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Xfinity Box Says To Boot Error

Xfinity Box Says To Boot Error – How To Fix (Guide)

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We all have different reasons to reboot the TV’s cable box. In many situations, we reboot to make the programs load properly. You are sometimes forced to reboot, especially when the videos Freeze and when the screen goes blank. After rebooting the box, check the settings for the restart option. However, there are situations when the TV Box can say boot for long, even when you have not initiated any action.

Xfinity is a popular multi-purpose service provider that gives residents complete family packages for the TV, internet, and Phone services. Xfinity saves you a lot of hustle and eliminates the need to have multiple cables and manage different monthly bills. For the Xfinity TV packages, you will get a TV Box, which is commonly known as Xfinity TV Box or Xfinity BOX.

About Xfinity Box

This Xfinity Box is not different from the typical DVR. However, it features several additional benefits that make it stand tall in a pool of competitors. The Xfinity Box is offered for free by Comcast. However, this mainly comes as part of your Home plan subscription and covers many of the TV requirements. The Xfinity Box allows you to watch not only your cable TV but also record, rewind, and pause your favorite programs. This is not common with other TV boxes in the market today.

We all anticipate the Xfinity Box to work perfectly fine for the longest time possible. However, it can misbehave from time to time. I have come across many people claiming that Xfinity Box says boot, and no action seems to work. Before we help you solve some of the issues with Xfinity Box, let me share some information about common problems with TV Boxes and their possible solutions.

Common Xfinity TV issues and solutions

Xfinity TV outages

We tend to confuse an outage with technical issues with the Xfinity Box. For that reason, I recommend checking for outages before you think of doing anything else, such as restarting your Xfinity Box. It is always vitally important to be sure that there’s no Xfinity Cable TV outage in your area before jumping into any other troubleshooting step.

Use your preferred browser and type https://www.xfinity.com/support/status, press enter and eventually return to Keyboard.

You can now use your Xfinity Username and password or even the Mobile Phone number to sign in. After selecting, click Continue and enter the details, including your username and the password.

Navigate to the map for any additional information in your area. If there are any outages, you will get a red symbol to indicate that. You can click on it for further details about the outage.

How to Fix Comcast Xfinity Cable Box problems

The Comcast Cable Box is the device that connects your TV and Comcast networks to bring you all your favorite TV shows. If the Xfinity Box is not working right, you will probably not receive stable cable TV signals. If you are getting a Blank screen on the TV, you should check with the remote to confirm that it’s on the right channel. Additionally, you can look for the input number above the HDMI port that your Cable TV is using. If it says HDMI 1, you should turn the TV to HDMI 1.

Now it’s time to unplug the Comcast Cable TV Box from the power outlet. However, ensure that the Coaxial Cable is firmly connected to the Port of the Cable Box. Give it about 5 minutes and put it back to power. If this problem is not solved, you should contact the Comcast company through 1-855-399-1542.

Xfinity Box Says, Boot

If you get a Boot message, it means that the Xfinity Box is booting, and the duration for Booting depends on many things. In some situations, this can take up to 15 minutes. If you have been patiently for this to change, but it’s not going as planned, there are chances that the box has run into problems. Xfinity Box can get stuck with the boot message for a prolonged time. It can even take longer or forever.

How to troubleshoot this error

Xfinity is a TV box that connects the TV to the cable. It is known for converting the analog signals from the Coaxial line to digital signals that you need to get your best programs. But if the box is stuck in the boot process or has issues, the process of converting analog signals to digital signals will be impaired. If that is what you’re experiencing, try to use any of the below solutions.

Are the connectors right?

Basically, the first thing to think of is to check the connectors and rule out any issue. The connectors should not be tied loosely. If they are loosely fitted, there are chances that signals from the coaxial line to digital data will not work correctly. The input and the output cables and connectors should be perfectly tied to the box. After that, try restarting the box and see if the issue will be solved. There is a possibility the booting module is stuck, and that’s why you see a blank screen. If this doesn’t work, then proceed to the next step.

Restart the Box

This is the most viable and the most common method of solving this issue. Sometimes the box can get stuck while in the booting process. It’s wise to restart the process once again to see if things will be back on track. Just unplug the power inlet from the box and plug it back to the outlet. Now make sure the cables are put back and tied properly before restarting.

Reset the Xfinity Box

Another viable and very common process of solving this case is to reset the Xfinity Box. To reset the box, long-press the power button for almost 10 seconds. You can press the box until the screen flashes. The box will show the Booting message again. This time the Booting process can take a shorter period of time. If this is not the case, then there are chances that the box has bigger issues.

Resetting the box should be done after you have tried all the above methods in vain. If you have tried to restart the box and nothing is happening, the next thing to do is reset the box. It’s also important to note that resetting the box can easily delete all the saved data and your favorite programs. When the Boxes is reset, it may take longer to boot. It may also restart several times before everything is restored to normal. So, wait patiently for around 10-15 minutes.

Reach out to Xfinity

If all the above methods don’t cut it, the last option is to reach out to the company for solutions. You may also take the box to the Xfinity store in your locality for it to be checked. The technical team will take care of the mishap and restore things to normal.

Xfinity Cable Box says boot then shuts off: Top solutions

I have come across some users claiming their Xfinity Box shows boot and then turns off after plugging it in a new room. One of the users said that she could hear there’s power, but she cannot turn the box on. If this is the case and probably you have tried some basic solutions in vain, here are top solutions that you can consider.

What does it mean?

Is there a red light on the Xfinity Box? If yes, then this means there’s a message from Comcast. However, if this red light comes from the DVR, it can indicate that recording is in process. Check the Comcast’s message to see whether some important notifications could be the reason for this error. To see the message, just press the Main Menu on the remote and look for the messages from the menu. Highlight the specific message and eventually click Ok on the remote.

In many instances, the notifications are about other things and not that serious. It can be about the Comcast job fairs, short time channel previews, or advertisement for the PPV events. You may now want to turn the light off. Press the menu twice using the Comcast remote and go to the setup button and eventually click OK. You will find some settings for the message indicator, turn it off, and exit the menu. The light should now be turned off.

Check whether the connections are tight

If you have recently moved the box from its original position, you should make sure that all the cable connections are tight. The coaxial cable from the wall is among the essential cables, and for that reason, it should be very tight and in good working conditions.

Power cords

It’s time to verify that all the power cords are connected. Check to ensure the outlet and the power strip is working. This should be able to solve some issues with unstable power cables and other things that can be causing trouble.

Check that the Cable TV is activated

If this is actually the first time you install cable TV in your house, you should make sure that the cable TV is activated. Maybe the box cannot work well because it’s not activated with Comcast. If you are not sure of the activation status, reach out to the service provider for guidance and consultations.

Is the TV on?

It’s also important to verify that your TV is on. If it’s not on, you cannot expect it to work properly. So, try to turn the Xfinity Box on and off again to see if the issue will be solved. You can use the remote to turn the TV on.

Check whether the Remote battery are well fitted

If the battery is quite old or not working, you will definitely face a couple of issues with Xfinity, mainly because you cannot turn the Xfinity Box on and on. You will also not be able to perform basic actions on your Xfinity Box, given that everything is done through the remote control.


What do I do when my Xfinity box says boot?

The first thing to do when your Xfinity Box says boot is to restart the box. This is a common and the most viable method of solving the issue. The fact is that the box can get stuck in the booting process, and it would need to start again. Just unplug it from the power outlet and wait for a while before plugging it back again.

What does case mean on the Xfinity Box?

It means not making a connection. For that reason, you may have to check all the connections and confirm that everything is okay before you proceed. There are several other solutions, but this is the most viable method.

How long does it take for cable Box to Boot?

The Cable Box can take up to 15 minutes to boot. Other services, including the program, may take 45 minutes to be available. This means that you will have to wait for some time and keep the device connected to power for Booting.

How do I boot my Xfinity cable Box?

It’s very easy to reboot the cable box. Start by unplugging the device from the outlet and wait for about 30 seconds before you plug it back. After that, give the box enough time to go through the Boot process. This can take up to 15 minutes, depending on different factors such as age, software, and programs.


Xfinity TV is a necessity in our homes today. Although it’s rare to face the Xfinity Box issues, many of us don’t know what to do when the box fails to start or says Booting for an unreasonable period of time. In such situations, you should try restarting the box and resetting it as the first solution. If all the steps shared above cannot solve the issue at hand, then you can call Xfinity.

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