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get free wifi in your home methods

How to Get WiFi at Home for Free – Ideas For No-Cost Internet

Free Wi-Fi’. Words that will surely get your attention or even start an animated discussion. Is it even possible to have a free service in this world today, let alone a free Wi-Fi connection? I know that it sounds impossible, but there are creative ways on how you can score a free internet connection. And the good news is that some of these approaches are easy to do and don’t require you to break into a house and physically force someone to share their internet connection password.

In this article, we are going to review the many tips and tricks on how to get Wi-Fi at home for free. As we all know, the internet connection is now a must-have service at home. Whether you need it for your school requirements or to pass time, the internet can serve as your best friend. So if you’re ready to learn the legit and creative ways on how to get free Wi-Fi, read on and find out how.

Search for open Wi-Fi hot spots.

Yes, there’s a way to get a free connection. One popular way to connect for free is by searching for open Wi-Fi hot spots in your area. It’s possible, and there’s a big chance that you can find an open signal in your neighbourhood. For example, your careless neighbour may have forgotten to update the password of her internet connection.

Or perhaps, your neighbour doesn’t want to use passwords for simplicity of access. You only have to open your smartphone and search for open networks within your area.

Another source of free Wi-Fi is small stores, cafes, and restaurants. These business establishments often offer free Wi-Fi services to their customers. If these businesses are just a few meters away from your home, then there’s a big chance that you can enjoy free internet connection. The only drawback here is that you’ll easily lose your connection as soon as the owners of these establishments close their shop for the day.


Search for Free Internet for your Home Using Wi-Fi Map

Speaking for searching for a free connection, you can use a Wi-Fi map to improve your chances. You need to install this application to your smartphone. Once installed, you can use the app to scan the area for available connections. The app will give recommendations on where you can connect and also provide you with the passwords.

However, don’t completely rely on the app when looking for Wi-Fi. The app is not designed to detect Wi-Fi hot spots.

As explained by its Customer Support team, the app is designed to show users the newly added Wi-Fi connections by users. Now, if you don’t see Wi-Fi connections in your area, it only means that these have not been shared within the area. This may not be your perfect solution to your internet problem, but it sure helps simplify your search.

Enjoy free internet from your Municipal Wireless Network

Some local government units are better than others, at least in terms of the provision of free internet services. If your municipality or city offers free internet, then you can jump in and enjoy the service.

This is often a program of many municipalities to help small business owners and households connect to the internet. It’s designed primarily for economic purposes and to help the general population connect with their loved ones online. To check, you can visit the office of the local council or the city administrator to confirm the availability of the service.

Although this service can help the general public in terms of connectivity, it also comes with some restrictions. Since it’s for public use, the city or the municipality may impose certain conditions on its fair use. For example, there’s a time limit to its use. Also, some websites may be inaccessible for obvious reasons. And more importantly, there’s a big chance that the internet connection is slow and less reliable to paid internet connections.

Can you ask your friend to share the Wi-Fi connection?

If you want to access the internet from your mobile phone but you’re not enjoying unlimited data, then you can always ask the help of your friend. You can politely ask for the password so that you can share the internet connection. Sharing a Wi-Fi connection is easy and it’s possible whether you’re using an Android or an iOS device.

To facilitate the sharing of internet connection, you simply click ‘Turn on hot spot’ and you can connect to the internet. Alternatively, you can set a password so that you and your friends are the only ones who can enjoy the connection.

Connect using the free internet offered by your ISP.

This may seem like an impossible request but yes, there are instances when you can get free internet from your internet service provider. To check if your ISP offers complimentary access to their Wi-Fi networks, consider calling the Support Team of the company, and clarify this service. You can also check out their company website to know if they maintain Wi-Fi networks within your area that you can use.

Another creative approach that you consider is to try the free trial version of the service. As part of their marketing, some companies offer their potential customers a chance to try the internet service for a few weeks or months. Also, you can find internet service providers that allocate free internet time for customers. Make sure you sign up for their newsletters or regularly visit the websites to learn more about these promotions.

During the registration period, you may be asked for your billing information before you can access free credits. Just make sure you cancel this subscription before it expires. If you fail to cancel, you’re automatically billed for the internet service immediately after you consume the free credits.

How to Get WiFi at Home for Free

Use the free Wi-Fi in public places.

You just need to look around for you to discover an open Wi-Fi network. For example, you can detect a free Wi-Fi service in the park, in cafes, and many malls. If you visit your local coffee shop, there’s a big chance that you’ll be provided complimentary access to their internet. Schools and libraries today also offer free Wi-Fi access to their students as part of the teaching and learning process. Make sure you coordinate with the Guidance Office or the Head Librarian to get the password to the network. If you’re in a large city with numerous schools and libraries, finding an accessible Wi-Fi network should not be hard.

Share the Wi-Fi access point with your neighbours

Sometimes, it pays to cultivate warm relations with your neighbours. If you’re in good terms, then one of the creative things that you can is to share the Wi-Fi access point. Yes, if you can work it out with your neighbours, then you can apply for a single internet connection plan and you share the bill. Don’t worry if there are 4 or 5 households that will join the ‘group’ since you can easily find an internet service provider that offers high-speed internet with no data cap.

Sign up to be qualified for free internet from

The government is now running some programs that can help everyone get online. One popular program that you should know is, a government organization that’s designed to offer free internet services to low-income families. However, since it’s a government program, it comes with specific qualifying conditions and rules. You should be a member of the program to enjoy free internet services. The nice thing about this program is that it welcomes individuals and families from low-income communities. If you qualify, you are given free access to the internet.

Don’t worry if you don’t pass the qualification state of the organization. If you fail to qualify, you’ll be provided with highly affordable internet plans that start at $10 monthly. If you’re interested to proceed, then you need to pass through two basic steps:

  • Demonstrate your eligibility. You need to demonstrate that your household is considered part of the low-income class. For example, at least one member of the household should be eligible as an active recipient of a government federal aid program. This will validate that indeed, the household belongs to the low-income class, thus can be awarded this service.
  • Complete the application form. After the initial qualification required by the organization, you need to fill up the application form. Make sure to supply all information required including your complete name and address. The organization will then process and file your application. Once approved, you get free internet connection from any internet service providers that work with the federal government under this program.A popular partner of the government for this program is AT & T. As a recipient of the service, you’ll get a connectivity device with no installation fee and other hidden charges. Do you want to know more about this federal program? We highly encourage you to check out for more information.

Install a long-range WIFI antenna

If you live in a city or a busy metropolis, there’s a big chance that there are multiple sources of Wi-Fi connections waiting to be tapped. However, there’s a big chance that many of these connections are too far, thus the signals are a bit weak. To address this situation, you can use a more powerful Wi-Fi adapter for connection. By using a sensitive antenna, you can detect signals in areas that you never reached before. Aside from the use of a sensitive antenna, it’s also important that you configure your router for this task.

If you’re interested to try this option, make sure to follow the steps and recommendations below.

The idea behind this set of tips and recommendations is to connect to a free and non-password protected Wi-Fi and link it to your preferred device. To implement this task efficiently, you’ll need a highly sensitive antenna that can receive the wireless signal.

Here are some things you should look for in your device:

  • The device should have the ability to work in a client mode. In short, it should boast an ability to receive free internet connection through Wi-Fi and distribute the signal using cable over a local network.
  • The device should come with a highly sensitive antenna or an external output you can use for connecting a separate antenna. This is a requirement to detect Wi-Fi signals from a maximum distance without worrying about the loss in quality.

You can find several devices in the market that boast these features like the TP-LINK Pharos CPE 510 which comes with a built-in antenna and connector for linking a separate antenna. Also, this device comes with an operating mode like Wi-Fi Client.

Once the device is ready, just follow the steps described below.

  1. Connect the point to the router or computer.
  2. Set up according to instructions so you can detect free Wi-Fi signals.

If possible, you should have a general idea as to where you can find the Wi-Fi signals. If the free signal is located north, make sure that the antenna is oriented towards that direction. For example, if the free Wi-Fi is hosted by a local Starbucks, point the antenna and adapter to the direction of the store. If you’re new to the area or don’t have an idea where you can get free Wi-Fi signals, you can use some native apps that can help detect the signals. Keep in mind that the device will automatically detect the nearest and strongest Wi-Fi signals available.

Once a few connections are available, you will then choose a network and adjust the network to fully link the adapter to the signal. With these few steps and through the use of the right device, you can easily detect signals within your area and connect in a stress-free manner.

To recap, just install and connect the point to your computer. If you’re using the TP-LINK Pharos, you can follow the indicated settings to start your connection:

⦁ IP:
⦁ Mask:
⦁ Gateway:

Once these settings have been set up, proceed to the admin panel by typing in the browser the IP address of the access point, similar to what you have used in the ‘Gateway’. You will find the password and login in the case.

In the Admin Panel, look for the ‘Quick Setup’ and choose one of the two modes:

  1. Client. When using this mode, the point will receive using Wi-Fi and transfer the signal using a cable. This is highly recommended if you’re looking to get a free connection on one computer, or if you have an existing router, through the local network.
  2. Repeater. If using this mode, transmission and reception are done in a wireless manner. This means that you can instantly distribute the internet connection through your devices without the installation of another router.

Once this requirement is covered, you need to choose the network where you want to connect. If it’s a closed network, you need to manually provide the SSID and its password. When we tested our system, we simply click ‘Survey’ to detect the available internet connections in our area.

After a few seconds, the system will then display all available connections. Look for a network with the word ‘None’ displayed in the encryption column, which means that this network is open to everyone. Simply choose this option and click ‘Connect’.

After rebooting the system, the hotspot will connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network. Initially, you will not get a connection on your device. What’s important in these steps is that we connected to an external hotspot of Pharos, and we configured the network card to work with the hotspot and we fixed the IP as a gateway. After completing these stems, just return all settings to its ‘Auto’ mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Free Wi-Fi

Is it possible to get free Wi-Fi at home?

Yes. In this article, you can find several tips and approaches that you can use to connect to a Wi-Fi network for free.

Do I need a specific device to enjoy a free wireless connection?

Aside from your mobile phone and laptop, connecting to a free Wi-Fi network is easy and does not require the installation or use of complex devices. However, if you want to detect more signals within your city, you may need to use a sensitive antenna.

Is there an app that I can use to get free Wi-Fi?

Yes, there’s an app that can help you locate available Wi-Fi signals in your area. However, you need to review all available connections and check out the ones that not on private, or those with passwords.

Final Thoughts

Yes, we rely on the internet for many things, to complete our work, to communicate, or just complete a task. However, the cost of a highly reliable internet connection can be costly for many. The good news is that there are creative ways and approaches on how you can connect to the internet for free.

In this guide, we listed some of the best ways on how to get free Wi-Fi at home for free. We highly recommend that you check out our recommendations on this guide. Some may say that free internet is impossible but based on our guide, you’ll discover that it’s workable with just a few tricks.

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