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Best Spectrum Bundle Prices – 2024 Savings

Across the United States currently, Spectrum internet is gradually becoming the number one option for most subscribers. This is because of the speed at which Charter Communication is expanding the network. For your information, Charter Communication is now the second-largest cable provider behind Comcast since the acquisition of Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cables. This has given them the edge to expand its services to numerous homes.

Best Spectrum Bundle Prices - Discounts on Internet Phone & Cable

For some time now, Spectrum has been on the move to scale up their service tire, and it has finally clicked; that’s why you often see 200Mbps rather than the usual 100Mbps, even on their basic plan. Cord-cutters prefer most of their plans because it has unlimited data use and the plans are also contract-free. Furthermore, even the cheapest packages have no limit to video streaming. When it comes to pricing, Spectrum has a straightforward and standardized price across all its packages.

Who is Spectrum Bundling For?

Who doesn’t like saving money? by bundling your cable, phone, and internet service together then there is money to be saved in the long term and in some cases its not even needed.

If you need phone, internet and cable tv then buying everything in bulk rather than paying for each service individually is a better option. That’s the approach Spectrum has adopted, just pay for everything at once and keep your bills under control. In other words, if you’re currently thinking for a phone, TV, or internet service plan, it will make much sense to consider the Spectrum bundle.

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This is perfect for:

  • Businesses
  • Home Owners



This is the most expensive of all the bundle plans, but if you consider it with the bundle from AT&T, for instance, this is still preferable. There is plenty of data to be shared with at least five users and also more channels that will interest everyone. With this plan, you and your household could stream Netflix individually without experiencing any form of buffering, play games, and shop online without any form of latency. All at 200Mbps speed.

The only drawdown here is that you may not have access to the uncountable channels to choose from, but you must get channels you seriously care about. For instance, there are sports, local networks, lifestyle and food channels, etc. you’ll definitely run out of what to watch. The tantalizing premium channels are one reason why most people might tend to choose other bundle plans.

Classic home phone line – The difference between this plan and the next is a matter of a few bucks. So it depends on you need. But you’ll sure enjoy classic phone lines with this bundle. Furthermore, with this, you can also pick up another phone line in your house and listen without another person noticing it. It kind of cool sometimes.

Disadvantage of this bundle

When compared to other bundles from DIRECTV, you won’t get a huge number of TV channels to watch. This is still not a big deal because Spectrum still offers the most popular channels in this package. However, those that want multiple channels across every niche might likely be disappointed.


This plan has every other thing without a home phone line. This might not be an issue because most people can’t even remember the last time they used their hone phone lines. So with this spectrum bundle package, you can cut down your monthly cost and enjoy premium content without the need for a home phone number. For instance, you’ll get to enjoy channels from; SHOWTIME, HBO, ESPN, HGTV, TNT, Starz, Food Network, all are on classy high definition channel.

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Furthermore, you also get to enjoy 200Mbps, which is more than enough to be shared among other members of your household without running into any obnoxious, long buffering screen. In other words, a family of six will just be fine with this bundle package.

Disadvantage of this bundle

The absence of a home phone line is the major disadvantage of this plan to the Triple Play package. However, you won’t miss a bit of it if you forget about it and enjoy other benefits it has to offer.


If you’re on a budget, this is the ideal plan for you, which comprises cable TV, internet at a lower price. Despite it being a bundle for people on a budget, it does not still miss out on the good stuff Spectrum has to offer. It offers strong internet at 200Mbps, meaning you won’t have any challenge gaming or streaming 4K HD. If you take a proper look at this plan, you’ll discover that the 200Mbps it offers is too good to be even qualified as a budget plan because other ISP bundles do not have much speed at this cost.

Furthermore, when it comes to other budget bundles by other ISP, you’ll have to give up on all popular channels such as ESPN, ABC, Lifestyle, etc., but it’s not so with this budget bundle offered by Spectrum. You’ll still get to enjoy your sports, news, and even kids’ channels.

Disadvantage of this bundle

Yes, you’ll get to save your money, but you won’t have the luxury to enjoy different channels from every niche. For instance, baseball & football fans won’t want to joke with the NFL channel; neither will basketball followers want to miss MLB. Channels like this can’t be found in this bundle package. Also, there is no HBO or VH1 in this package.

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This bundle plan is even more budget-friendly, meaning you’ll get to save extra bucks and still enjoy strong internet with various TV channels but without any home phone line. There are about 125+ channels to be enjoyed here; ESPN, HGTV, PBS (for the kids). There is indeed a channel for everyone to enjoy at no extra cost. Furthermore, the bundle offers 200Mbps of internet, meaning you’ll still not experience any problem during browsing, streaming, or even gaming. So you can go ahead and give out your Wi-Fi password for other members of your family to enjoy, yet the internet speed won’t be affected.

Disadvantage of this bundle

The main thing you miss out on here is a home phone line, which we all know has its advantages. But since you’ll still have access to your smartphones, I’m sure you won’t be bothered.

In Conclusion

When you compare other services out there with Spectrum, you’ll discover they’re actually among the top. No matter the bundle plan you decided to choose, you’ll still enjoy reliable internet speed and numerous HD channels to watch. In other words, you’ll get to save so many bucks when you bundle with Spectrum.


What does the Triple Play bundle mean?

Here you can easily combine other services offered by Spectrum to form a bundle. For instance, combining up to two services can give you a double play bundle, and three gives you a triple play bundle with numerous benefits.

What is included in the Spectrum bundle? 

The bundle includes TV, Internet, internet speed at 200Mbps. However, you might need some TV equipment; an internet modem is included in the price together with taxes and fees.

Can I get only Spectrum TV without Internet service?

Yes, it is possible to get Spectrum TV in bundling with Internet service. It is recommended to go for Spectrum TV Gold, which is about $89.99 per month. With it, you can get about 200+ channels that comprise of NFL, HBO, SHOWTIME, Movie channel, Starz, all at no extra charge.

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