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Sprint unlimited data plans review

Sprint Unlimited Data Plan Review – Still Worth It in 2021?

If you have been on the fence about Sprints unlimited data plans for 2021 then we have all the answers in this review. Keep reading to find out the good, bad and ugly.

The finest Sprint plans are all about unlimited data, which has gotten better over the last few years. In fact, Sprint has gradually phased out any plan that isn’t aimed toward unlimited data, leaving just one plan with a data cap. What really distinguishes Sprint Network and makes it competitive is the prices, which are the most affordable among the big 4. With this alone, it’s a package that is worth checking out — mainly if you reside in a nearby suburb or even a city.

From Sprint’s lowest-tier unlimited plan, you’ll still enjoy endless data stream to your chosen device, with a limited speed limit. But, there is no restriction when you switch to some of its higher plans. Here, you’ll have access to an enormous amount of data, in addition to mobile hotspot and high-quality streaming.

Furthermore, Sprint’s 5G network is very much available in some select cities around the U.S. if you want to experience data at the highest speeds for devices that support the new connection standard. This can be found in Sprint’s two highest-tier unlimited plans. This currently doesn’t cost anything extra. Sprint has sufficient data selections to choose from if you’re looking to get the best-unlimited data plan that fits your needs.

If you’re set to look into Sprint plans, we’ve got all the necessary details in this write-up. Below are the unlimited data plans

  • Sprint Unlimited Plus
  • Sprint Unlimited Basic
  • Sprint Unlimited Premium
  • Sprint Unlimited Kickstart


This plan comprises all the services you need through the bandwidth is limited, so it may not necessarily be fast as you would expect. The limitation is for music, gaming, and video streaming at 480p. Though this unlimited is in quantity because you’ll get to enjoy free Hulu subscription. The unlimited basic plan is the ideal plan to subscribe if you’re looking for a not too feature-heavy data plan. The biggest attraction of the Unlimited Basic Plan is its low cost, but you’ll still get a few perks.


  • 500MB of mobile hotspot at LTE speeds
  • Unlimited hotspot at 3G speeds.
  • End- to end and 5GB of LTE data in Canada and Mexico
  • Free texting and basic data plan in over 200 countries.
  • DVD Quality SD video streaming (480p)
  • Free Hulu Subscription

Here’s what you’ll get with the Unlimited Basic Plan:

  • 1 Line: $60/month
  • 2 Lines: $100/month
  • 3 lines: $100/month
  • 4 lines: $100/month

Below are the drawbacks of the Sprint Unlimited Basic Plan

  • Reduces hot spot functionality to 500 megabytes.
  • Music streaming is capped at 1.5 Mbps.
  • Video streaming decreases to standard definition (up to 480p).
  • Gaming streams up to 2 Mbps.



This data plan comprises of all the features of the basic plan and even more.


  • 50GB mobile hotspot at LTE speeds before being reduced to 3G.
  • Video streaming is allowed at 1080p
  • Hulu subscription
  • Tidal Premium.
  • For use in Mexico and Canada. 10GB of LTE data rather than the 5GB included in the basic plan.
  • Global roaming in more than 200 destinations.

In addition to these basic plan improvements, you can stream music at 1.5Mbps, while gaming is allotted 8Mbps. Furthermore, for a limited time, if you come along with your device at the point of switching to Sprint, you have the opportunity to save yourself $10 per month on this unlimited plan. Most importantly, this plan is 5G enabled.

Here’s what to expect when you subscribe for the Unlimited Plus Plan:

  • 1 Line: $70/month
  • 2 Lines: $120/month
  • 3 lines: $130/month
  • 4 lines: $140/month

The Unlimited Plus plan costs $70 a month for the first line, or you can decide to go for the 2 lines package for a total of $120. For an extra $10 on each line, you can also add a third, fourth, or fifth line. It then means that it will cost you just $130 for three lines, $140 for four lines, or $150 for five lines. Besides, you’ll get a slight consolation in the form of a one-off $35 in bill credit. Remember that the throttling if you exceed 50GB of data before your monthly billing period ends also applies in this unlimited plus package.

Below are the drawbacks of the Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan:

  • Music streaming is capped at 1.5 Mbps.
  • Gaming streams up to 2 Mbps.


The Unlimited Premium plan comprises of everything and even much more. This plan is Sprint’s priciest, but you can get $10/month off if you bring your device when switching to Sprint. With this plan, you also can 5G network access on a compatible phone.


  • 100GB LTE Mobile Hotspot.
  • Full HD video streaming at 1080p resolution.
  • Unlimited calls, texts while in Canada and Mexico.
  • Tidal Premium.
  • Hulu Subscription.
  • Lookout Premium Plus (a mobile security and identity theft service).
  • Amazon Prime subscription.

Here’s what you’ll get when you pay for the Unlimited Basic Plan:

  • 1 Line: $80/month
  • 2 Lines: $140/month
  • 3 lines: $160/month
  • 4 lines: $180/month

Below are the drawbacks of the Sprint Unlimited Premium Plan

  • Reduces hot spot functionality to 3G after 50GB per month


Sprint has added a brand-new no contract plan called the Unlimited Kickstart Plan. This keeps it simple for customers at $35 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data; either you come with your device or purchase a new one. It’s lacking the add-ons seen in the other unlimited plans talked about above. For instance, there’s no mobile hotspot allowance, no streaming perks. Also, this plan won’t permit you to share data or any bundled extras. Just that the privilege to be able to save is very tough to beat because this gives you access to one of the cheapest unlimited plans around.


  • DVD quality video
  • Music streaming is limited to 500Kbps
  • gaming to 2Mbps
  • Supports global roaming in 200 destinations.
  • No mobile hotspot
  • Anytime data deprioritization.

Below are the drawbacks of the Sprint Unlimited Premium Plan

  • Data slowed down during network congestion. Though it has unlimited data for browsing and social media.
  • Mobile hotspot use is also restricted.

So if you just want to surf the web with no intention of streaming everything, then what this package offers is plenty for the price. The global roaming of over 200 destinations is also an added advantage.


Sprint is still offering some affordable family plans compared to other major carriers with no real significant changes. Sprint’s cheap data family packages are one thing you can confidently say about this network. With their recent reshuffle do data prices, Sprint still offers three main family plans:

  • Unlimited Basic Family Plan ($100/month for 4 lines)
  • Unlimited Plus Family Plan ($140/month for 4 lines)
  • Unlimited Premium Family Plan ($80/ month for 4 lines)


Sprint’s Unlimited Basic Family Plan is another super cheap $100 for four lines.


  • Absence of hotspot or H.D. streaming.
  • Gaming is limited to 2 Mbps speeds
  • Music streams at 500 kbps.
  • 5GB of 4G LTE data in Canada and Mexico
  • Free Subscription Hulu.


This is priced at $140/month for four lines. This is applicable whether you come with your device or just want to purchase a new one. It takes the features of a standard flagship unlimited plan with excellent perks.


  • 50GB hotspot allowance
  • Unlimited H.D. video streaming
  • 50GB data deprioritization threshold
  • Unlimited talk/text to and 10GB within Mexico and Canada
  • Global roaming in over 185 destinations
  • Hulu subscriptions
  • Tidal subscriptions

Once you’re in a good Sprint coverage environment, this plan will be suitable for you.


Unlimited Premium Family plan remains the best data plan if your family really needs it all. The plan is loaded with irresistible features though it’s a bit more expensive at $140 for 4 lines when compared to the other data plans.


  • Massive 100GB hotspot allowance (the biggest in the industry)
  • Free Amazon Prime
  • Hulu subscriptions
  • TIDAL subscriptions
  • Unlimited data in Mexico and Canada. Granted,


According to J.D.power, Sprint isn’t in the top front when it comes to excellent customer service. From the report often released, Sprint lacks behind when compared to their competitors. But on a lighter note, J.D. power also reports that Sprint’s agents still answer questions quickly and respectfully during a phone conversation and through social media platforms. The report further shows that the responses to these chat are very informative and timely as well. In addition to all these, they’ve clear and concise information on their website, which is also a big plus. These are also part of customer satisfaction.


Sprints offer a value proposition in all their family plans when compared to other carrier offers. For instance, the family plan of T-Mobile comprises of excellent features. Verizon, on the other hand, has a magnificent network, while Sprint has the best price. Furthermore, the network’s Unlimited plus family plan that goes for $100/month undercuts their major carrier competitors, putting them on par with low-cost family plans across other networks. The only downside to this is that when you’ll be making a comparison based on network quality, Sprint still needs to do more among the big four majors. But this might not be a problem for those in an area with Sprint coverage. This would be an avenue for you to save enough money for your family smartphone plan. You can see that the choice is very evident.


To a large extent, Sprint Network has really done a great job as regards their coverage and service expansion, especially in its metro areas. Though there are still some lacuna to be covered when you compare them with other big carriers in coverage and speed. But the truth remains that Sprint really wants new customers to join the network and sign up for the above-unlimited plans by slashing the price, which cannot be equated with its main competitors. So if you live in a suburban or metro area and want a very affordable unlimited data plan, Sprint remains an excellent choice. The discussed data plans above are cheap and easy to comprehend, in addition to significant data deprioritization threshold, great perks, and the possibility of juicy add-ons.

For people who may not have the intention to subscribe to an unlimited plan, well, there might not be more options for you in Sprint plans. For now, it remains like this, or else in the near future, Sprint tweak their plan to accommodate more post-paid non-unlimited plans.


Does Sprint have overage charges?

Not at all. Rather than Sprint to charge overage fees, they will automatically reduce your speed to 2G when you reach your monthly data allotment. That comprises of the 2GB plan, as well as your mobile hotspot allowance for the unlimited plans. In either case, it is recommended you simply set an alert to notify you when your data usage hits 75%, 90%, and 100% of your monthly allotment.

Can I use my Sprint plan overseas?

Yes. All the unlimited data plans comprise of an automatic Global Roaming at 2G speed. Beginning with the Unlimited Basic plan, you’ll enjoy unlimited talk and text in addition to a 5GB of data in Canada and Mexico. Unlimited Plus is not left out. In fact, the data allowance is increased to 10GB for Mexico and Canada; while the Unlimited Premium to 4G LTE.

Can I keep my number as i switch to Sprint?

Yes, when you’re ready to switch to Sprint, you can always keep your existing number. It is referred to as “porting” your original number. It’s not that difficult to do. All you need is to follow the instruction below once you sign up:

  • The name and residential address of your old carrier account
  • Account number of your old carrier account
  • Account password of the same (if applicable)
  • Last four digits of your Tax ID or SSN

For more information on this, please check the Sprint’s page to confirm your number’s eligibility further.

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