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How To Cancel Verizon guide

How To Cancel Verizon – Follow These 4 Simple Steps (Guide)

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If for some time you’ve been using Verizon service, but now you’ve finally had enough, well you’ve the right to cancel your service. Just like the majority of the internet providers, they would want to dribble you by making things difficult for you.

The truth is that they’ll always fight to keep you on board, but when they don’t succeed, they will take their pound of flesh with the cancellation fees which was in the contract agreement you signed. This simply means that you’re not getting scot-free. The penalties accrued to you will depend if your contract is the regular two-year contract or the monthly agreement.

Consider Cancelling Your Verizon Service

Increasing Prices – You might be among those Verizon has lured with one fantastic deal only for you to discover that the billing you’re paying keeps increasing within the duration you’ve been with them. Id this is your experience, it is better to cancel your Verizon service to find out if they can lower your bill.

Customer Service Issues – Recently, most customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Verizon customer service. Some tend to complain about how difficult it is to connect to a human representative while others generally claim about inadequate support service. Aside from these, some customers have reported their inability to keep to their word. For instance, a technician that be available to fix your hardware service will end up not showing at all after scheduling a visit. This has been a reoccurrence because overbooks appointments which is a common thing seen in the telecommunication industry.

Follow These Steps To Cancel With Verizon

1. Reach out to the Retention Department.

You’ll be greeted by an automated voice (chatbox) that have been programmed with some necessary information whenever you reach out to Verizon to cancel any service. The chat box will test your patience before finally being transferred to a customer representative. Whenever you succeed with the call, you’ll be transferred to the retention department, be direct and inform them you intend to cancel your Verizon service.

You need to be prepared because they’re trained negotiators who are specialist in making juicy offers. You need to be intentional with your cancellation request, or you’ll certainly change your mind. This is the number to call for any cancellations: 844-837-2262

2. Make sure you’ve an explanation ready. 

Whatever explanation you’ll make is the very first line of defence if you intend to win this fight. “Why do you want to leave” remains the first question to expect. Any weak excuse will be immediately countered. For instance, even when you give a relocation excuse, just know it that they’ll push further to confirm if their coverage is extended to that region. In other words, you definitely need a strong reason. List of possible excuses but are not limited to these include;

  • I just resumed with a new company which pays for my services
  • My parents/friend is relocating with me, and they already have an internet service provider.
  • A different internet service provider has already been set up in my house, so I need to cancel my ISP.
  • I’m travelling to a foreign country for a new job.

Remember these are just a few examples, but you can go beyond this and be more creative. With this, they won’t argue with you. This simply means that your cancellation request can be successful or marred depending on your excuse. Think of something so glaring and not as if you’re striving so hard to persuade them.

3. Be Kind in your response but remain firm. 

It’s essential to be friendly when you’re on a call with Verizon representative to make the conversation very amiable. These group of negotiators are simply carrying-out what they’re employed to do without any reservation. So it means that you can come up with the best excuse and the representative will insist on having you on board. So be very confident, clear and straight to the point while still sustaining friendly conduct.

4. Confirm Your Cancellation.

Despite how easy you think this last step might be, it’s still vital and should be handled with all seriousness. It will hurt you to discover that your account is still very much active despite the one hour or so spent with Verizon representatives. So ensure you call back to confirm the cancellation. Furthermore, find out from them the equipment you need to return.


The cancellation process is not complicated than you think. In the part of Verizon, know that everything is discretionary because each cancellation might be different. You’ll only get a clear answer when you call and confirm from a Verizon customer service representative.


What will be the outcome when I cancel my Verizon Wireless?

When your service with Verizon is cancelled within the duration of your contract, be ready to pay for an early termination fee which can be up to $350 but not less than $15 per month.

Can my Verizon contract be cancelled online?

This can only be done when you call Verizon customer line because they must ascertain who you’re and your location. Mind you; they don’t intend to lose any customer. This is the cancellation line; 1-844-837-2262.

What fees will cancellation of my two-year contract attract?

There two key factors Verizon consider before they bill you for defaulting on your contract. They are as follows;

  • When your agreement was signed
  • If you purchased a phone from Verizon

So depending on you and your billing period, there is every tendency you might likely pay for any remaining month on your contract whether it’s a start of a new cycle or not.

Is it Worth Canceling Verizon Early?

Remember you signed an agreement the day you subscribed to Verizon. It simply means that you’ve already agreed to pay the amount indicated when you default. The contract clearly states that you’ll pay a termination fee if you intend to end your service before the expiration date. Unlike other internet service providers that have a fixed fee, Verizon’s fees are prorated, which means that it keeps decreasing by $15 as you approach your contract deadline.

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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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