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Xfinity TV X1 Flex from comcast

Xfinity TV vs X1 vs Flex Review – How They Compare in 2022

Whats the main difference between Xfinity TV vs X1 vs Flex and which is the best option in 2022? You questions answered and more.

Are you looking to take your TV experience to the next level? Now is a great time to explore Comcast Xfinity and its most sophisticated streaming device and DVR. Thanks to the all amazing Xfinity Flex and powerful X1 DVR from Comcast Xfinity, TV lovers are in for a remarkable experience.

For TV lovers on a journey of discovery filled with lots of excitement and perks, Comcast Xfinity is set to completely transform your TV experience. Right from the get-go, Comcast Xfinity has everything you want to enjoy from your TV subscription, and you’ll not be disappointed to give the company a try.

So without any further delay, let’s dive into all the interesting details and perks you need to know about Xfinity TV, Xfinity Flex, and the company’s flagship DVR, the X1.

Comparing Xfinity TV vs X1 vs Flex

Xfinity TV is a household name in the TV industry. Plus, the company has become the go-to TV provider for millions of TV lovers in the United States.

Their excellent TV services, exceptional bundle deals, massive channel count, and powerful DVR performance have pitched them with some of the best TV service providers.

While Comcast Xfinity is thought to offer some of the best pricing in the TV industry, please keep in mind that pricing could stack up, especially if you decide to explore add-ons and other premium channel selections.

And like many TV providers out there, Comcast Xfinity has joined the bandwagon of TV providers who lock their customers into lengthy contracts.

The only cool thing with their contract is that it actually keeps pricing low, so it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try. By agreeing to Comcast Xfinity’s 1-year contract, you’ll be paying around $20 to $30 less than the company’s initial advertised pricing, and that’s a good thing if you ask us.

To be honest, Comcast Xfinity features most of the top channels TV lovers crave, plus, we love the fact that the company varies their channel selections to cater to the unique needs of their teeming audience.

For TV watchers, who don’t want to miss their favorite Binge-worthy shows and movies, we are happy to announce to you that Comcast Xfinity grants customers access to all their favorite premium channel selections.

If you’re an avid sports fan, Comcast Xfinity has you covered as they roll out access to some of the best sports channels in the TV world. While they don’t offer access to NFL Sunday Ticket, which is exclusively available to only DirecTV users, Comcast Xfinity does a pretty good job with their sports selections, so you will not be missing much.

Pros and cons

Comcast Xfinity has undoubtedly earned its place among the best TV providers out there, but you know what, the company has a few glitches you should keep in mind. Here, check out some pros and cons of Comcast Xfinity.


  • Xfinity is one of the most readily available TV providers in the United States.
  • The company’s one year contract is a considerable bargain for people looking to cut costs.
  • Their DVR performance is second to none.


  • Too many extra fees you should look out for
  • Not so great sports offerings

Xfinity TV: Exciting package, bundled deals, and pricing

One thing that stands out for us when exploring Comcast Xfinity is that the company is pretty straightforward with its pricing. Trust us when we say, this isn’t something you get to see every day in the TV world. When it comes to pricing, packages, and channel lineups, Xfinity is about average and will level up with big shots in the TV landscape.

Although Xfinity TV is a little expensive when you pitch it against arc rivals like Spectrum and Cox, we love the fact they deliver on their promise- the ultimate TV experience.

While Comcast Xfinity requires customers to sign a one year contract, we love the fact that signing a contract with them helps you save big on your monthly TV bills. And depending on which of their packages you finally settle for, you’ll be paying around $28.65 to $124.99 per month. Read on as we run you through some of their exciting TV packages and pricing.

Xfinity packages and pricing

Limited Basic: For average TV watchers, the Limited package from Xfinity isn’t such a bad choice. While you’re only limited to 10 channels with this package, it’s refreshing to know that it is affordable, plus the channel lineup is quite brilliant. Thankfully, this plan is reasonably priced and costs only $28.65 per month.

Digital Economy: Who says you have to settle for less when you can opt for this superb package that offers you more entertainment than you can ever imagine? Oh yes, this fabulous package gives access to 100 of the best TV channels. And for only $34.99, you can get hooked to this extraordinary package.

Digital Starter: Xfinity is bent on giving the competitors a run for their money, and with their Digital Starter package, they didn’t fall short of that promise. With this remarkable package, customers will enjoy access to 140 terrific channels for only $64.99 per month.

Digital Preferred: Not impressed so far and looking for more explosive experience? Then look no further than the Digital Preferred package from Xfinity TV. Thanks to this beautiful package uniquely designed for avid TV watchers, you can now enjoy access to over 240 breathtaking channels. And you know what, this package isn’t too pricey and costs just $84.99 per month.

Digital Premiere: Although Xfinity TV rolls out a brilliant set of TV packages with unique pricing you’ll love, the Digital Premiere package from Xfinity TV, stands out for us. With this terrific package, its entertainment like you have never seen before as this package unlocks access to over 260 impressive channels. Starting at $124.99 per month, this is one of the best plans you’ll encounter in all of TV.

Bundled deals with internet

Although Comcast Xfinity features tons of fantastic packages and unique pricing, we particularly love the company’s exciting bundle deals. For TV lovers looking to save big on their monthly cable TV subscriptions, you wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to explore some of the phenomenal bundle deals from Comcast Xfinity.

As one of the largest telecom providers in the United States, Comcast Xfinity offers a wide variety of services that will thrill customers. With Comcast Xfinity, customers can bundle a range of services, including TV, home phone, home security services, high-speed internet connection, and a recently launched mobile telephone service. But as much as this sounds interesting, it is essential to remember that not all of the company’s services are available in every location.

Another cool thing with Comcast Xfinity’s bundle deals is that customers get the opportunity to win a prepaid Visa card that is valued at almost $200. If this isn’t the best deal you’ll come across on TV; then we don’t know what else is. The only caveat is that this mouthwatering deal is only available for specific bundle deals.

Plus, you get to enjoy free movie channels, free DVR services, and free installation services when you bundle Comcast Xfinity’s services. When we say Comcast offers the best bundling deals on the market, this is exactly what we are talking about.

The icing on the cake is that bundling comes with a lot of perks, including discounted rates on all services. And even though discounted prices vary from one location to the next, you still get to save more on your cable TV subscriptions with Comcast Xfinity. Here, take a look at some of the company’s most impressive bundle deals.

Xfinity X1 bundle deals

X1 Saver Pro + Double Play:

Are you shopping for the best TV service along with a decent internet connection that lets you stream all of your favorite TV shows and movies without any hassle?

Then this is the one for you. With this exceptional bundle deals from Comcast Xfinity, customers get access to over 140 digital channels, including top channels like ESPN, TBS, HGTV, and more.

Besides, customers also get to enjoy download speeds up to 200 Mbps, and free access to tons of wi-fi hotspots for only $79.99 per month.

X1 Starter Pro + Triple Play

Want more bang for the buck? Then now is a good time to give this bundle deal from Comcast Xfinity a try. For $35 more than the previous bundle deal we just looked at, this package will get you over 140 fantastic channels, and 600 Mbps download speed.

As an added bonus, you also get to enjoy unlimited nationwide talk and texts. Surprisingly, this package isn’t too expensive and costs just $114.99 per month.

X1 Premier Pro+ Tripple play.

If you’re interested in TV, internet, and voice services, the X1 Premier Pro+ Tripple Play bundle from Comcast will not fail to impress you. The cool thing with this bundle deal is that it comes with some extra perks you’ll not get with Xfinity’s standalone packages. With this bundle, you’ll enjoy high-speed internet connection with download speed up to 1000 Mbps.

That’s not all; you also get to enjoy well over 260 top channels. To spice things up, this bundle deal also includes unlimited nationwide talk and text. The icing on the cake is that this package is reasonably priced and costs just $159.99 per month.

Comcast Xfinity Channel Lineup

Xfinity has a pretty solid channel catalog that will interest any TV lover. From their basic package to top tier packages, Xfinity features some of the most exceptional TV channels you’ll see in the TV world.

While their basic package feature some of the top TV channels, their Preferred package grants access to exclusive channel selection that makes the upgrade worthwhile.

What makes Xfinity’s channel selection worth exploring is that they vary their channel selections. So whether you’re a movie buff, music enthusiast, a sports lover, or just like to keep up with the trends, rest assured that you’ll get all the channels you love with Comcast Xfinity.

In addition to regular channels, Comcast Xfinity rolls out access to some of the best premium channels in the TV landscape, giving you more reasons never to leave the couch.

For people who have always wanted to stay up to date with the hottest originals and biggest movies to hit the screen, you’ll not be disappointed to explore Comcast Xfinity’s premium channel selections. Here is a list of some of the top premium channels offered by Xfinity.

  • HBO
  • Showtime
  • The Movie Channel
  • Epix
  • Cinemax

For avid sports fans, you’ll not be missing out on the action as Comcast Xfinity’s Digital Preferred package boasts of an abundance of sports selections that will thrill you. This means you’ll never miss a game, race, or fight from your favorite teams.

Kudos to Comcast Xfinity’s Digital Preferred package, you’ll get access to popular sports channels along with 21 other exciting TV channels. Here, check out the breakdown of popular sports channels offered by Xfinity, we are sure you’ll be impressed with the company’s sports selections.

  • CBS Sports
  • NBA TV
  • NHL Network
  • ESPNews
  • Outdoor Channel
  • Sec
  • ESPN, ESPN2.

Remember, these are only a few of the sports channels waiting for you on Comcast Xfinity.

Xfinity’s X1 channel offering

Xfinity’s X1 DVR isn’t your regular DVR. Besides Xfinity’s exceptional channel lineups, Xfinity’s X1 DVR comes with a lot of mouthwatering perks you don’t want to pass on.

With the X1 DVR from Xfinity, you get to enjoy access to all of Xfinity’s mind-blowing channel selections as well as other exciting content from Prime Video, YouTube TV, Netflix, Pandora, and more, all in one place.

Not just that, this awesome DVR puts the power in your hand by letting you find content easily and faster using the Xfinity’s X1 powerful voice remote. The icing on the cake is that you also get to stream Comcast Xfinity on almost any device.

Xfinity’s Flex Programming

Call it the future of TV, and you’ll not be wrong. With Xfinity’s Flex, you have access to a powerful streaming device that offers users a cheap way to access YouTube videos, movies, TV shows, and music.

While Xfinity Flex isn’t as sophisticated as other streaming devices like the Roku Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire Streaming Stick, Xfinity Flex boast of premium videos, and crisp sound quality that makes watching your favorite shows all shades of amazing.

Plus, Xfinity gives other streaming devices a run for their money as they offer customers unlimited access to popular streaming services including, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Netflix.

Again, it comes with a handy voice remote that allows for seamless navigation.

While Xfinity Flex has limited options when it comes to Live TV, users can still enjoy access to premium channel lineups like Showtime and HBO. Simply hit the guide button on the Flex remote, and it will lead you TV listings you can explore.

The not so cool thing about using Xfinity Flex is that you can’t connect Flex with any previous premium subscription you already have. What this means is that you have to cancel your old subscription and order via Comcast Xfinity, which is a bit annoying. Here is a list of TV channels and premium channel offerings you can get via Xfinity Flex

Premium channels that require a subscription

  • Epix
  • Showtime
  • Cinemax
  • HBO

Popular TV channels

  • ESPN3
  • Xumo
  • Sky News
  • Tubi
  • Pluto TV

Traditional cable vs. X1

There is a lot to consider when comparing traditional cable with Xfinity’s X1 powerful DVR. While conventional cable comes with specially designed TV receivers that allows access to popular TV channels and programming, the X1 DVR does much more and is even more relevant in today’s TV landscape.

With the X1 DVR, you not only enjoy access to top TV channels, premium selections, and add-ons, you also get to record your favorite TV shows.

Meaning you don’t have to keep up with channel guide, as you can always record your favorite TV shows and watch at your convenience. This is a luxury you don’t get with traditional cable TV.

Where X1 DVR trumps, traditional cable TV service is that the X1 DVR grants users access to popular streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Pandora, Youtube TV, Netflix, and more.

What this means is that even if you’re not interested in Comcast Xfinity, with the company’s X1 DVR, you can still enjoy access to exciting programs offered by Netflix, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Videos and others.

To do this, you only need to subscribe to any of these streaming platforms, download the app to your X1 DVR and login, it’s that easy.

With traditional cable TV, you only have access to TV channels provided by your preferred cable TV provider; outside of this, you have no access to other streaming services. And you’ll agree that in this age and time, this isn’t what TV lovers are looking for.

For people looking for the best of both worlds, i.e. traditional cable TV experience, and access to top-notch streaming service platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Pandora, YouTube TV, Netflix and more, you’ll be happy to give Comcast Xfinity’s powerful X1 DVR a try as they plug users to the future of TV.

X1 vs. Flex Review

There has been a lot of argument about X1 DVR and Xfinity Flex. And in today’s post, we will explore how both devices stack up and why you should care. For people who have been asking how Xfinity Flex differs from Xfinity X1 DVR, you’ll find all your answers in today’s post.

Xfinity Flex

To put things in retrospect, Xfinity Flex is specially designed for streaming only customers who are not interested in cable TV. With Xfinity’s Flex, users have access to thousands of movies and on-demand titles that are guaranteed to make your day exciting.

While Xfinity Flex is limited in channel offerings, this powerful streaming device allows you to weave in and out of popular streaming service platforms like Netflix, Youtube TV, Pandora, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

One drawback we have experienced with Xfinity Flex is that it doesn’t feature Hulu TV, at least not yet. Bue guess what, Xfinity Flex is reportedly planning to make Hulu TV accessible in subsequent updates. And if reports are anything to go by, Xfinity Flex is planning to roll out access to streaming apps and services like Peacock, NBA, Hulu, MLB, and Starz. At the moment, here is a list of streaming apps you can get on Xfinity Flex;

  • Pet collective
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Cheddar News
  • Netflix
  • Youtube
  • Xumo
  • FailedArmy
  • Tubi
  • HBO

Xfinity X1

Like we mentioned earlier, Xfinity X1 gives you access to the best of both worlds. From streaming-only customers to cable TV enthusiasts and more, Xfinity X1 DVR is poised to deliver an experience you’ll not get with other DVR and streaming devices on the market.

For people who are interested in Live TV and cable networks, an impressive cloud DVR storage that lets you record your favorite movies and TV shows, a massive on-demand library with over 100,00 titles, fabulous sports channel offerings and more, Xfinity X1 will make the perfect choice for TV lovers looking for a premium home entertainment experience.

Where the X1 DVR outperforms, Xfinity Flex is in its brilliant channel selections. With Xfinity Flex, you’ve access to impressive channel selections, depending on which of Comcast Xfinity’s package you opt for.

Another striking thing about Xfinity X1 DVR is that it boasts of an impressive storage space that lets you record your favorite TV shows. With the X1 DVR, you can explore up to 500GB of storage space. Trust us when we say this is a lot more than you’ll get with other DVR and streaming devices out there.

Xfinity Flex vs. Xfinity X1: Operation

Xfinity Flex ushers you to a world of mindblowing entertainment as they bring you all the entertainment you’ve been looking for in one place. And you know what, you’re eligible for Flex if you subscribe to Xfinity’s high-speed internet service.

And as far as performance is concerned, this streaming device gets the job done and is perfect for budget streamers. Its portable design works well, and its performance is not in doubt. Thanks to Xfinity Flex, users can now stream over 10,000 free shows and movies.

While Xfinity Flex is a bit small in size, we love the fact that it supports UHD video quality, 4K, and Dolby Atmos Surround Sound. Their impressive voice remote is a tad above the rest and delivers an unrivaled experience. From smooth navigation to responsiveness, Xfinity Flex voice-activated remote is one of a kind, little wonder why their remote won an Emmy award in 2017.

Xfinity Flex is specially designed to connect to popular streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, HBO, Netflix, and some other cable channels. Plus, Xfinity Flex comes with a number of Live TV and movie options built into their streaming device that you can watch at no extra cost.

Xfinity X1: Operation

Xfinity X1 is a game-changer in the DVR world, as it is uniquely designed to give other DVR on the market a run for their money. With Xfinity X1, you can record up to 5 shows simultaneously, meaning you can finally keep up with new episodes from your favorite TV shows. From impressive cloud storage to exciting TV packages to superb on-demand content and more, Xfinity X1 is built to deliver the ultimate TV experience to users.

This powerful DVR comes together with Comcast Xfinity and makes watching your favorite movies and TV shows all shades of amazing. Like Xfinity Flex, Xfinity X1 supports a number of video streaming platforms, including big players like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, and more.

Featuring a powerful voice-activated remote, Xfinity X1 DVR makes navigation and searching for content smooth and hassle-free. With 500GB of storage space, Xfinity’s X1 lets you record 60 hours of HD and 300 hours of SD.

Installations (Cable, X1, Flex)

Both Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex have a hassle-free installation process. As a matter of fact, their installation process is so easy; you can do it all by yourself. To get your Xfinity Flex streaming device or Xfinity x1 DVR running in no time, simply follow the detailed self-installation kit, the company has carefully put together, and you should be ready to roll.

Keep in mind that you’ll need the number associated with your Xfinity internet when activating Flex, so it will be wise to have it close.

And as you activate the Xfinity X1 DVR and Xfinity Flex, please watch out for tips and tricks that make navigation easy and hassle-free.

With Xfinity cable TV, there are two options in terms of installation. There is the self-installation option that comes with a self-installation kit that costs between $15 to $30, and a professional installation option that costs around $40 to $80.

Cost comparison (cable, X1, and Flex)

Getting the X1 DVR and Xfinity Flex is super easy. Plus, you wouldn’t have to pay anything for the Flex or X1 DVR as they are included as part of your Xfinity Internet and Xfinity TV services, respectively. However, if you’re looking to add an additional DVR or Flex device to use with other TV in your home, you’ll pay around $10 for each set. With the X1, you’ll be spending around $9.95 per month for DVR fees.

On the flip side, you’ll be paying close to $28.95 to $124.99 per month for TV services, depending on which of Xfinity’s TV packages work for you.

X1 features

X1 has some fascinating features that will interest you. Some of this DVR popular features include:

  • Voice-activated remote
  • Playback feature
  • Five simultaneous recording
  • 500 GB storage capacity
  • Allows users to pause and rewind
  • Built-in support for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and more

Xfinity Flex features

  • Powerful voice-activated remote
  • Built-in support for popular streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Pandora, Showtime, Netflix, and more.
  • On-demand streaming
  • Massive library of movies and shows

Popular apps on Flex and X1

Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1 provide support for popular apps, including big names like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iHeart Radio, Pandora box, and more.

X1 Customer reviews

Our review of Xfinity X1 DVR and Flex will not be complete if we don’t show you what other customers are saying. So stay with us as we run you through some reviews from real customers who have given these services a try.

L.Long from Florida

I’ve been using Xfinity X1 DVR for some years now, and I’m super impressed with its performance. I love to stay up to date with my favorite TV shows, and the X1 DVR hasn’t disappointed me in this regard.

Sparty93 from New York

I recently subscribed to Xfinity’s internet and was pleasantly surprised that they included the Xfinity Flex as part of the deal at no extra cost. Now I can stream Netflix all day long. Before now, I was using an outdated streaming stick, but with Xfinity Flex, it’s been a whole new experience.

Mather from Long Island

Comcast Xfinity has been in my home for as long as I can remember, and we haven’t had any unpleasant experience so far. Their pricing has stayed consistent, and we have pretty much enjoyed access to some of our favorite TV channels.

Frequently asked questions

Which apps can I find on Xfinity Flex?

Xfinity Flex provides support for popular streaming apps like Netflix, FailArmy, Amazon Prime Video, Pandora, iHeart Radio, HBO, Showtime, and more.

Can I record shows with the X1 DVR?

One of the selling points of X1 DVR is that it allows users to record up to 5 shows simultaneously.

Does Xfinity offer internet services?

Besides its superb TV service, Xfinity is also a big player in the internet niche. Their internet service is one of a kind and will live up to your expectations.


Comcast Xfinity has solidified its place in the TV industry. From spectacular channel offerings to impressive bundling services to superior DVR performance and extraordinary streaming devices, Xfinity is quickly gearing up to overtake other big-time providers in the TV space. For the ultimate TV experience, you’ll not go wrong to give Comcast Xfinity a try.


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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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