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Cheapest Landline Phone Service

Cheapest Landline Phone Service – The Best Plans in 2022

Wondering what the Cheapest Landline Phone Service is in 2022 then check out this full guide.

With the invention of cell phones and smartphones, there are now cheaper landline phone services, we have almost forgotten traditional phones that we used in the past.

Now, landlines are used mostly in corporate companies while many households across the United States are cancelling their home phone services.

Even though most of us use a smartphone these days but still there is a part of the population who still uses the landline phone service at their homes. Senior citizens are very much likely to use the landline phone services as they are used to it.

If you are thinking of cancelling your home phone then read these few reasons why you may want to keep your subscription active for a little while longer.

  1. One of the most important reasons is that it provides you security in emergencies if you are in a rural area where mobile blackouts are prevalent
  2. Home is connected to a home security service that requires a phone line
  3. If you are the sole carer for a senior family member who regularly uses home phone services for everyday needs

What is Landline?

A landline is the original phone service that transmits converted audio data signals through fiber optic cable or wire.

There are two basic categories of landlines one is a corded and cordless. The corded connection is connected to the service provider’s cable via a wall jack and the handset and phone base both are connected through a cord. On the other hand, the handset in a cordless landline is connected wirelessly but the range of cordless phone is short in compared to corded landlines.

What You Should Consider While Choosing a Landline Service?

There are a few key factor considerations for choosing a landline service for your home or business. Below we have made a list for you so that you can select your desired landline service without any hassle.

  • Availability: The very first thing you should check whether the landline service you are choosing is available at your area or not.
  • Budget: You may have already decided approximate budgets for your landline service which may slightly go up or down according to the provider you are choosing. So, look for a landline service that offers great service with the cheapest price.
  • Package: You can choose a whole package such as TV, internet, and landline phone service rather than choosing just home phone service. It will save lots of your money.
  • Additional Fees: While going for a landline service provider check whether it has additional fees for contracts and other services.
  • Features: Determine your requirements before choosing a cheap landline phone service. If you need long-distance or international calling, go for a provider that contains these features.

Cheapest Home Phone Service Providers

Now let’s come to the list of Cheapest Landline Phone Service.

AT&T Cheap Home Phone Service

AT&T has a history of providing home phone services for over 140 years which makes them the expert with their gigantic experience. They don’t just provide landline home phone service, they also provide TV and Internet services as well.

It offers you various plans for landline phone service. You will get more than 20 integrated calling features from this provider.

AT&T Phone Unlimited is their cheapest plan, for which you need to pay $22 per month. This plan also includes an internet connection. You get unlimited calling nationwide and also some other countries such as Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico, and Northern Marianas.

Frontier Phone Landline Bundle

The Frontier Phone provides the cheapest bundle with both phone service and internet service. To enjoy both these features you just need to get the $10 per month bundle.

This bundle also includes 20+ custom calling features and unlimited nationwide calling. You will also get an unlimited calling feature to Canada and Mexico.

So, if you don’t want to spend lots of money on a landline phone service, the Frontier Phone is the one you need to choose.

Spectrum Cheap Call Rates

To get incredibly cheap calling rates and also to save money you can choose a bundle of Spectrum which includes Internet, TV, and home phone service.

You will have to spend $29.99 monthly to enjoy the bundle service. It offers unlimited calling to Mexico, U.S., Virgin Islands, Canada, and Puerto Rico. You can enjoy up to 28 calling features such as call block, call forwarding, caller ID block and so on.

Another great feature they provide is that they don’t charge any additional fee for the contract.

Verizon Has The Best Landline for Seniors

Verizon provides a variety of home phone services such as Voice Link, Classic home phone service, and FiOS Digital Voice. The classic or traditional home phone service is the one that is great for seniors to use.

The plan name is Digital Voice Unlimited which comes at $20 per month and allows you to call unlimited hours to Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

It has more than 20 custom features such as caller ID, home voice mail, call forwarding, three-way calling and so on. Because of its ease of use we are recommending this as the cheapest landline for seniors. You can also bundle it with Verizon FiOS Internet service and TV service to get cheaper rates.

Reasons for Keeping a Home Phone Service

There are plenty of reasons for keeping a cheap landline phone service and below are some of the reasons listed.

  • The first and most important reason to keep a landline phone service is that landline phone service provides a more stable connection than cellular phones. It uses a physical cable connection which is why transmitting is smoother and stable compared to smartphones.
  • If you have kids and elderly people at your home then keeping a landline phone is a must. Cheap landline phones for seniors provide an easier way to communicate with them when you are not at home. It is also a great idea not to give a smartphone to the kids of home at an early age.
  • Even the cheapest landline phone service provides the best security to the member of your home at the time of emergencies. When a call from your landline reaches to 911 on an emergency they will get your location immediately, even though you don’t speak.
  • Some of the modern landline home phone service has integrated features that can connect with other devices of your home.
  • You will get the cheapest landline phone service if you take more than one connection depending on your family members. It will help you to save money.


Now you know which phone companies are offing the top 4 cheapest landline home phone packages. The next step is to scroll down and click the blue button to compare home phone prices so you can get a deal that works for your needs that offers additional discounts on your services.

This is not limited to home phone, so if you are interested in bundled internet and landline then you could save more money with a packaged deal with phone, internet and TV services at your disposal.