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how to cancel COX subscription fast

How To Cancel Cox Internet – Updated Guide 2022

Want to know How To Cancel Cox Internet the right way without incurring any additional fees, follow this updated 2022 guide now.

Cox Communication is a new and sensational name in the telecom game saddled with the responsibility for providing the Internet that suits your needs. They remain one of the ISP that subscribers can make use of to perform their task and as well as stream videos and music as they crave.

But at some point, at some point, different customers make different choices when it comes to continuing with a particular network. So on that, yes, you can cancel your cox internet.

This will be great news to some cox users who wants to turn down their cox internet services. In this write-up, we’ll outline the best steps for users who wish to cancel out their cox internet.

To disentangle yourself from unnecessary internet charges, cancelling out your subscription remains the best option for you as a cox customer. Literally, you’ll still get cox services as long as their equipment is always with you.

This is the primary reason why you need to engage them in a discussion to cancel out their internet services. Doing it won’t be difficult; instead, it starts with a productive conversation.


By now, you must have a fair idea about how cancelling Cox internet begins. Without further wasting of time, below is a comprehensive guide on how you can do it.

1. Reach out to Cox Retention Department:

This is the first step. You need to put a call across to cox network and request to speak with a retention department representative. This is important because in most cases, you won’t get to the department when you contact them.

2. Thick about a Realistic Explanation

Before you reach out to them, it’s essential you’re prompt and reasonable in your conversation because it won’t make sense to just ask them to cancel your internet service.

There should be a justifiable explanation such as either you’re relocating to a different location, going for a holiday, you’re debilitated, unavailability of network coverage in your neighbourhood, the discounts is not easily accessible in your area etc. So it depends on the reasons related to you, but these are some reasonable excuses the cox representative will be willing to listen to.

3. Remain honest and Well-founded as the Conversation last.

Being reasonable alone might not efficiently work out if you’re not firm enough. In other words, you need to remain firm together with your excuse why you want to terminate your cox internet.

4. Inform them of your willingness to return the Internet Equipment:

You can fast track your cancellation process by assuring the cox representative of your readiness to return the equipment(s) in your possession and they’ll be in good condition. Hit the ground immediately by gathering all the cox equipment and judiciously return it to them.

5. Reach out to them again.

You need to reach out to them again when you’ve packed all the equipment in other to remind them of your cancellation plan. So do not forget to call back.

Cox Cancellation Policy

Whenever you’re ready to cancel your cox network, be reminded you’ll pay a pro-rated fee for the period of time that passes until your application has been fully processed and your equipment received. Failure to do so will undoubtedly attract more charges from Cox.

So it’s essential you understand this fact. Furthermore, when you cancel your internet service within the period controlled by your original contract, you might be charged a cancellation fee by Cox. Though the exact cancellation fee to be paid is not clearly stated on Cox website but from the feedback of users online, indicates that the fee is up to $240.

Cox Contracts 

Just like other ISP across the nation, you’re expected to sign an agreement for your service. The contract signed by subscribers attracts a discount rate on any subscribed internet service. This typically lasts for the first twelve (12) months of coming on board. Aside from this discount, there are conditions about this agreement that any customer needs to understand.

In other words, it’s essential you take your time to read the Cox contract. Things you may likely see in the agreement includes penalties on late payments, surcharges on equipment, cox cancellation policy on early termination fee, etc.


Cox’s mission has always been to connect its customers to the people and things they care about most. It’s straightforward to reach out to Cox customer service who are available for 24/7 either on twitter, by phone, through online chat or text support.

Though you can do every other thing online, you can cancel your Cox internet online. You must call the retention department on the phone.

Customers around the Northern region can call 1-760-599-6060 while Southern customers can reach with this 1-619-262-1122. You can call from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday through Friday. There will always be a customer representative to answer your questions and guide you cancel your service.


Is it possible to cancel Cox internet at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your agreement by first calling cox customer support using the number on your bill. Furthermore, terminating your internet service at any time is subject to early termination fee and any other charges accumulated within your service.

How long do I have to return my COX equipment?

According to the terms and agreement, you need to return any equipment(s) in your possession within the ten calendar days of requesting for your internet cancellation to avoid charges on unreturned equipment.

In addition, any purchased equipment should be returned to any retail store owned by Cox networks within 30 calendar days of purchase to receive your refund, which will be paid through the same method of payment.

What procedure do I need to follow to cancel my Cox Internet?

To terminate or call off your service, you must contact customer support for help. Note: At this time, they’re not capable of completing this cancellation service through online chat. You can also visit any of their local store locations to request this type of change.