there is no such thing as a budget-friendly package. Most of the TV packages seem expensive to the customers but they are forced to bear with it because they have no other choice and thats why you will probably need to use some of these negotiating methods.

There are plenty of ways that you can negotiate your cable bill and ensure you spend less but enjoy the same entertainment. I have put together all things that you can do to effectively negotiate your cable bill;

Cutting the Cord (Recommended)

We talk about cutting the cord a lot because with a high-speed internet connection and a good streaming service you can get all the TV entertainment you need at your fingertips without shelling out hundreds of dollars a year on a cable service.

There are other ways such as watching broadcast TV through the digital antenna or even via streaming Netflix through the internet, live TV is now widely available through the internet and there are many devices that make it easy to set up live TV streams through the internet without a cable subscription. Other options include Netflix and Hulu which have way lower subscription fees.

Downgrade Your Package and Remove Non-Essential Channel Subscriptions

The reality is many people go for TV packages that they don’t really need. Ask yourself this question; how many TV channels do you actually watch?

Many people think having quantity over quality because they see it as having a plethora of choice. However many people never ever watch the channels they’re not interested in.

And if you rarely watch you HBO,  Starz and showtime channels then by cutting those out of your plan you are instantly saving over $20 per month on your cable bill. The good thing is if you cut the cord completely you can get all the same shows thanks to online streaming.

Bundle your cable with internet service

Bundling is the most sensible thing to do. It may not seem like a wise decision at the moment but if you look at it long term, you will see there’s a huge amount of money you are saving.

Keep in mind, every coin counts. On the other hand, this does not apply to all service providers. You have to be careful with the providers that you choose. Ensure the bundling services that they offer are actually cost-effective.

What you have to do is subscribe to your TV service provider’s smallest package. This will not come with many channels. However, there is a solution to that. The next step is to subscribe to a streaming service that will provide the missing programming that you need.

Signing long-term contracts bring down my bill

A good number of people are usually sceptical about signing contracts because they think it’s a negative thing because you are locked into a contact that can negatively affect you if you ever need to cancel your cable service.

Contracts can be binding and invasive to the freedom to drop them when you need to, and in most cases, you are not able to cancel a subscription without consequences of expensive exit-contract fees which many people one time or another have experienced when entering into a service contract.

See, when life happens, like financial changes, medical problems even a loss of a loved one there is a need to cut down on expenses that could be potentially crippling your ability to being financially stable and contracts tend to void the unprecedented problems that go on in life.

However, in some cases, contacts can be quite beneficial for your bank account that will honour great discounts for you to save money on a service. Many of the known cable providers are more than willing to give discounted rates to customers who will sign a contract agreement, however as mentioned prior, there is always a catch.

Ask the cable questions about the following:

  • What is the procedure for cancelling service before the contract is up for renewal
  • What are the associated exit contract fee’s
  • What additional payments would I need to make before I am of the contract

People who want to stick with one service provider for a long period of time can greatly benefit from this. Simply sign a one or even two year contract and save a good amount of money for the long term.

But on the other hand, if you terminate the contract early, you will be required to pay a fee. Therefore, think twice before you get into the agreement.

Ask for discounts

There is actually no rocket science here. The way to a lower cable bill may be just a phone call away. The truth is a good number of providers will be willing to talk about the pricing. All you have to do is make the call and see if the sales representative can offer a discount.

However, this does not mean you will spontaneously get what you want. In fact, your luck depends on the rep that you find. Try being polite and patient to boost your chances.

Compare other cable providers in your area

Research is very important especially when you are making any major purchase. In my point of view, cable service falls under such a category. You will find that in one area, there are more than one service provider. This means that with the research you might actually find a better deal.

Check whether there are other providers that offer a similar cable package for a cheaper rate. Also, carefully explore the options available before you settle for a cable subscription.

Here’s a Negotiation Tactic to reduce your current cable TV bill

  1. Compare all the offers in your area and you are bound to find a competitor to the company that you are signed with.
  2. Get all the prices and comparisons with your current plan and give your cable company a call
  3. Ask for the customer retention department
  4. Tell them you were unhappy with the service and be honest with your reasons, such as its too expensive, I’m experiencing technical problems and etc (Remember stay calm and collective and try not to lose your cool)
  5. Make a soft threat that you have been comparing other cable plans in your area and you found many services that are cheaper with better price, better support or whatever that edge is you can use.
  6. They will ask what you found and use your research to compare them to their competitors.
  7. Say you are at whits end with your current service and that you are interested in swapping your cable service to their competitor’s service.
  8. By this time you’ve already hinted at getting a discount or a better service, so wait for their offer and make your decision on their reaction.

If everything has workout then you should either have a discount price on your cable or have made the informed decision to switch providers based on the reaction of the client retention phone service.

TIP: because to get someone on the phone who is empathetic to your needs and you will always get a better response. And call in the early workday hours (mornings are always much better) and try not to call when the service centre is about to close or else you will probably get bad service.

Be prepared to change your cable TV provider if nothing goes your way.

Get rid of the DVR and modem

The cable providers usually charge a fee for loaning you their DVR. This amount can go up to $19.95 per month. If you are really serious about cutting down on costs, then you have to ask yourself some questions. For instance, do you really need a digital video recorder?

Are there other ways of avoiding this particular expense?

Well, there is always a solution to every problem. You can decide to watch the shows you missed the next day rather than record them.

Furthermore, many of the providers will also charge you for their rented modem if you choose to bundle with the internet. The wisest thing to do in this situation is to buy your own modem. You’d be surprised to discover a top-rated modem comes at a lower price than you might have imagined. It will go a long way to save you tons of money plus it’s yours for keeps.

Negotiate for a better deal

There is no harm in haggling with your service provider for a better deal. Research on the prices of the competitors and mention it to them. If a competing company offers lower prices for a similar package, chances are your provider will be willing to negotiate.


Many Americans love their cable services because you can just plonk yourself down on the couch, turn on the tube and be entertained by the hundreds of available channels and shows for hours on end without difficult setups with streaming or anything related to setting up a Chromecast.

With that, the expenses of cable can be high and its become frustrating to those who’ve experienced monthly price hikes on their cable subscription which is problematic from a financial standpoint.

If you want to pay less money on your cable subscription then follow the above options to get a discount on your services without the negotiation tactics above.

Which is the best negotiation tactic to lower your bill?

Threatening to leave your cable provider has been the most effective method of getting a quick discount on your bills however if done in incorrectly you may get an adverse reaction from the cable retention department, so always be nice over the phone when you enter into negotiations.