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How To Cancel Optimum

How To Cancel Optimum – Use These 5 Simple Steps (Guide)

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One thing that is common between the relationship of a service provider and a subscriber is change. Whether it’s the issue of lack of service coverage, bumped into a better deal, relocation, or you just want to cut cost, jumping ship to a different service provider has become part of life and that won’t change.

Cablevision formerly owned optimum, but currently, the network company is being handled by Altice which has been a brand provider when it comes to the internet, cable TV and phone services around New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and some other areas. Since the acquisition, a lot of things has drastically changed at Optimum, especially the process of cancelling any online service or cable service. It has so far been consistent.

3 Easy Steps How To Cancel Optimum

1. Schedule The Cancellation Date

In case you’re not aware, Optimum does not have any contract or early termination fees that are binding to any customer. What this means is that you’re free to cancel your service anytime you want. It’s essential you schedule to date for any cancellation you intend to make, preferably before your billing cycle ends. The billing cycle begins on the first date under the billing period, which can be seen on your Optimum bill. It’s advisable to cancel at the exact date before the commencement of a fresh billing cycle. In a situation you might be moving in the middle of your billing cycle, you can schedule the call a month before the move to request for an adjustment in your bill to be terminated the day before you move. The important thing is to know when you’re meant to reach out to them. However, ensure you gave yourself a couple of days to ascertain the cancellation was successful together with the equipment you’re meant to return.

2. Call Optimum To Cancel

Calling the retention department has always been one of the major ways to cancel your Optimum service. This is because they do not offer an option to cancel via online. They’ve a designated hours when you can call to make enquiries concerning anything which they’ve broken into five (5) region:

Optimum Designated Phone Numbers and Locations

  • Connecticut: 203-870-2583
  • New York (Long Island): 613-393-0636
  • New Jersey: 973-230-6048
  • New York (the Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester): 718-860-3514
  • Business: 888-276-5255

Optimum Retention Calling Hours.

  • From Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM-7:45 PM
  • On Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • On Sunday: Closed

Once your call gets connected, tell the representative you intend to cancel the service. Their retention department has been mandated to attempt to offer you discounts and promotions. So it’s recommended you maintain your reason if they persuade you to remain. Preferable inform them you at the verge of moving with this they won’t convince you because their coverage is only within Tri-state area. Remember, it will be in your advantage if you remain calm and not yell to the representative even as they want to convince you to stay.

At some point, you’ll be placed on disconnection order which should be before the end of your billing date. Before you hang up, do well to request for the confirmation number and check if the disconnection date has been set on your account.

3. Return You Optimum Equipment

How to Return Optimum through Shipping.

  • Assemble all Optimum equipment in your possession such as remotes, power cords, modem etc. and put them into a box. Also include a copy of your bill that contains your name, address, phone and account number into the box so they can identify you when they receive the package.
  • Almost all shipping company offers a shipping label. This needs to be tapped around the box.
  • Optimum is in partnership with FedEx, so ensure you drop the box off at any authorized FedEx office. Take pictures and get a confirmation receipt. This can save you in case of any problem.

How to Return Optimum Equipment to the Optimum Store

  • You need to locate the nearest Optimum store.
  • Carry the box containing all the assembled equipment and drop it off at any nearest store.
  • Ensure you collect a receipt and take a picture to serve as evidence because your box can be misplaced on transit.


When you’ve successfully cancelled your service and returned every equipment in your possession, you’re done. However, it’s advisable to call Optimum before your next billing date just to confirm your service was actually cancelled and your equipment box received. This is important because you won’t receive any official mail confirming your cancellation. That’s all; now you’re well informed about how to cancel Optimum service.


How can I successfully return the optimum equipment in my possession?

First, you need to disconnect all the equipment that belongs to Optimum and carefully assemble them in a box. Attach a copy of your regular bill which contains all your details in the same box, then drop it off to any closest Optimum store or better still ship it using FedEx.

When I cancel my optimum, what happens to my mail?

Nothing happens to your online account unless it’s a case of inactive mail that lasted for more than 90days which will be deleted and nothing can be recovered.

What happens when I cancel my optimum service?

You’ll still pay a full payment if you cancel your Optimum service even if it’s a day into the new AT&T billing cycle. It’s advisable to schedule a date to cancel your service before the expiration of the old bill to avoid paying extra charges.

What if I need to pay more if I cancel my Optimum, now I don’t want to cancel? 

Cancellation is not the only option available to you. You can as well negotiate for a better rate. It’s either you do that yourself or engage the services of an expert to help you out. This is another way to save money from Optimum.

Can I successfully cancel Optimum Online?

No. Optimum services don’t offer the option to cancel Optimum online. Also, Optimum’s website does not have a button in your account that can allow you to cancel. You need to call customer service.

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