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How To Cancel Dish Network - How Does Dish Pause Work.

How To Cancel Dish Network – Updated Guide 2022

Are you at the point that you want to know How To Cancel Dish Network properly do you don’t get any additional fees? then follow this quick 2022 updated guide.

DISH Network remains one of an extensive list of home entertainment alternatives obtainable today. In a wireless world, a satellite dish attached to your roof may seem old-fashioned. The DISH Network is known to transmit a vast number of television channels.

As enticing these television channels might be, specific reasons affect one’s decision to either continue with package or not. It could be that the customer may have gotten a better offer from another competitor or maybe relocating and need to cancel. Or perhaps, the customer might not have the time to enjoy the various channel it offers. Whatever the reason may be to cause the desire to drop a DISH Network, understand that although the steps may seem easy, it still requires careful consideration before commencing.

Required Steps In Canceling A Dish Network

  • To start the process, the customer care service must first be contacted through a phone call.
  • Next is the hurdle of trying to be convinced not to cancel. The customer service representative will ask for the reason that prompted the decision to cancel and try to get the customer to reconsider by informing him/her of special offers that might make the service worth retaining.
  • DISH Network satellite service usually has a signed contract with the customer to provide satellite services for two years. An early termination fee is expected to be paid by the customer, as stated in the agreement signed.
  • A DISH Network customer is provided with a possible DVR, a remote, and a receiver when installing the satellite service. When cancelling the satellite service, these equipment is expected to be returned, or a fee would be charged for it. Normally, they send a box for this equipment to be returned when a customer cancels.

Note: A customer may choose to pause the Dish service for as long as six months. Keeping the DISH services on hold attracts a service charge of $5 (five dollars) monthly.

It would have been easier to pause this service through the DISH TV app, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

It is, therefore, needful to call the customer service department. Before making the call, keep your account number or the phone number associated with your account handy.

The only challenge is that you’ve to hold on as the phone rings while music plays. Sometimes you get to wait for as long as eight minutes but be reassured that they’re quick to take care of the issue once the wait-music draws to a close.

If You Decide Not To Cancel, These Options May Be Helpful:

You can move for free: DISH Network desires to retain all their customers and keep rendering good services. For customers that are relocating, DISH Network satellite service offers their services for free and promises to make it easy for the customer.

The offers cover reinstalling of all hardware and restarting the customer’s satellite services at his/her new place at no extra cost. The relocating service offer is also called a move-in deal, covers free reinstallation and hardware upgrading, and additional free content.

But of course, the customer gets to move with particular items like the remote control and receiver, as a requirement made by DISH Network during the move-in deal. On arrival, all the customer needs to do is contact them to set up the rest of the hardware and restart their services.

You may also decide to pause their services: If a customer will not be available to make use of DISH Network satellite services, he/she is free to put it on hold till when ready.

It has the advantage of being turned off without extra pay for a short period. However, an extended period of cancellation attracts a small fee. The customer is free to resume using DISH Network satellite service when ready.

The best way to lower your service bill: A flex package is the best way to reduce bills. It has a small offer but minimizes DISH Network satellite service billing.

Some local channels are also included. However, the customer is free to add additional channels at an extra cost.

The flex package is best for consumers who enjoy the satellite services of DISH Network but subconsciously pay for channels they won’t watch. With this package offer, the customer can select what channels they want and pay for it.

How The Dish Pause Works?

Opting for a service pause signifies that the customer wishes to put the services on hold temporarily. While the service is paused, the customer still gets to keep the equipment. No bills will be charged to the customer’s account.

Even when the customer pauses in the middle of the month, he/she will only be charged for the days he was offered services, but not the days the service was paused.

However, the customer will be billed five-seven dollars ($5-7) monthly. Once the subscriber is ready to continue with the services, with a single phone call to the customer service department, the service will be restarted.

The service pause package is the best idea for customers who travel at certain times of the year. It also serves customers who wish to reduce costs due to job loss or illness (for instance, during the COVID-19).

A customer is exempted from an early termination fee once he/she opts for a pause and won’t make any reinstallation payment for the service to be restarted.

In Conclusion

Deciding to cancel a DISH Network satellite service can be scary while having so many decisions and options to choose from. The process is straightforward, and I hope this guide will enable you to find the process easy.


For how long can my dish stay paused?

Customers have the advantage to pause their DISH Network for one to nine (1-9) months.

What if I choose to cancel my DISH Network? What happens?

As customers are usually registered into long-term services of two years, an early termination fee is attached when cancelling the satellite service before its due date. The service fee is about $20 monthly, with a maximum total charge of $480.

Is the cancellation process complicated?

Cancelling your DISH Network is very easy. Just place a call to the customer service department and inform them of your intention to cancel.

But remember that no establishment seeks to lose its customers, so the customer representative will try to convince you to change your minds.