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Amazon Prime Video Review

Amazon Prime Video Review – Worth It in 2022

If you’re looking to ditch your cable company, we doubt you’ll miss much as video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix now offers you fantastic TV shows and movies. This way, you can still keep up with your favorite shows, even if you decide to cut the cords.

One thing we love about Amazon Prime Video is that they offer their users exciting content, including a growing list of quality original content. That’s not all; Amazon Prime Video also has many of the popular titles you’ll find on other streaming platforms.

Besides its impeccable content, Amazon Prime Video also offers its users the option to download their favorite TV shows and movies for offline viewing. On top of that, you can also stream 4K titles.

Did we forget to add that Amazon Prime Video boasts of an exotic catalogue of movies and TV shows you can either purchase or rent? This puts them one step ahead of other streaming platforms.

Our biggest issue with Amazon Prime Video is that it can be pretty hard to find new or even exciting content. And this is partly because of their very busy interface.

Amazon Prime Video and streaming content

While the company kicked off as a place where users can easily purchase and watch movies and TV shows, Amazon Prime Video has metamorphosed into a world of unlimited titles, and buffet-style streaming. Here, take a look at the collections of incredible original content on Prime Video;

  • Catastrophe
  • Bosch
  • Good Omens
  • Fleabag
  • The Grand Tour
  • Undone
  • Hunters
  • The Marvelous Mrs Maisal
  • The Boys
  • Patriot

You have to give a lot of credit to Amazon Prime Video for saving a couple of shows, including The Expanse from cancellation. As a matter of fact, Amazon Prime Video only recently premiered new episodes of the sci-fi action drama for the fourth season.

For Lord of The Rings fans, we are excited to let you know that Amazon Prime Video is working on producing a TV show that is culled from The Lord of the Rings Franchise. Although Amazon Prime Video growing catalog of original shows may not be as extensive as Netflix’s library, many of their originals are quite impressive and can go head to head with Netflix’s original shows. Compared to Hulu originals, Amazon Prime Video originals are way ahead.

Watch more than just Amazon originals

With Amazon Prime Video, you get to stream more than just Amazon’s originals as they offer HBO as part of the mix. Thanks to HBO, you’ll never miss new episodes of your favorite series. Here is a list of some impressive series you’ll find on HBO:

  • Deadwood
  • The Sopranos
  • Six Feet Under
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • OZ

It doesn’t end there as Prime video also offer their users exclusive access to popular series like Burn Notice, Chuck, The Americans, Parks and Recreation, Mr Robot and Hannibal at no extra cost.

As things stand, Amazon Prime Video has lost shows like Veronica Mars, The X-Files, and Justified to Hulu. On top of that, other top shows may also leave Prime Video when Peacock and HBO Max starts to function on all fronts.

If you’re looking for a more robust catalog that will keep you busy all day, we suggest you try Disney+ and CBS All Access as they boast of having an impressive catalog that is larger than what you’ll get on other streaming platforms.

Prime Video and movie collections

If you think Prime Video features some of the best series, wait until you see their popular movies, and you’ll be blown away. With movies like The Farewell now airing on Prime Video, you’ll never run out of quality movies to watch. And like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video also have a growing list of original movies. Here, check out some of their original movie titles.

  • Troop Zero
  • The report,
  • The Aeronauts
  • Honey Boy
  • The Big Sick

While these movies have become a lot of fans favorites, they still haven’t done quite impressively like Netflix’s El Camino and the Irish Man

Prime Video and Animations

Although Prime Video has a growing list of impressive anime and cartoon titles, they haven’t been able to reach their full potential in this genre, so they are not our number one choice when it comes to anime and cartoons.

When it comes to having a brilliant collection of cartoons and anime, Crunchyroll is way ahead of Prime Video as it boasts of having a massive selection of series and films. Even Netflix and Hulu aren’t doing too badly as they both offer users a growing list of top anime titles.

Netflix leads the pack in terms of animated shows. With originals like Disenchantment and Bojack Horseman making it to their list of animated shows, anime lovers will enjoy a fantastic time when streaming anime on Netflix.

Another great place to find quality animated shows is on Hulu as they have some popular titles in their library.

Amazon Prime Video and sports content

Amazon Prime Video features decent on-demand content that will keep you hooked all day, but more than this, they are also fast becoming the one-stop destination for sports lovers who want to keep up with their favorite sporting events. With Amazon Prime Video, you can now watch some live NFL games, especially on Thursday nights.

Note: The NFL games you see on Prime Video are limited, so if you want something more comprehensive, it will be smart to opt for NFL streaming services, as they offer robust coverage for NFL games.

For avid sports lovers? Did you also know that Prime Video is responsible for the All or Nothing series that covers all professional sports teams throughout the season? Oh yes, and they are gearing for more exclusive sports content.

However, if you’re a die-hard sports fan, Amazon Prime Video will not cut it for you, instead consider other sports-based streaming services like fuboTV or ESPN+. These two streaming platforms are way ahead of others as far as sports content is concerned. More so, they offer live coverage of games, so you’ll never miss watching your favorite team play.

While Amazon has limited sporting content, you have to give them credits for all they do. As an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can include Prime Video channels to your existing subscription. With sports-focused Prime Video channels like MLB TV, PGA Tour, and NBA League Pass available to stream, we doubt you’ll miss much. But please keep in mind that these channels are not free and will hike up your monthly Amazon Prime video subscription.

Amazon Prime Video pricing and packages

There are two ways you can get plugged into Amazon Prime Video. You can either opt for the standalone Amazon Prime Video subscription or go for the robust Amazon Prime subscription. The former will cost $8.99 and will only give you access to Amazon Prime Video content.

On the flip side, The Amazon Prime subscription, which costs $12.99 monthly or $119 per annum, will offer you access to Prime Video as well as other exclusive services provided by Amazon. From free two-day delivery and shipping to unlimited music stream to discounts on whole foods and Twitch Prime membership, Amazon Prime subscription offers a lot of perks you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

And regardless of the subscription you opt for, you’ll enjoy ad-free content when streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

Cancelling your Amazon subscription

No longer interested in your Amazon Prime subscription? Well, it’s easy to opt-out of their services. And you know the best part? Amazon doesn’t require its customers to sign a contract; this means you wouldn’t have to pay an early termination fee when cancelling your Amazon Prime account.

To cancel your Amazon Prime account, simply navigate to the account section and follow the instructions to cancel your Prime subscription. Please remember that cancelling your Amazon Prime subscription will take away your access to Amazon Prime Video.

Discount offers for students

Amazon Prime offers terrific discount offers to students who want to subscribe to their services. As a student, you can sign up to Amazon Prime for way less than other users will pay. With discounted rates like $6.49 per month or $59 per annum, we doubt you’ll ever get a better deal elsewhere. And you know what? This offer comes with all the perks you’ll get with the regular Amazon Prime subscription.

Following the footsteps of other streaming services, Amazon lets its customers subscribe to different content providers using their platforms. Here are some content providers you can get plugged to when using Amazon Prime;

  • Cinemax ($9.99)
  • Showtime ($8.99)
  • HBO ($14.99)
  • CBS All Access ($9.99)
  • Starz ($8.99)

If you’re only subscribed to Prime Video, it is essential to know that you’ll not have access to Prime Channels. To get plugged to Prime Channels, you’ll need to have an Amazon Prime subscription. Also, keep in mind that you cannot share Amazon Prime Video channels across Amazon accounts.

For the purpose of comparison, Hulu’s cheapest plans start at $5.99 a month, and that supports ad, which can significantly impact your streaming experience. But if you’re interested in an ad-free experience, you’ll have to go for their top tier plan that costs $11.99 per month. With Netflix, you get their cheapest package for $8.99, while their Standard package with HD streaming starts at $12.99 monthly.

HBO is also reasonably priced and costs $14.99. You’ll get hooked to CBS All Access Commercial-free plan for $9.99. For cheaper options, you should consider AcornTV and BritBox, which both cost $5.99 and $6.99 every month.

Note: All of these streaming services we have listed are way cheaper than cable styled services like Sling TV that cost as high as $30 a month.

Compatible devices and platforms

Amazon Prime Video works on tons of devices, including web browsers, Android phones, and iOS devices. That’s not all; you can also access Amazon Prime Video using Amazon Fire devices like TV, phones, tablets, TV cube, and TV Sticks. From game consoles to Smart TV to Apple TV to Roku to Tivo and more, there is a vast array of devices you can use to stream Prime video.

Prime video and simultaneous streams

With Prime video, you can stream on three devices simultaneously. Although there are some restrictions, it’s exciting to know that you can stream on more than one device at a time. The limitation with streaming on multiple devices is that Amazon places a limit on the titles you can stream simultaneously across different devices.

It is also worthy to note that Netflix and Amazon are part of the few streaming services that offer their users 4K and HDR content.

Amazon Prime Video Web Interface

Amazon is still lagging in terms of the web interface. And although their interface isn’t too bad, we don’t like the fact that Amazon uses the same interface for all its services. From Prime Video to Amazon Fresh and more, Amazon placed their drop-down menu opposite the main search bar. It would be great if Amazon can create a dedicated site for its video services; this way, they can compete with other video streaming platforms.

Without mincing words, Amazon’s current homepage for its video service doesn’t come close to the minimal aesthetics you’ll find on HBO and Netflix, this isn’t to say their current home page is boring.

At the top of their homepage, users can select between Prime Originals, Movies, Prime video, and kids. And just below that, Amazon provides a highlight of movies and TV shows that are available to stream. It doesn’t stop there, Amazon also organizes information like Recommended or Popular Movies and TV shows in a horizontally scrolling list, making it easy to find your favorite shows.

Besides Amazon’s recommendation, it can be pretty tricky to find what is available or new, and this is because of its massive library.

Just underneath the main slideshow, you’ll find an additional menu that features All Videos, Prime, Your Videos, Rent, or Buy and Channels. The Your Video section is uniquely designed to help users keep up with the next episodes of their favorite series. We like to think that their current screen is a bit too busy, so if they can reduce the number of modules and menus, we are sure they will look a tad better.

To make navigation sleek and hassle-free, Prime Video comes with a search button that lets you easily search for what to watch. And the cool part is that their search bar enables you to search for specific content based on release dates, genre, channels, or title.

Once you find content that interests you, you can either add it to your watch list or start streaming right away. The watchlist option is designed to help keep track of series or movies you’d like to watch later.

The minute you click a movie or TV show link, you’ll be presented with a new page that shows user rating, release date, run time, and other relevant information. You can also hit the preview button once you are on a movie page to stream the trailer for that particular movie.

Where Amazon seems to be winning Netflix is user reviews. And like Netflix, Amazon’s recommendations work based on the content you stream. While you have the leverage to indicate that you aren’t interested in some content, Amazon’s system is still way behind Netflix’s sophisticated thumbs up or down rating system.

What we particularly liked about Prime Video is their Now Playing screen. The layout looks clean, and the controls are located pretty nicely. Besides featuring standard play, forward and rewind buttons, Amazon included subtitle options and video quality options on the screen.

Prime Video APP on Mobile

We downloaded and installed the Prime Video app on mobile to explore its mobile experience, and we weren’t disappointed. We loved the fact that Amazon built a unique app for the video experience, especially because including as part of Amazon’s shopping app will make things distorted and less manageable.

Although their app interface is similar to their web interface, a lot of things have been scaled down to fit mobile screen resolutions. Another thing, Prime Video app is quite similar to other video streaming apps, especially HBO Now and Netflix. It also features a vivid content thumbnail and dark background.

The top of the app displays similar menu options you’ll find on the desktop: Originals, Homepage, Movies, TV, and Kids. And like you’ll find on their web interface, clicking a movie or show will take you to a new page where you’ll discover movie details, ratings, and reviews.

There is also a search button located at the upper-right corner that lets you search for movies and TV shows you’d like to stream. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll find other content categories like Home, TV, Originals, Video Library, Kids, Watchlist, and downloads. It will be great to see Amazon reduce these duplicates in future updates.

Renting and buying Video

This is where Amazon Prime edges the competition. With the rent or buy option offered by Amazon, you’ll find amazing titles; you’ll not get on Amazon’s video library.

Thanks to the rent or buy option offered by Amazon, they can now effectively compete with iTunes, Microsoft Store, Google Play Movies, where users can rent or buy movies outright. For some content you’ll find on Amazon, your only option is to either buy or rent, and this is because Amazon doesn’t have the exclusive right to include such content in their library.

Please keep in mind that Amazon’s buy or rent options come with some restrictions. With their buy option, you can stream a video as many times as you want. However, you can only download it on four compatible devices.

When you rent a particular title, Amazon lets you stream on three different devices. The difference here is that Amazon only allows you to stream the same title on one device simultaneously.

On the flip side, if you watch a particular download on one device, you free to watch later on another device. And please remember that you have 30 days to download or start streaming a rented title. Again, you typically have 48 hours to finish watching it. These are some of the restrictions you should know.

Complaints about Prime Video

Outdated content: There is no doubt that Prime Video boasts of great content selections. However, a lot of its contents are outdated. More so, they have limited originals when compared to the likes of Netflix.

Average interface: Compared to Hulu and Netflix, the Amazon Video interface is pretty basic. It would be nice to see them revamp this in future updates.


  • Boast of a fantastic collection of original shows as well as content from other sources
  • Offers 4K, download, HDR and other offline capabilities
  • Let’s users rent or buy movies or TV shows


  • You’ll experience occasional cluttering
  • Contents can be tricky to explore due to their massive library.

Frequently asked question

Are there problems with Amazon Prime Video?

Most of the problems people have with Amazon prime video emanate from poor connections. So if you have a decent internet connection, you’re good to go; otherwise, you’ll need to get your internet connection sorted out.

What internet connection do you need to stream Prime Video?

Streaming Prime Video will require a decent connection of 1.5 Mbps for SD and 3.5 Mbps for HD.

How many devices can you stream on?

With Prime Video, you can stream videos on three devices simultaneously. The only restriction is that you can’t stream the same ti