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What is DirecTV on Demand?

What is DirecTV on Demand – Is It Worth it?

Most Streaming services are now offering features that were unthinkable even few years ago. Most of them now make it easy to watch a film with friends and family through on-demand entertainment. One of the providers offering this ease of watching a film is DirecTV.

Research shows that Americans are currently spending more time watching movies that they did 10 years ago. This is an indication that we are interested in film culture now more than before. If you are one of them, you’ve probably heard about DirecTV On-Demand service. So what is DirecTV On-Demand and How does it work?

What is DirecTV On-Demand?

DirecTV on Demand is simply a collection of favorite titles that you can watch at any time of the day. It makes it easy for users to browse and get the titles. Every DirecTV user can watch movies and TV shows from the collection of thousands of them on DirecTV on-Demand. It’s a great chance to see some of the biggest hit movies and old favorites without having to go through a great hustle. The Movies are listed in all types of Genres including comedies, Action, Sports, animated films and many others.

Do you want to catch up with a series you previously missed, DirecTV on demand gives you an exclusive opportunity to search and watch each episode. Users can as well watch Brand new Movies on DirecTV Cinema. For people that want to catch-up with the latest releases and new hit shows and series in the market, then DirecTV Cinema is the way to go. The feature includes a lineup of hundreds of new movies and TV shows that you can watch any time of the day. You simply have to order new releases using your remote.

How does DirecTV on Demand work?

Unlike many On-demand features, DirecTV on-demand is very easy to use. The access to On-demand feature on DirecTV is included with all the packages that have an HD DVR. The movies and TV shows are available to watch with no extra charge. However, you need the equipment, the package and the internet to access on-demand services.

You need an HD DVR that is included for free on DirecTV’s super-advanced Genie HD DVR receiver. The next thing you need is to pick a package from DirecTV and see how big the collection of movies and TV shows is on DirecTV. Though, the number of on-demand titles will vary greatly with the package you pick. Lastly, to browse the titles you need a stable Internet service probably from AT&T or any other provider.

What’s the difference between Pay per view and On-Demand?

Are you considering adding Pay-Per-View to your video package right now but lacks enough information about it? If yes, then this is the right place. When you add pay per view (PPV) to your package, you will be required to pay for the individual show that you watch on the specific PPV channel. The only unique thing about PPV is the fact that you don’t pay for the feature to be ‘’flipped on” for the account. Additionally, you will not pay for what you don’t need and you will only pay when you select a certain package.

The shows are live and for that reason, they might run on a predetermined schedule and uncontrolled by the video package provider. The channel can be available differently depending on the provider. For the MTC TV video, this is available on Channel 601. You will be required to turn to this channel when the show starts and you can enjoy it for as long as the show lasts.

Moving on, Video on Demand or VOD gives users a chance to watch selected TV shows, Video contents and Movies at your own time. This means that the programs can be saved for watching at a later time. Unlike the Pay Per view option, users can pause, forward, rewind and play or even re-watch a show on Demand. The TV service provider such as DirecTV selects the shows that are available on Demand Viewing.

How to get DirecTV on Demand

Now that you know what DirecTV is and its importance, you probably need to get DirecTV on demand. It’s very helpful for people that wants to watch past episodes or an old movie. If you need to get DirecTV on Demand, follow the steps below.

Contact DirecTV and Upgrade

The first step is to call the customer service through 1-888-777-2454 and upgrade to DirecTV Plus HD DVR Receiver. Make sure that the DVR model is HD-Enabled R22 or a newer model.

Connect the Ethernet to the Router and the HD receiver. This is to connect the Receiver to the Internet. After this, press the ‘’Menu” button on the remote and navigate to ‘’Settings & Help” by using the arrow Buttons. Now click on ‘’settings and press the ‘’select” icon. Head to ‘’Network setup Option and eventually ‘’Connection now” Option. The Receiver will connect to the internet and will be ready for use. After this, click on ‘’Continue” Option and eventually ‘’Done”. After everything is set, tune to Channel 1000 with the remote and you will have access to On-Demand. Alternatively, you can press the ‘’Menu” button and continue to ‘’search &Browse and eventually click on ‘’On-Demand”.

How to Make your DVR wireless

There are chances that you cannot connect the DVR receiver to the router using an Ethernet cable probably because of distance. The DVR Box such as the one provided by DirecTV have an Ethernet port to connect to the internet. In such instance, you only have to get an Ethernet cable and connect the router to the Receiver. Alternatively, users can consider connecting the DVR receiver wirelessly which eliminates the need to run an Ethernet cable through the house. To connect it wirelessly, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Make sure the router is turned on. It should also be working and in good conditions.
  • Step2: Get one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the DVR unit and connect the other end to the router.
  • Step 3: Turn on the DVR and the TV to test the connection.
  • Step 4: Click on the ‘’Menu” Button on the remote control and select ‘’Settings & Help”
  • Step 5: Now select the setup option and eventually network option. Now select the ‘’Connect Now Button” to verify you have a wireless connection.

How do I but a show or a Movie with On-demand?

The process of buying a movie or a TV show with On-demand is very easy. The user is only supposed to go on the On-demand screen and click the content they want to watch. After this, enter the specific pin number or a verification code depending on the provider and eventually purchase the item. Immediately after purchase, you will have a chance to watch the movie or the show for the allotted time. This is very simple. However, you have to remember that DirecTV on demand charges users on a Month-to-Month basis. The subscription offers a couple of Free shows and movies that you can watch at any time of the day. It’s similar to services such as Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix. It allows users to purchase hit movies and show content. The content that you can buy includes new shows and movies.

Where can I find My DirecTV on demand Channels?

The DirecTV on demand channels can be found on Channel 1000. This is where you can search On demand channels by Type, sports and sitcoms. Alternatively, users can add on demand channel to a number channel. A good example is ESPN which is channel number 206, so on demand its channel number 1206.

To use DirecTV, you need internet connection, equipment and a subscription from DirecTV. For people that have old DVRs, you will probably have to upgrade to get the best services. For those with new Genie equipment, the process will be comparatively easy to you.

How much is DirecTV a month?

DirecTV has some expensive TV packages that you can find out there. The amount of money will greatly depend on the programs you are looking for. DirecTV has different packages with each of them with a different number of channels. The cheapest package is the DirecTV select and the most expensive is the DirecTV Choice. You will pay $59.99 for this package and get more than 155 channels. This is a promotional price and is very likely to go up after the first year.

The Entertainment package costs $64.99 and you will get 160+ channels. This is also the promotional price and after the end of the first year, the price can go up to $93.00 per month plus the taxes. The last and the most expensive Package is the DirecTV Premier costing $134.99 and with more than 330 channels. After the contract, the package can cost more than $189.00 every month plus the taxes.

Besides these three packages, there are several other packages that you can still get. DirecTV Ultimate costs $84.99 with more than 250 channels. The other package is the DirecTV Xtra which costs $79.99 with 235+ channels. The DirecTV Choice costs $69.99 and with 165+ channels. The amount of money you will pay depends on the number of channels you need.

A tip for getting to DirecTV on Demand

Most DirecTV users don’t trust the service and for that reason, they end up recording a bunch of things. To do that, you should press the record button on the remote after highlighting the episode. You are supposed to click on INFO after highlighting the episode and eventually record.

This is very likely to work but you should still remember that most episodes have an expiry date. The playlist will tell you about the expiry date but you can choose them on demand when you want. It’s a good thing if you have data caps that you are trying to get around.

While on demand can work right for you, there comes a time when you need to search for what you are looking for. To do this, you just need to press the DASH button and enter the title of the movie or TV show. If the specific program is on demand, it will probably feature on the screen. There’s also a ‘’Watch now” graphic on every episode’s title. The other method of going to the on-demand programming for specific programs is to click on the Guide. Some channels have a ‘’+” where you can add them to your watch list.


How do you use DirecTV on demand?

Use your remote to turn on Channel 1000 to access the DirecTV on demand channel. The other alternative is to click the ‘’Menu” button on the remote and search on Demand TV.

Do you have to pay for on demand?

Yes, you will have to pay for the current premium content, TV shows and Movies. Every user will be supposed to subscribe to a premium content provider. The cost may vary from one client to the other and depending on the content you are buying.

Are on demand shows Free?

There are hundreds of free shows and Movies available on On-demand. The users might only incur charges for subscribing to the feature. The on-demand feature becomes a top service for Hulu, Prime Videos and Netflix among many others.

What are some benefits of DirecTV on demand?

On-demand TV has a couple of benefits. It gives you the ability to watch thousands of movies and TV shows. You can catch up on missed episodes and watch previous seasons without any worries.


New Customers can access On-Demand by easily choosing the HDDVR option after ordering the DirecTV service. Immediately after this, the Installer will connect the Cinema connection Kit to the DVR and the internet.

But if you are one of the customers with a Whole-Home DVR service, you will probably not connect the HD DVR to the router. You just order the DirecTV cinema connection Kit. For people that cannot connect the Receiver to the Router because its far, they can upgrade to a DirecTV Plus HD DVR receiver and order a Direct Cinema Kit.

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