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Inconsistent Internet Speed - 6 easy to improve Wifi connection guide

Inconsistent Internet Speed – 6 Ways To Improve Wifi Speed Guide 2022

Americans who are experiencing inconsistent internet speeds can take this updated 2022 guide will help you speed up their internet connection today without switching providers.

The majority of all internet users all prefer the most reliable and fastest internet connection they can get. Still, the truth is that internet speed is not predictable and can’t remain unswerving at all times even when you have a unique dedicated line. There is nothing more annoying than moves at a snail’s pace.

For instance, web pages taking forever to open, streaming services and your online games experience so many lags. With online meetings becoming a frequent occurrence now, any substantial stoppage in your internet will, to a large extent sabotage working at home. While this might be your case, you can take your time and examine the common causes of inconsistent internet listed below in this write-up to find out whether one of these is currently happening to you, so you know how to resolve the situation.

Causes of Slow & Inconsistent Internet Speeds

Slow Hardware – It’s possible you’re currently using the same router for quite some time. The fact is that as these tools get old, the more they fail to correspond to the speed provided by the ISP. This is because when the processor inside the device starts to overheat, the speed severely reduces. This can be noticed when you turn off the router and allow it for a while before turning it back on. Most times, routers just start misbehaving without any prior notice except a consistent slow speed. At this point, it important to reach out to your service provider for new network hardware.

ISP Router Congestion Can Hurts Your Speed – Within your neighbourhood, your ISP might have several routers. When the majority of you’re trying to download at same high speed, there is the tendency to experience slight cuts to your network performance.

This is a natural phenomenon, but it means that your internet service provider has limited local routers to proficiently route all the signals. In this case, you either switch over to an internet provider with a fewer number of people in your neighbourhood. However, remember that the problems perhaps aren’t just going to be local.

Heavy load on ISP Infrastructure – Each ISP has its infrastructure where signals are sent, queued, processed and routed to different destination. However, there is some point when it won’t be at full capacity. This is because most times, it will be overloaded with substantial traffic.

Depending on what region you’re, the ISP may have trouble improving their infrastructure because of tight government bureaucracy that sometimes becomes a hindrance. At this point, it might not necessarily be their fault but politics and money.

How To Fix Inconsistent Internet Connection

There are so numerous factors that are involved with internet speed, but if you are facing continuous speed fluctuations, it means something might be actually wrong with your internet connection.

Switch to a dedicated line

Constant Traffic is actually the major causes of inconsistent internet speed. For instance, if you are residing in an apartment building, you tend to notice this at the time everybody is at home. This means that everybody is sharing the signal, which in turn tends to increase the load. Getting a dedicated line will help to fix this issue. Though it’s important, you get approval from your service provider before getting this line because at some point the inconsistent speed might be as a result of another factor.

Run a quick check on your devices

This is one of the delicate troubleshooting steps to follow. In every household, there are numerous devices connected to the internet this, in turn, share the bandwidth you’re getting from your ISP. This means that you are going to lose internet speed on all the devices. In some cases, an inactive device might tend to be consuming more bandwidth without you realizing it, which ends up reducing your speed. To solve this problem only connect devices which you need and disconnect the Wi-Fi of others not in use. Furthermore, when you notice the inconsistent speed, there might be an application running background updates. This means that automatic backups or updates on your applications can also be the cause of speed inconsistency you experience with your internet connection.

Metered Connection

Internet speed can also be affected by metered connection because when a limit or timer is set on your device, it most times affects the speed. So make sure you disconnect any active metered connection setting on your device unless you actually need it to monitor your bandwidth usage. It needs to be configured efficiently to prevent these issues.

In Conclusion

As a must-have service, the internet can’t be separated from our lives because we rely on it for information, education or entertainment. Suppose you’re experiencing an inconsistent internet speed. In that case, you can go through some of these multiple suggestions – repositioning your router, rebooting your equipment, disconnecting devices, surfing the web doing off-peak times, etc. if non worked, at this point you need to reach out to your service provider. Remember they would want to rectify this issue just to keep you as their customer. When they seem unwilling to help you, it might be time to jump ship to another internet plan.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why am experiencing inconsistent speed with my Wi-Fi?

The distance of your router compared to the location of your device is one of the major reason you might be experiencing slow speed. When this is a consistent issue, you should at least reposition your router to a higher platform where there won’t be interference with the signal.

What could be the cause of getting only half my Internet speed?

You need to make sure the cable from the router is still good. Also, check your firmware as well as the settings from your internet service provider.

My internet speed fluctuates. Is it normal?

At first. Try and run a test with just one device connected to your network and also multiple devices to ascertain the actual speed. This test should be carried out at different times of the day because internet speed fluctuates at a different point, especially with cable connections.

My download speed slows, but my internet is fast?

That your download speed is slow despite your fast internet means that the server you’re downloading from might be slow or busy. To check this, visit www.speedtest.net to ascertain the internet speed in megabits.