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Free TV Using a Satellite Dish

How to Get TV Channels For Free Using a Satellite Dish

Most people pay for cable services for access to TV channels, which are costly as you must pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. If you want to enjoy unlimited TV channels, you can still do so without the internet. There are various satellite dishes available for free.

This article is a guide on how to cut costs and still access high-quality TV content. The satellite dish provider will install it for you and make sure that it is functioning as expected.

Cable providers avail of the best TV channels. This convinces you to pay for their services. However, here are some eye-opening ideas showing you how to enjoy the same TV programs without paying a single dime.

HDTV Antenna

The technology of antennas is developing to keep with modern lifestyle demands. The introduction if digital antennas have increased the market uptake of these age-old TV aerials. You can choose to have an HDTC antenna for indoors or outdoors.

The antennas are two types; one can face any direction and still deliver a good reception, but the other kind of aerial has to face a specific direction. These antennas are made using advanced technology, which has enhances their signal reception. Once you have installed on, you can access over 100 TV channels.

Types of HDTV Antennas

Directional Antennas

The antenna’s choice will be determined by where you live, the location of your house, and the spaces available. The directional antenna has to face one specific direction. There are technical aspects that indicate that you must use a directional antenna. If the cell tower can easily be accessed from a single direction, this is the right aerial to use.

Multi-Direction Antenna

The Multi-direction antenna can face any direction and still deliver clear reception. This is the best because you do not need to determine the direction of the TV signal. This antenna is made using two-dimensional technology, which means your TV channels will still be available even when the reception is low. They are a little pricey but convenient if you want to enjoy uninterrupted TV.

Indoor TV Antenna

The indoor TV antenna has evolved the old one, which was mostly made for outdoors. This antenna is not bulky and can fit in a small space in your TV room. However, you must be living in a location close to the TV broadcast towers. In urban settings, these indoor antennas are preferred because most landlords do not allow outdoor aerial mounting.

Outdoor Antenna

This is the most popular TV antenna that most people know. It is usually mounted on the roof. Outdoor antennas are sturdy and are great for remote areas where the TV signal is miles away.

Given that they are installed on the rooftop, the reception is usually excellent. The outdoor aerial is a little pricy, and you need a professional to install it on higher ground. But you will enjoy unlimited TV for free.

Free Video Sites

If you have access to the internet, you can easily access the free cable TV channels. Some free streaming services operate legitimate sites. You can sign up and access free TV channels for free. Some of these sites are Crackle TV, Amazon, and Prime Video.

Streaming Cable TV

Cable TV channels are available online, just like the videos. You must have fast internet access to these channels. You can Google the channels, and the content will be available. Some of these websites are,, or even Roku TV is also very popular. This is a small gadget that you can insert in your TV like a flash disc, and you can stream more than 200,000 TV shows or movies.

Mobile Applications

You can use your smartphone to access some of the best TV channels for free. If you have access to the internet, you can download the app on your phone and connect the phone and the TV to enjoy channels like HBO Now and ABC Live TV.


You can download PlayOn on your laptop and use it to access various TV channels for free. The application enables you to access video streaming services. You can use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to the TV.

Free Internet

If you are lucky, your landline phone provider may offer you free WiFi cable TV connection for taking up their telephone services. You can watch TV for free as an added value for subscribing to another service.

How to get local channels without cable?

Local channels are easily accessible with cable. However, you should know that there are other ways to watch local TV without paying for cable services. To make this possible, you have high-speed WiFI and the amazon device to access various pages online. Here are some ways to do this.

Live TV Access

One of the best TV channels to check out online is Hulu TV. It enables you to watch local channels such as FX, SyFY and FX movies. You can search Hulu on Google and get started without paying.

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon has introduced a streaming gadget known as Firestick TV, which you can purchase from their online shop. It opens up access to various pages that allow you to download several apps. These apps can be used for watching local channels for free.


This is a streaming service provider that you can use to access channels like FS1 and BTN. There are local channels, like Fox and CBN.

Play Station Vue

This platform opens up local channels for your selection. Play Station Vue is a streaming service provider.


Direct TV Now makes it easy for you to access local channels in the US. You can access TBS, TNT, AMC, and many more.


You can access several local channels on YouTube by searching the local channel’s name and adding the word “live.” You will watch current programs for free on YouTube. You can also subscribe on YouTube TV for over 50 local channels.

How to Watch TV without Cable or Satellite

It is almost impossible to think of life without cable or satellite connections. TV makes a big part of our home entertainment. However, if you want to reduce the bills and still watch TV, you can achieve this without cable or satellite services. Some people work throughout the week and travel frequently. This does not make sense when the monthly pay subscriptions that you never enjoy. Here are some great alternatives that will enable you to watch TV without cable or satellite.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a subscription-based service but cheaper. You can access it from wherever you are on your laptop or smartphone. It offers a wide variety of channels ranging from animations, news to action movies, and the latest TV series.


To watch Netflix, you need high-speed WiFi, and you are set to go. However, you will be subscription fees that start from $8, but there are other options. You can take the shared package so that your family can watch Netflix while you are away. However, Netflix is accessible from any location that has WiFi.

Netflix allows you to watch thousands of movies. You do require any streaming device to access Netflix.


CBS All Access is a streaming platform, and you have to pay a subscription fee. CBS All Access is an excellent alternative to cable and satellite because you can watch it in any device from different locations.

Apple TV

If you have an Apple gadget, you can watch TV online and access all your favourite channels. You will require an Apple ID that gets upon signing up for the services.


This is a platform provided by Google. If you do not have a smart TV, you can connect your laptop to the TV using an HDMI cable. Chromecast enables you to control your TV through the laptop, making it fun and giving you a variety to watch.

Gaming Console

A gaming console can be used to connect your TV to the internet. You can use it to play games and also access various streaming platforms. You can download multiple apps that make it easy to watch live TV, including local channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the internet cheaper than cable and satellite?

You have to pay for the internet monthly or annually, depending on the contract you have with the service provider. Even though you have a bill to pay, the internet is convenient, accessible from anywhere, and offers you unlimited choices to watch.

However, if you are already paying for high-speed internet, terminating other services can help you more money. If you compare value for money, the internet is cheaper. Wi-Fi allows you to share various TV channels with others, and you can split multiple bills like Netflix subscriptions.

How can I live without cable or satellite services?

If you have been using cable or satellite for a long time, it is not easy to think of TV without these services. However, you can use the following tips to make up your mind.

What is the List of TV Channels and Shows?

Over time you have found new channels and Tv shows from your satellite or cable provider. You can set out to research about available alternatives that can enable you to access these TV programs.

There are mobile apps, streaming platforms, or even websites where you can watch these shows. You will be surprised to find all your favourite channels can accessible using a TV antenna. Before you make the big switch, ensure that you can still enjoy TV and watch your beloved shows.

Is Possible To Schedule Your TV Schedule

If you work for the whole day, then you watch TV in the evening and at weekends. If you travel, you miss out much from your satellite services, which you can watch from home. These little things can determine if you should keep your satellite dish. If you like watching your favourite shows from anywhere, then WiFi will work well for you.

Online streaming services enable you to access the TV channels on any device as long as you have internet. If you have a flexible schedule or work from home, satellite TV or cable will work just fine because you can watch TV anytime.

How Much Do You Save?

You must compare the cost. You can settle for the cheaper alternative, but you must think about efficiency and convenience. An antenna saves you money most because there is no monthly bill. However, if you want to expand various channels that you can access, then the internet is a better option.

Can I use my non-smart TV for online streaming?

Smart TVs are the advanced models that connect to WiFi automatically. However, if you have the non-digital television make, you can still access the internet with it. To make it possible, here are some of the media players available.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Google Chrome cast
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Game Consoles


The ultimate choice depends on you; whether you want to use cable, satellite dish, TV antenna, or internet. Each of these options has an advantage over the other.

Satellite dishes and antennas are reliable and can be installed in remote areas with no cable or internet infrastructure. The antenna does not require monthly subscriptions, but a satellite dish provider will charge you a monthly or annual fee to access their services.

Cable connection is reliable because it built using fiber optic cables that cannot be affected by the weather. Both require you to pay for a subscription fee. However, you must be within a location where there is cable or internet infrastructure to be connected.

A cable connection is available together with an internet package. Before you get rid of your cable provider, you should ask if they can offer you WiFi as an added value for subscribing to their services. The cable company may provide you with WiFi at a discounted price.

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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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