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Spectrum Installation Fee Waived - Is It Possible (Answered)

Spectrum Installation Fee Waived – Is It Possible (Answered)

In our time, the internet has become a necessity for people to use to actualize their different daily tasks and entertain themselves.

To actualize this, Spectrum has become one of the most preferred choices for some people, but the extra installation fees charged has become a hindrance.

So if you’ve been wondering how to get your Spectrum installation fee waived, this article is for you.

How To Get The Spectrum Installation Fee Waived

If you’ve finally decided to pitch your tenth with Spectrum for your internet and other TV needs, I’m sure you must be stunned with the amount they charge for their installation fees? If you do not know, this installation fee can be waived if you summon the courage and talk to their customer representative.

In most cases, when you make such a request, you’ll be directed to a customer retention department where you’ll make your request official. Before now, you should have specific reasons to discuss with them why they should waive the fee because you’ll be asked.

Better still, you can inform them that the installation fee is exorbitant, and you can’t afford it. In most cases, they’ll get it reduce it if they won’t outrightly waive it.

Negotiating for a reduced installation fee

Once you’re directed to speak with a representative of the Spectrum (retention department), you must try your possible best to be very clear and straightforward.

For instance, you can tell them that the current installation rate is bugging you. But before then, you should remind them of their excellent customer service to make them feel good.

If they’re considerate, they’ll waive the fees for you. However, you think they aren’t listening to your complaint; you can quietly switch to another department and end the call

. At least you’ve made your point. Well, this is not a promise that your installation fee must be waived, but below are some other tips that you can apply:

  • It would help if you put yourself together and summon the confidence to make your request.
  • Please do not insult the customer representative, especially when they appear not helpful.
  • Also, inform the representative of the free installation deals being offered by other providers in your area.
  • You’ve got the right to ask for their supervisor’s audience if the customer representative is not helpful to your request.

In most cases, they often follow up in a day or two to your request. This is because they always want to keep every customer. Even if they don’t waive it entirely, they’ll reduce the fees.

Official Money-Saving Policies

Before you commit yourself to Spectrum, it’s essential you first reach out to their representative and inquire more about the installation fees. This needs to be clarified because, most likely, you’ll need to pay the bills altogether.

According to their policy, there is a one-time charge self-installation fee that costs $9.99. once you opt for this service, Spectrum will send you all the necessary instructions and manual you need together with the equipment.

With all these in place, you can set up your installation yourself.

Things required for Spectrum self-installation.

Actually, you won’t be needing any extra tools to set up your Spectrum service. This is because the self-installation kit contains everything.

Each kit comprises of the following:

  • English and Spanish Instructions.
  • Required devices such as cable box, modem, coaxial cable, including other wires that will aid you in setting the service up.
  • Spectrum return card – You need to secure this and keep it handy.

Note: In a situation where you misplace your installation instruction, or you require another language, you can check the Spectrum official website. You can access the guide there.

Spectrum free installation promotions

If you do not qualify for the self-installation waiver, you can keep an eye to know when Spectrum will start their free installation promotions. This usually comes with special packages, either monthly or quarterly. So you need to be informed.

Typically, the free installation promotions include free connection of the coaxial cable to your modem and generally preparing your home so you can enjoy your Spectrum service.

The technician will ensure the cables are delivering good signal. Also, in a situation where you’ve not had any cable installation for the first time, they’ll take care of it.

In Conclusion

The truth is that the installation fee are part of the extra charges that often escalate your very first bill.

There is no worse feeling than after getting a good deal you’re proud of only to have an additional installation fee increase it.

You can follow the tips summarized in this write to get your installation fee waived. Suppose you’re a potential customer to the Spectrum network, you can keep your eyes open and your ears on the ground for any free installation promotions, which are often infused in specific packages on a monthly or quarterly basis.


What is the cost of Spectrum Installation fees?

At the moment, the installation cost is $49.99. this is a one-time payment where a technician will be sent to your house to set up your spectrum service.

Spectrum also offers a self-installation with a minimum cost. You can also inquire about it and take advantage of it.

Why is it that Spectrum still charges for self-installation?

Well, the actual price of the self-installation kit is $9.99. From reports, they charge for this because they still have to make the delivery to either your house or to a nearby store so you can pick it up.

But in a situation you decided to purchase your equipment, you can skip paying for any installation fees. You’ll also be required to make a one-time payment of $9.99, which is for the activation fee.

Is it possible to self-install the spectrum?

Whenever you decided to place an order in a store or even online, there is an option to receive a self-installation kit. What is needed is to follow the instructions provided in the kit. You can also visit their official website for you to need more information.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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