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At&t unlimited data plans review

AT&T Unlimited Data Plans Review – Updated 2021

If you are looking for more info about AT&T Unlimited Data Plans then this updated 2021 review will help you get the answers you need.

When it comes to the most recognized brand in the world at the moment, AT&T is well represented, and most importantly, it has stamped its place among the Big 4 carriers alongside the likes of T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

Moreover, while Verizon and T-Mobile contend for the top position on the ranking charts about service performance, AT&T gradually concentrates on blocking all the gaps and calmly putting an excellent performance of their service.

From the reports, AT&T has steadily taken the 2nd or 3rd place, when it comes to performance study.

For instance, RootMetrics, including OpenSignal annual reports, has unswervingly scored AT&T best when it comes to reliability, coverage, and network speed. So if you’re at the point of subscribing to a GSM-based carrier, there are numerous reasons why you’ll like AT&T.

Top among the list is that it’s among the carrier network that has extensive coverage across the US and among different phone users. But first, you must understand the kind of plans offered by AT&T and its features before deciding what’s best for you.

So whatever your need is, we’re here to help walk you through the crucial details of AT&T’s data plans as well as a lot of the fine print that comes along with it. This will get you informed on what to expect from each plan and its limitations. So, keep reading this write-up to find out the best AT&T plan for you.

AT&T Unlimited Data Plans: Explained

AT&T’s data plans can be broken up into three main categories that new subscribers can choose from. They’re as follows:

  • AT&T Unlimited Starter
  • AT&T Unlimited Extra
  • AT&T Unlimited Elite


This is the most affordable of all the plans at $65/month for one line, or $140 for the four lines. The price excludes taxes or fees, and it doesn’t allow mobile hotspot usage.

These prices comprise a $10 discount when using Autopay or paperless billing.

This plan does not include many perks. It’s more like an unlimited plan for low budget consumers.


  • Standard-definition streaming
  • Unlimited data, talk, text
  • When there is a busy network, AT&T may momentarily slow data speed but roaming remains at 2G speed.
  • No texting restriction from the US to other countries.
  • Security of your device, scam blocking, and spam risk warnings


This plan is an upgrade from the Unlimited Starter plan. It is priced at $75 a month for one line, or $160 for four lines.

But this price excludes taxes and fees and does include some discounts, including an Autopay and paperless billing discount. It comprises all the features from the starter plan and much more.

For instance, an upgrade of the data allotment to 50GB before you’ll experience data deprioritization threshold during network congestion. It also comprises 15GB of mobile hotspot data allowance.

Hence, this plan is ideal for someone who is substantially dependent on his/her phone. Furthermore, individuals who travel a lot can also consider this plan since it can connect to a hotspot in the absence of Wi-Fi.


  • Unlimited data, talk, text plus 50GB of Premium Data
  • Standard-definition streaming
  • After 50GB, AT&T may momentarily slow data speed but roaming remains at 2G speed.
  • 15GB mobile hotspot data per line
  • After 15GB, hotspot speed is slowed down and capped at 128Kbps maximum.
  • 5G access
  • No texting restriction from the US to other countries.
  • Security of your device, scam blocking, and spam risk warnings


The Unlimited Elite is priced at $85 a month for one line or $200 for four line bundles, making it the most expensive of the three plans.

The Elite tier comprises 30GB monthly free high-speed mobile hotspot data with more entertainment perks since you’ll have access to premium streaming services such as HBO.


  • Unlimited data, talk, text plus 100GB of Premium Data
  • After 100GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. Roaming may be at 2G speed.
  • High-definition streaming
  • The plan includes HD video streaming with Stream Saver which can be turned off.
  • 30GB mobile hotspot data per line
  • After 30GB, mobile hotspot speed slowed to a maximum of 128Kbps.
  • 5G access
  • Inclusion of HBO Max
  • Signature Program members have the opportunity to save up to $10/month per phone line
  • No texting restriction from the US to other countries.
  • Security of your device, scam blocking, and spam risk warnings


If you’re searching for a reliable family cell phone data plan with enjoyable perks, AT&T family plans are your best bet. The information outlined below will help you find the best one for you and your family.

Benefits of AT&T family plan may include:

  • Discounts for all additional extra lines.
  • Unlimited text and talk.
  • No contracts—you can unsubscribe anytime you wish.
  • Canada and Mexico talk, text, and data
  • Unlimited messaging to 120+ countries
  • 25% of Military discounts
  • Access to receive thanks perks

AT&T Family Plans and Why Should You Get One

If you calmly check, you’ll discover that AT&T family plans are by and large cheap than subscribing for multiple individual lines.

For example, AT&T’s Unlimited Extra plan is priced at $75/month, invariably, four single lines on different accounts supposed to go for $300/month.

But that’s not the case here. With this AT&T Family Unlimited Extra plan, there is a discount in each line.

This means that you get to save yourself some extra cash while enjoying the family plan’s benefits each month. For $160/month or you pay $40/month per line, which totals $140/month in savings!

AT&T Prepaid Family Plans

Prepaid family plans function like the typical prepaid individual plans. This means that your service must be paid before you can have the opportunity to use it.

The good thing about AT&T prepaid family plans is that it offers an additional bonus without going for a credit check. Other perks you can enjoy by of subscribing to AT&T prepaid family plan are as follows:

  • It is less expensive when compared to postpaid plans
  • You get to enjoy unlimited talk and text
  • Great coverage aboard AT&T network
  • Customizable data for each line

One of the juicy parts of signing up for AT&T’s prepaid family plans is that you won’t be paying more for family members who use fewer data in a month. The customizable feature is available on prepaid plans.

Postpaid Family Plans

This is the opposite of the prepaid family plans. Here you get to pay for your service after using it. The different data plans here range from 3GB shared data plans to unlimited data, including all the fixings.

But note, you’ll be unable to share data across different lines if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. For example, if you have the 3GB plan for 4 lines, all four people will have the opportunity of sharing 3GB of data monthly.

AT&T postpaid plan overview:

  • Rollover unused high-speed data
  • About ten lines on a family plan account
  • Unlimited talk & text
  • No overage fees on data use

It’s vital, you know, there is no discount on each line added in the Mobile share plus 3GB and 9GB plans in this plan.

These single-line plans are individually priced at $30/month and $35/month.

On the other hand, the 4 line plans go for $120/month and $140/month. Bringing things into perspective, if you’re buoyant enough to go for 9GB for $140/month then it’s preferable to choose the 4 line Unlimited Starter plan, which still goes for the same price. This is because here, you’ll enjoy other international perks.

AT&T Unlimited Family Plans

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits that come with an AT&T unlimited data plan, then this is an excellent way to do so while you still get to save enough money on your monthly phone bill.

Another good thing is that you get a discount on any additional line when you sign up for an AT&T multi-line. AT&T’s unlimited plan options include:

  • $65 Unlimited Starter: Unlimited data, talk, text, and in Mexico and Canada, including other 120+ countries
  • $75 Unlimited Extra: 15GB hotspot, 50GB data deprioritization threshold, unlimited data, talk, text and in Mexico and Canada, unlimited texts to 120+ countries.
  • $85 Unlimited Elite: 100GB data deprioritization threshold, Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada, unlimited texts to 120+ countries, 30GB hotspot, HD-quality streaming, HBO subscription.


Here smartphone customers tend to get 200MB of data for $15 a month on the DataPlus plan. Within a monthly billing phase, when a subscriber uses above 200MB, he or she will get 200MB extra but for $15 until the billing elapses.

On the other hand, subscribers can also sign up for the DataPro plan for $25 a month, for 2GB of data but they can receive an extra 1GB for $10 once 2GB usage has been exceeded.

What happens when a subscriber over limit?

On a DataPlus plan, whenever you use beyond 200MB allotted data with a month, you’ll be charged $15.

This implies that irrespective of whether you surpass your limit by just 1MB or even 100MB, know that you’ll be charged an additional $30 for that month.

Furthermore, if you surpass 400MB, you’ll be charged an extra $15, and your bill will be totalling $45 for that month.

For the 2G DataPro plan, whenever you exceed your monthly cap, you’ll be charged $10 extra to get an additional 1GB of data.

Putting things into perspective, $35 will be your total bill. However, it will cost you $45 when you use 4GB of data and $55 for 5GB of data usage.

Note, you can change your plan before you exceed that data limit.

For instance, to avoid overage fees, you can quickly adjust your plan online before your data usage exceeds the monthly limit. So let’s say you’re on the DataPlus plan, and within the first week you’re already close to the limit, you can upgrade quickly to the DataPro service.

Your contract still remains intact. For the presiding month, you can still return to the DataPlus service if you want. But you’ve to manage your account to switch between plans manually. That’s a major drawback here.


Now that you know about the types of plans and what you stand to get, if you want to save money on TV subscriptions, AT&T’s unlimited plans will be the best.

On the other hand, if you care less about TV, you can pitch your tenth on one of their prepaid plans, which is cheaper. Just that you’ll get to loose minor features. When it comes to broad coverage, AT&T falls just behind Verizon but not by much, though your regions where you reside matters.

This makes AT&T Unlimited data plans the best choice for people who don’t live in or spend much time in the country. If you live in a large metro or the surrounding area, you might get better value from other carriers who work great in those areas.

Finally, AT&T will always be categorized as either the fastest carrier or at least among the top by any ranking. In either case, you stand a chance of enjoying AT&T, and you won’t experience much delay.


Can I bring my tablet over to AT&T? Do they’ve data plans for that?

Yes. AT&T offers two unique plans for this:

  • Bring your own phone (BYOP) plan
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) plan

Tablets or other wireless devices that have 4G capabilities can get the AT&T DataConnect plan. This gives you 250MB, 3GB, or 5GB, for $14.99/month, $30/month, or $50/month respectively but with overage charges. That is to say, 250MB/$14.99 on that plan, and 1GB/$10 on the other plans.

What is AT&T WatchTV?

WatchTV is AT&T’s streaming app. You can get 35 live channels, such as Cartoon Network, HGTV, and AMC. It also comprises of numerous on demand titles.

You can easily cancel anytime you want because it does not come with a contract.

On AT&T, how can I tell how much data I’m using?

You can quickly login to your account online to check their data usage. In addition to this, you’ll get an email and text message notification whenever your data usage approaches 60%, 90%, and 100%.

That’s not all; your used overage allotment will also be sent to you. This notification comes when you’ve used 75% and 100% of the overage allotment.

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