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Unlimited 4G Wireless Internet - top 4 best plans

Unlimited Hotspot Internet – Top 4 Best Plans 2021

Unlimited data plan is definitely the best option if you want peace of mind, zero data caps and no speed reductions. For most of us today, unlimited Internet has became a mandatory thing to have especially because we love streaming numerous movies, music, watching videos on YouTube and downloading and playing multiple games. In a large family where more than three users are connected to the internet simultaneously, limited data plans can be frustrating.

Besides the peace of mind, unlimited data plans will give you a chance to pay a fixed monthly price and enjoy browsing the web, playing online games, streaming, uploading, videoconferencing and working seamlessly without worries about low-speed data and throttling. The only challenge is that shopping for the best Unlimited hotspot home internet provider is daunting and time-consuming.

Why do you need unlimited hotspot Internet?

Most Internet service providers in major cities and towns always offer unlimited Internet plans. But the few users in the rural areas are often forgotten and left with fewer options. Internet Service providers such as AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink often don’t care to extend their services to the rural areas. The few options available in marginalized areas are expensive and worst of all not reliable or worth it. This is what leaves customers in these areas with only options of spotty and slow internet options.

To solve most of these issues, the 4G and LTE technology come in with better plans and offerings. With Mobile Virtual Network operators, these technologies are taking on the task of providing 4G and good internet to these areas. It has over time proven to be the best option for local people.

The local mobile signal towers in rural areas are fully utilized. Unfortunately, Mobile Virtual Network operators don’t own infrastructure. They only contract with major mobile service providers such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile to offer their services. Infrastructure from some of these providers is underutilized. The MVNOs use the underutilized capacity of the cell phone towers to bring 4G and LTE internet services to people in rural areas. So, you need 4G Unlimited Internet because it’s faster and relatively affordable especially when compared to slower and costly Satellite internet options.

Tips for choosing a good MVNOs 4G unlimited Internet provider

Before we list and review the best rural Unlimited hotspot internet providers, you should be in a position to choose. Consequently, here are few tips that you can utilize to choose a good MVNO 4G unlimited Internet provider. The process can get extremely difficult if you don’t have enough information.

Your needs

Internet service providers offer their services at different speed packages and other features. What are your current internet needs in terms of speeds, the upload speeds, and additional features such as the number of connected devices? Start by understanding the speeds and the features you currently need. One mistake many people make is to go with the cheapest package when purchasing internet packages in rural areas. Choosing the cheapest option will leave you frustrated in the long run. The FCC has published recommendations of the internet speeds that different groups of people need.

However, note that these recommendations are based on a single user and if you use internet as a family, you need to go for higher internet speeds. Minimum speeds doesn’t mean that they will give you an optimal experience. Check whether your rural internet provider can walk you through the available packages detailing ways that each of them can help different people.

What is available in your area?

Now that you know your internet needs, what options do you have in your rural area? In many instances, Satellite Internet is available to different users. But there are chances that the Satellite internet is not a good option. It is always expensive and slower than the MVNOs. So, can you get MVNOs services in your area? If yes, then this is the best option.

The Uptime

Some of the Internet options in rural areas are not very reliable. The amount of time the internet determines how reliable the connections are and how you can choose going forward. Satellite Internet is majorly affected by weather and the uptime during certain seasons can be lower than expected. Despite paying hugely for low internet speeds, you will also be disconnected or connected to unstable internet for the better part of the rainy season. Choosing MVNOs can prove to be a relatively better option when it comes to Uptimes.


Price is a very important consideration especially if you are a serious internet user on a budget. But this doesn’t mean you should always go for the cheapest Internet plans. It means that you have weighed the quality of services and the budget you have at hand. Low prices in many instances are attractive but they are not the best options to go for. So, be careful when purchasing different internet packages.

The Quality of Services

Given that there are different internet options and providers at your disposal, the quality of services will not be the same all through. The fact remains that not all Internet providers create the same terms of service or provide the same quality of services. It’s however important to pick a provider in the rural areas that meets all your business and Home Internet needs.

In conclusion, when shopping for Internet in rural areas, there’s a lot to consider. Understanding what you need is a major step in choosing the right MVNOs internet provider for your rural home.

The Best Unlimited hotspot Internet

With that information, I know you are definitely wondering what are some of the best 4G Unlimited Home internet options to go for. Here’s a list of the best providers, customer reviews, their pros and cons.

Infinite LTE

Infinite LTE is a MVNO which poses as the best option for people on the move or people that don’t want to cope with the high prices of Satellite Internet. It offers high-speed Internet via the 4G LTE technology to people mainly operating businesses and residing in rural areas. The provider uses T-Mobile’s network with a single mission of providing affordable and high speed internet to underserved markets. The service is mainly available on rural and suburban areas where other internet options are not available.

The Infinite LTE Data wireless Internet offers a single plan but you can as well choose the low-priced options if you want to choose the three-or-six months prepay option.


  • No contracts
  • Fully mobile
  • No hard data caps


  • Limited Availability
  • Not perfect for heavy users

Pricing and packages

The company has the most straightforward setup with the visible pricing plans. As I stated earlier, it offers just a single plan for all the users and a couple of prepaid options.

The unlimited Infinite Data plan costs $69.99 including the fees and the taxes. This plan is for people that are going for a month-to-month option. Moving on, the Prepay 3-month option gives you a $5 monthly discount to pay $64.99. This will be charged as $194.97 for the three month cycle. It automatically saves you $15. Lastly, the prepay 6-month option saves you $10 per month for the six months. It will be charged as $359.94 at the beginning of the cycle saving you approximately $60.

The BYOD Unlimited Hotspot plan costs $79.99 per month. You will be required to pay a SIM Card which will be used as a Micro or a Nano card on the Hotspot device. You have many options in this case but the company recommends Samsung Tablets and Alcatel devices. Additionally, when buying the device you should note that Netgear NightHawk is blacklisted for being incompatible.

Infinite LTE Data customer service

Lastly, you will get a paper from the company that has all the information about the billing and technical support immediately after subscribing and buying the equipment with Infinite LTE data provider. The number is only sent as part of the equipment package but the customer support number is also in their SIM card. It only operates from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM and is closed on weekends. It’s also easy to get assisted via email:  [email protected] or a request via their support page. The customer service responds faster to most queries which is uncommon in the internet industry.


One of the major benefits of Choosing Infinite Data is that the provider is very transparent about the fees and the costs. All the additional costs and fees are also listed in the purchase stage. Additionally, all the sales fees and taxes are already included in the pricing. But for the first payment, you will pay another $75 as one-time activation fee to set up the new account and active the sim card and a $15 fee for the insured-priority mail through USPS.


I haven’t been able to gather any figures as far as the Infinite data upload and download speeds are concerned. However, I found out that the company states that the speeds are dependent on the distance from the tower, terrain and several other factors. The website also states that any Hotspot device more than 4 miles away from the tower will start to lose connections. For stability and reliability, you should be close to the towers. Just be sure that the company doesn’t guarantee the speeds and they also don’t want to sell their services in areas where there are lower signals.


You have probably heard about NetBuddy especially if you live in rural areas. NetBuddy uses AT&T infrastructure to offer their MVNO service to potential internet users in rural and Sub-urban areas. Given that they use AT&T services, they probably have a limited capacity which makes the whole Business model different from other service providers. Additionally, NetBuddy doesn’t offer anything on their own when it comes to equipment. They have a list of supported AT&T routers and explains how to purchase them to customers. Some people are not happy about the NetBuddy customer service and the time the support takes to solve common issues with the network and the equipment. The customer service is also limited to a single email address with no information about the business hours and how long the company takes to respond to the requests.


  • No data caps
  • It’s an affordable option
  • Sells AT&T services to rural areas
  • No credit checks required.


  • Limited to new Customer acceptance
  • Poor customer support
  • Doesn’t offer equipment on its own


This MVNO offers a single plan for all the customers at a price of $65 every month. It also offers LTE and 4G speeds and unlimited data according to the information available on their website. Potential subscribers should buy compatible routers from AT&T and purchase the remote activation service from the company’s site. In terms of the prices and packages, there’s little information on NetBuddy website about the billing and the service. But there’s little information that Sim Card Activation is limited to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Internet Performance

Users will not be capped and they have stated that NetBuddy doesn’t manage the network. NetBuddy also doesn’t have enough control over how AT&T will limit connectivity. What I know is that AT&T direct customers have more priority over access, connectivity and bandwidth. NetBuddy doesn’t guarantee speeds and stability of the service.


The only fee you should pay is the activation fees and the $65 monthly fee to continue using the service.

NetBuddy Customer service

NetBuddy has allegedly one of the worst customer services in the Internet industry. They have limited customer support to emails and the company doesn’t disclose information about the service time. If the reviews available online are something to go by, NetBuddy customer service takes forever to respond to common queries. But the customer testimonials are mixed. Some of the users are happy about the responses they got while others think that the customer service doesn’t solve their issues.

Blazing Hog

Blazing Hog is another highly reliable MVNO internet service that uses the 4G LTE technology to deliver the promised high speed Internet connections in areas where internet connection is spotty or not available. Blazing Hog is actually one of the few MVNOs that offer internet services national wide. Blazing Hog actually has the largest coverage because of their exclusive deals and use of T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T cell towers. The main aim of Blazing Hog is to provide high speed internet to all the people that want to ditch the low and pricy satellite internet. The company competes well with major Internet service providers because of their latency. The latency is much lower than the case with common satellite Internet providers. Another benefit is the HD streaming support. This is supported and you will definitely not have to pay an additional fee for it.


  • It covers most areas where internet is spotty
  • It has a single plan
  • Its truly unlimited
  • The prices are reasonable


  • You should sign a contract to lock the prices
  • There are no signal boosters sold in the site.

Internet performance

The service provides internet speeds of up to 150Mbps in areas where the signals are strongest. But the coverage speed is lower than 27Mbps. I agree that 27Mbps is more than enough for quick streaming, downloading and online gaming. In terms of performance, the service is a high performer and beats most of the service providers that I have described above.

Price and packages

Blazing Hog unlike many other providers keeps things pretty simple in the sense that the prices for different packages are well put and easy to understand. The service provides a single internet plan at a cost of $99 per month. This is mainly the reason why almost everything is simple and easy to determine. Unfortunately, you will be required to pay a one-time subscription fees of $149.99 for the modem and another SIM activation fee of $49.99. Comparing these figures with some of the providers above, you can see that Blazing Hog service is comparatively expensive. Unlike other companies, you will also have to enter into a 24-month contract term. Fortunately, you will be offered a 30-day trial period and a full refund in case you feel the service is not for you during the trial period.

High speed Data amount

With their services, you have more than 500GB of high speed data. This is actually almost 10X of what you get with Satellite internet. There are many reported cases of data abuse in rural areas but the limits offered by Blazing Hog are more than enough for common Internet needs.

Additional fees

Besides the monthly subscriptions, you will also be forced to pay $199.99 for the modem and a onetime activation fees of $49.99. As a new customer, you should be ready to pay more than $300 for the first month’s subscription. After the first month, you will only be supposed to pay $99 each of the months for the service.


There are several claims that there are no contracts with the Blazing Hog Internet. However, I have found a bit of information about contracts. Some people claim that they are forced to enter into a 24-month contract with Blazing Hog Internet. The data will be available to help you stream and watch your favorite movie and at the same time game online. The claims about the contracts are not verified and I personally think that the company should be more transparent with the information about pricing and contracts.


Here is another MVNO provider that uses the AT&T towers and the 4G LTE technology to provide highly affordable and high-speed Internet. The company provides one of the most affordable plans. The only disadvantage is that the hardware is very expensive with them. If the signals in your area are not very strong, then you can buy signal boosters from UbiFi directly. But it’s important to order a signal testing with them before making the purchase.

Speeds and Performance

The UbiFi internet service advertises their internet as unlimited but there are soft data caps. If for any case you exceed the data usage, you will just be deprioritized. The company doesn’t reveal how much data usage is too much but if you are a heavy data user, you will receive an email from the company notifying you about your usage and the current repercussions.

I have another concern about their use policy. The company warns that they can terminate the service in case of excessive use. They also don’t say how much of data usage is excessive. As a matter of fact, they don’t consider heavy streamers, gamers and Freelancers working from home who can use more data for their different tasks.

Prices and packages

UbiFi just like the majority of the Internet providers above has a single data plan going at $89.99 per month. The money is paid on a month-to-month basis. There are no activation fees as it’s the case with the majority of providers above. You will also get a 1 month trial period to test the services. If the services are not the best for you, you can cancel and get a refund. But you will have to cover the restocking fees of 15% of the amount paid.


Is NetBuddy internet genuine?

NetBuddy is a MVNO service that sells their LTE services to people in rural areas. It’s a valid option if you don’t have good internet coverage in your area. NetBuddy has the most limited offering in all the rural areas as for now.

What is the best Internet service for rural areas?

4G LTE unlimited internet offered by the MVNOs mentioned above is the best alternative to satellite internet.

Is there an unlimited Hotspot plan in rural areas?

There are fewer carriers that offer unlimited data tethering on unlimited data plans without pumping the brakes on the speeds when you reach certain limits. But the companies explained above offer better options.


Rural areas don’t have many options when it comes to internet accessibility. But the above-mentioned providers of Unlimited hotspot Internet are the best options you can pick. Comparing MVNOs to satellite internet, it’s clear that the MVNOs offer better services, higher speeds, reliable internet all at an affordable cost.

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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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