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Net10 Data Plans Review - 5 essential packages that users must know

Net10 Data Plans Review – 5 Essential Packages For 2021

Net10 is a prepaid MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) who to a large extent has assured their potential customers of a lower price in data plans. The company is owned by TracFone Wireless. If you’re observant, you must have noticed Net10 sims are sold in conjunction with other brands also acquired by TracFone such as Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, and Straight Talk. Just like its parent company, Net10 also offers some data plans by being in contract with the four major carriers.

This means that subject to the phone a customer uses and the location of residence, Net10 potential and existing customers can effectively use the networks of either T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon. It means that Net10 can jump on any telecom available and link up a customer to a preferred carrier with a durable signal.

Hence, rather than just remaining on a single network, you can actually have the right to use all networks, thereby getting a consistent coverage. Porting is easy, select a particular network of your choice, do not discard your device or mobile number and finally check the carrier’s compatibility within your area.


Your gadget and residential area will depend on the coverage. However, be well-versed that Net10 network is not synchronized to a single network; instead, they’ve footing on all the most important networks. To ascertain the class of coverage you may likely experience with Net10; you can input your zip code on their website, which will reveal the coverage map for you. But the truth is that you’ll definitely enjoy a better network with Net10 when compared to other average MVNO. This is a plus to Net10 Wireless.

Best Net10 Data Plans

Few data plans listed by Net10 are available. Among the entire plans, you won’t experience data termination but the data speed is capped. Mainly, individual plan has a quantified monthly volume of 4G data; then the speed will be lowered to 2G. Below are available data plans you can get with Net10

Budget Data User Plan

  • This costs $35 on a month basis.
  • With AR, the cost is reduced to $31.50.
  • Comprises 4GB of high-speed data.
  • 4GB Formerly included

Essential Data User Plan

  • This costs $40 on a month basis.
  • With AR, the cost is reduced to $36.
  • Comprises of 8GB of high-speed data.
  • 4GB Formerly included

Preferred Data User Nationwide

  • This costs $50 on a month basis.
  • With AR, you get to pay $45.
  • Comprises high-speed data of 10GB.
  • 8GB Formerly included.
  • By paying three months upfront, you get to save $20 bonus.

Mega Data User

  • This costs $60 per month.
  • Comprise of 12GB of high-speed data.
  • There is no AR concession.
  • 10GB Formerly included.

Preferred Data User with International Calling

  • This costs $65 per month.
  • With AR, it is reduced to $60.
  • Comprise of 10GB of high-speed data.
  • 8GB Formerly included.

Note: Each of the monthly packages as stated above involves no fees or even tax. For a $50 plan, you’ll enjoy a multi-line deduction. Furthermore, in a situation where all subscribers in a single account sign up to this plan, lines 2-4 get a deduction of $10.


  • When your high-speed data is exhausted before the expiration date, you’ve the opportunity to add more. For extra $5 you’ll get 500MB or pay $10 to get 1GB.
  • If your line remains active, your remaining add-on data will not expire rather it will be rolled over until you finally exhaust it.
  • You’ll also enjoy a $10 pay as you go on international calling.

Family Plans – On this plan, you’ll enjoy great benefit whenever an additional line is added to your Net10 account. This means that each line has a price cut. For instance, first line has a discount of $5. Then followed by $10 per month reduction on other lines after the first one. It can be extended to four lines.


As a potential subscriber, you can sign up on Net10 using either Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon with your current phone or you can procure another one in mint condition from Net10. Not every data plan is competitively appraised. For instance, the two lowest plans ($31.50 and $36), can be satisfactorily equated in the open market. This is because of its usage in Verizon network. Just that Pix Wireless is still ahead because they give more data for a smaller amount (4GB for $30).

Furthermore, the 8GB plan for $36 is an excellent deal notwithstanding the setup it is on. In fact, it is even ahead of the Total Wireless plan that goes for $33.20 per month. You might not bother yourself much with the Net10’s plan priced above $45 because other providers seem to offer extra data at an equal price.


  • You’ll enjoy unlimited data.
  • There is no contract – This means that whenever you fill like terminating your subscription with Net10, you’re free to jump ship. For instance, you can decide to sign up to enjoy the Prepaid Autopay reduction and terminate it when it gets exhausted without being billed extra fees.
  • As a user, you’ll enjoy lots of suppleness.
  • You don’t need to bother yourself of acquiring additional fees when you exceed your monthly scheduled data.
  • You can choose to try any other carrier whenever you decide without any restriction.


  • Low data caps – The truth be told, Net10 data plans are not suitable for individuals that depend on heavy data. There is every tendency of exhausting your high-speed data before time and then be demoted to sluggish data speed. For instance, the speed is so sluggish that you can literally witness your data decelerating down on a monthly basis. To enjoy any greater data cap, you need to pay as much as $60 monthly. If you intend paying as much as this just to subscribe to an MVNO plan just like Net10, it’s advisable to shift to alternative carrier’s data plan.
  • Deprioritization – One thing about MVNO service provider is that your coverage together with data speed will definitely be deprioritized no matter the network you pitch your tenth. This means that when using Net10 data, especially in a crowded place (airport environment, sports ground, or popular concerts), you’ll notice a drastic drop in your internet speed. The explanation to this remains that that top networks like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint tend to focus on providing the finest service to their subscribers before looking to the direction of MVNO users.

Comparing Net10 Wireless Plans

The essence of making trying out an MVNO like Net10 is to conserve your money. For instance, if you make a comparison among the data packages offered by the top four networks, the outcome will show that Net10 is low-priced. The challenge is just that with its affordable rate, you’ll experience restricted high-speed data. Hence, with Net10, your data fee won’t be much, but you won’t enjoy the fast internet.


Net10 appears to be in the middle ground when compared with other MVNOs because its costlier than others like PureTalk, Ultra Mobile, Simple Mobile. Also, its high-speed data is still lower when compared to others. However, Net10 has a major advantage over others; it can access multiple networks, unlike others that are restricted to just one. This means that Net10 can link to numerous networks which gives a wider coverage. So practically, when you subscribe to Net10, you’ll always enjoy a more consistent coverage when compared to your usual MVNO.

NET10 Gadgets

The compatibility of Net10 to the most recent and trendy devices is another major factor that distinguishes them. For instance, with your current Net10 data plan, you can be assured of using any of the following devices; iPhone 11, Google Pixel, etc. The only challenge upfront payment must be made before you can use any new gadget than you would with other ISP such as Sprint. A typical example is this; for Apple iPhone 11 (64 GB) you’ll be making an upfront payment of about $699.

Note: It’s doable to come with an unlocked phone and put in your sim in the old device.

Is Net10 Data Plans Good?

Net10 still has the edge because of its ability to function across multiple networks, but its available data cap is still a drawback considering how much it cost. It’s true with them you won’t have any challenge when it comes to receiving a signal, but your network speed will be reduced once you exceed the allotted monthly threshold. So folks that use fewer data without considering data overages will certainly enjoy this package.

Plans – Net10 have some unlimited plans, but the variance between is the data cap. The network will certainly slowdown that it won’t feel like an unlimited package when you exceed your allotted cap. However, you’ll get a better contract if you maintain the monthly data range.

Coverage – They’ve the best coverage than any other MVNO provider. With this, as a subscriber, you’ll be attached to your preferred carrier who has the most reliable signal around your environment.

Devices – Within the Net10 plan, you’ll enjoy any up-to-date device (Android, Apple, etc.). However, the device will cost you a large chunk of money.

Overall – Net10 certainly have the upper hand, when it comes to cheap pricing, just that you need to do everything to maintain your scheduled data cap or you’ll be frustrated with the internet speed when your allotted scheduled data cap gets exhausted.


By subscribing to Net10 data packages, it will be easier for any subscriber, seeking for a means to leave any of the principal four networks. The noble thing about Net10 service is your original number will be intact together with your gadget and even your existing network. Subscribing is easy with their retailers scattered across the country. Lastly, for new clienteles, Net10 package has no contracts or any activation fees.

There is perfect time to make your switch to Net10 than now. Whether you prefer to continue to use your current decive or make a purchase of another one from one of the major brands, you can actually get the majority of things you enjoy about your current network for far less.


Can I get unlimited data when I subscribe to Net10?

Net10 lowest data package is around $20 monthly (without any fees or taxes). You’ll receive unlimited text, talk and 1GB high-speed data. You’ll be demoted to 2G speed immediately you exceed the monthly data limit.

Can I get extra data with Net10?

With the individual plan provided by Net10, some add-ons are included so the subscriber can enjoy. For instance, you’ve the opportunity for an additional $5 for 500MB or 1GB for $10 when your data gets exhausted. Furthermore, once your line remains active, your remaining add-ons won’t be terminated; rather, it will be rolled over for you until it gets exhausted.

Does net10 offer any family plan?

Yes, there is an unlimited family plan that goes for $90. You’ll enjoy unlimited text, talk, including data for a maximum of two lines. Furthermore, with this service, it will be easier to refill the current Net10 Service. Alternatively, it can also be used to activate a fresh NET10 Service.

Does Net10 rollover any unused data?

Whenever your data gets exhausted before the expiration time, you’ve the opportunity to top it up with additional data that gives you access to add-ons benefits. However, any remaining unused high-speed data gets terminated at the end of the month, but the add-ons can be carried over to your next subscription.

If I subscribe to Net10, can I continue to use my own previous phone?

Yes. Net10 permits any customer to come on board with their phones. They also have an extensive list of well-matched phones. So if you still enjoy your Android, iPhone, or Google Phone, you can easily transfer to any preferable Net10 data plan.

How sluggish is the speed after exhaustion of allotted data?

The speed of 4G data which you enjoyed will be demoted to 2G of 0.1 and 0.2 Mbps. Therefore, your internet network will be so slow like using a PalmPilot back in the days.

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