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How to lower my Cox Bill

How to Lower My Cox Bill – Get Customer Discounts in 2021

If you have a phone, cable TV, internet connection, security system and smart home with Cox communications you are probably wondering How to Lower My Cox Bill in 2021, you can agree with me when I tell you that the average monthly bills you can pay would surpass your willingness and ability to clear them.

For that reason, it’s always a good thing to consider lowering your Cox monthly bills.

For those of us that don’t want to pay the full amount the coming month, there are a few approaches you can try. Verily, Cox communications and other communication companies have shown an increase in their cable fees for the last few years.

The Cox services may be good to you but you shouldn’t be paying gauging prices every year for the same services that you can get at lower fees if you take the below approaches. Before you think of saving on your next month’s Cox bills, answer the below questions:

  • How much am I paying every month for cable TV, Internet, telephone and other services?
  • Is what I am paying for worth the investment?
  • How can I save on my Cox Bills?
  • How would my life be impacted if I downgraded my Cox plans?
  • What are some of the services am paying for but don’t fully utilize them and who are they trying to compete with (this will come in handy over the phone)
    So do your research on some of the latest internet deals and see what else is out there and you will be using it on the phone to convince them about dropping their price.

After getting answers to all these questions, it’s now your time to make up your mind about some of the services to give up, consider alternatives and also think of ways to reduce your monthly bills with Cox communications.

How to negotiate with Cox to save on Internet Service

It’s not a surprise getting bills of up in the high hundreds per month from Cox Communications. If this is where you are, one of the viable ways of reducing these bills is to complain about the huge bills and try to negotiate your way to lower bills.

To do this, contact Cox communications through their official Customer Care line and complain. It’s also advisable to show interest to switch companies. If you do it perfectly and politely, it’s not a surprise to see your bills being lowered by more than 15%.

Some lucky people would also get checks from the company. I have heard some people praise the fruits of calling to negotiate saying they received a check in addition to lowering the bills.

To negotiate your bills, there are two main approaches you can take. People call the first one a cutthroat but I know it can help you. The second approach that we will discuss here is gentler but the two of them are proven to work if done the right way.

Regardless of the approach you take, you should be calm and polite. The fact is that all the approaches require you to be respectful and talk in a calm manner. Now, let’s talk about the first approach-The Take-no-prisoners approach.

How to Negotiate Your Cox Bill

It’s easy and fruitful to call the company and complain about their high rates. Verily, you should contact them and tell them that you are tired of their high rates and now you want to switch to another provider and they are plenty out there you can switch to.

You may think this is an empty threat but, be assured COX reps are trained to handle these threats in a way of rewarding you, don’t be rude just be forthcoming and honest like you would to a friend or family member about something that is bothering you about them.

Call the Cox Communication customer care and show your clear concern and expressed disappointment in receiving ever-increasing bills.

And look here, it’s not cool, nobody likes that to If they don’t have anything to say, you can ask them to disconnect you, and at this point, you can lead the conversation with the promos of other companies that interest you.

They will counter your argument with something like:

  • But X company only has a 12-month contract
  • They don’t have the speeds we have
  • You have to buy your modem with this company

The simple response is, “it’s simply because…”

  • But X company only has a 12-month contract – “I will change when my contract is up”
  • They don’t have the speeds we have – “I’ve got that taken care of”
  • You have to buy your modem with this company – “I’ve got my modem”

Deflect the COX reps play to get you to capitulate and its generally easier to take the carefree approach, by putting it back on them.

Customer care may choose to transfer you to the Cox retention department. Their main task is to retain customers and for that reason, they may be more than willing to lower your bills or even give you discounts.

On the retention department, be clear with your argument. Have all the information that you know the rep may ask including the available discounts in the market at your disposal, the competitor price and many other competitor info will come in handy to get Cox to get on your side.

A customer switching companies is bad optics for Cox as they are trained to try to keep you on their service, so don’t be afraid to unleash.

Cox is not a bad service, and it may also pay dividends to say a thing or two about something nice that you liked about Cox.

Ever-increasing bills that you are no longer ready to internalize. Remind them what a great customer you are and how disappointed you are to consider the decision of switching to CenturyLink. Make them know that you always pay your bills without any issues, you do that every month and didn’t have any issues until you started receiving high bills every month.

If the company is convinced that you need their services, they may offer you another deal on some of the internet deals and cable TV deals. If the deal is satisfactory, accept it and ask if they have additional discounts for you. Give feedback and thank them for the help.

The Simple Story Tactic To Cox Discounts for Life

Have a story prepared, stories are the biggest persuasive levers that can deflect conflict to getting your way.

Just remember Cox staff are just everyday humans too, they are most likely going to help you if you can relate to them on a personal level and telling a story from experience will get the rep to empathize or perhaps sympathize with your motive to ask for a discount on your cox bill.

  • Tell a story about getting sick don’t have the cash to shell out big on cox’s services
  • Tell them times are tough and I need to keep my feet on the ground by cutting costs (this is not the best, but make sure you better play it up)
  • Your car’s in the shop and they want 2000 for their services and you can’t pay that and that’s why you are calling to try to cut your bills down

There are many stories of hardship that can get a Cox rep on your side, while it works 90% of the time if the Cox person on the line is approachable over the phone, if not, hang up and call back and try another rep.

Here is another trick if the two approaches shared above didn’t work. Call Cox Customer care and ask to be connected directly to the Retention Department. Inform them that your Cox monthly bills are getting out of hand and you would want them to do something about that and just be clear and don’t be rude.

You may be able to get on some bundle where it gives you all the discounts you need and additional service, it pays much better to be calm and collective rather than being mean and rude.

How to Deal With Cox Push Back?

What if you have tried all the above methods and none of them seemed to work?

Sometimes they may fail to lower your bills because you are new or you are late paying bills from time to time. If this happens, cancel Cox internet services and create an account using details of another house member which can be lengthy because you are going through the entire sign up again, which is never fun and the process effectively qualifies other people in your home for their service.

Negotiate in 12 Months

Just like other companies, Cox offers one year low rates but after the only year is over, the rates can skyrocket and feels like high-way robbery and I don’t get why these companies do that to their loyal customers.

So, be ready to negotiate a year after your subscription even after negotiating through the above tips and trips to get your way because at the end of the day they are a business and they are there to extract as much as they can out of you.

The Squeaky wheel gets the grease and just treat it like its Christmas and get on the phone and repeats the following steps above to continue getting the best deals.

Bundling Cox Services

Put this only you plan, if nothing else works then the option for bundling Cox services for a cheaper price and cancelling other existing services may be more beneficial in the long term.

I am sure you pay for some of the services that you don’t necessarily need. For that reason, audit your monthly bills and services you are currently subscribed to and pinpoint some services that you don’t need and cull them off your list of expenses.

It’s not fun and can take some time, but spend a few hours and tie those loose ends up and you will thank yourself in the future when you are on the special vacation you’ve been saving the past year for.

That extra money can go to many things, you probably don’t want to give it easily over to cox for a few services that take them no time to manage.

In conclusion

Lowing your Cox bill may seem like a battle of phone calls, nasty customer retention people, and time-wasting when you could be spending time doing better things.

That said, with a little bit of ever and some persistence on your end you will find yourself with a better deal on your internet or phone services and have 12 months of peace paying a marginally lower rate than the folks out their spending top dollar for the same service.

The above are some true and tried tactics that we think can help you significantly in lowering your Cox monthly Bills along with any other bill you have, like your home security, electrical, gas heating, and anything else.

Consider these tips as life negotiation tips that need to be exercised now and then to get your way. And its almost like found money for spending a few minutes on the phone you can save massively on your existing Cox services.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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