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Ting Mobile Review = the cheapest and fastest plans

Ting Mobile Review – The Cheapest and Fastest Plans

Ting is an American MVNO established in February 2012 by Tucows. Ting’s services are off-contract, allowing customers to pay for what they use as opposed to requiring customers to select a fixed plan. Ting uses three of the major ISPs to deliver cellular service in the United States. It uses network and Musts from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint hence offering outstanding coverage nationwide. Over the last years, Ting has been ranked Top 3 in the consumer report’s cellphone service survey. But is this company’s services the best for you? Ting Mobile’s services in all categories are reviewed here to help you make a non-regrettable decision regarding your phone service provider.

How the service works

Pricing is in separate tiers for text messages, voice calls, and data bundles. There is an access fee of $6 charged for an active device. Suppose you go a whole month without sending any text, making any call, or using any bundles; you are not charged. The addition of another line for an existing account attracts a $6 access fee, which is cheaper than most mobile providers, who charge $10. At the end of the billing cycle, the bill is paid depending on how much of each tier you have used, plus the $6 for the line charge.

Ting mobile is the best service to use for those who are on a budget, as it allows the user to set ceilings for each tier in each category. Once you hit a specific threshold, you can choose for the system to trigger an alert or cut off the service for the remaining billing period.

For those using different lines for the same account, it allows you to limit each tier as you may require. You might have one user completely cut off from using data bundles or text messages while the other users can still use the services.


Devices that run on Verizon’s and Sprint’s (CDMA), as well as T-Mobile’s (GSM) are all supported by Ting. The devices can be purchased on Ting’s website, Amazon or other sellers. Once the device has been purchased, the device’s electronic serial number is then entered in Ting’s website in order to activate the device.

Ting also provides BYOD devices (Bring your own Devices). This means that to use the Ting network; you do not necessarily have to purchase a new device. Any phone compatible with Ting’s partner networks can be used to get Ting service. The device, however, needs to be out of contract with the other network providers, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile, and must be paid in full.

Most AT &T devices must be unlocked in order to be compatible with Ting. Unlocked phones from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, iPhone, and Motorola are also suitable for use with Ting Mobile. This means the Installation of Ting Mobile can easily be done on any of the above devices by picking a Sim Card either directly from Ting or online due to lack of retail stores as the mobile does not sell plans. Although most phones are compatible with the network, it is always advised that you use a compatibility checker on Ting’s website to be sure before activation.


Prior to the rate model, the service was prepaid where customers were allowed to build their own phone plans and got their refund for any unused voice calls, data, or text that they had purchased. This changed when the service became postpaid, and customers would only pay what they had incurred.

Different tiers offered by Ting Include;

Data/price Talk/price Texts/price Top up
100Mb/$3 100/$3 100/$3 Data: $10 per GB after 2GB
500Mb/$10 500/$9 1,000/$5 Talk: 1.9 cents peer minute after 2,100
1GB/$16 1,000/$18 2,000/$8 Texts: 0.25 cents per text after 4,800
2GB/$20 4,800/$8 4,800/$11

Cost & Monthly Price

Looking at the above plans, each individual’s monthly cost is different and depends on the usage for each tier. Since most people use one or two tiers than the other, they are able to balance their usage.

Looking at your past usage for each tier is a good way to measure and approximate your monthly cost before even the billing period is over. It is also easy to stay within budget as you can use other alternatives that will not affect your tier, like making video calls and voice calls when you are on Wi-Fi in order to maintain keep your limit for the Talk Minutes.

How Good is Ting Mobile?

Data Speeds

On average, Ting customers use 101-500MB per month. Up to 150 Mbps upload speeds for 4G LTE are available depending on your device type and region. 2G and 3G plus voice and text data are also available on the network. Data from Ting cannot only be used for your own phone, but it can be used as a hotspot.

First Month Free

When joining the service, you are offered a $25 credit in free service, which is applied once you activate your account. Since the average usage of most customers is $23 you get your first month’s services for free. Ting gives the customer an opportunity to test and determine whether they like the service before committing to pay for their next month.

IPhone and Android Options

Ting does not limit the users’ choice; hence they can opt for either iPhone or android. Financing is available with affirm for users who require to buy new phones in order to connect with Ting. For the first six months, most financing option is interest-free. This makes it affordable to join this service.

Customer Service

Of all the service providers in America, Ting has been described as having the best customer service. There is no automation, no transfers, no holds, efficiently knowledgeable and extremely polite representatives help you resolve your issues quickly. This has attracted more customers as they feel appreciated and that the company makes them a priority. Should an error occur, the Ting team will do everything in their power to fix the mistake. They are also reachable through their email and online chat where they respond promptly.

No Long-Term Contracts

With Ting, customers are not locked in Long-term contracts that they would be forced to continue using even when the services do not meet their needs to the satisfaction or no longer enjoy the services. From $6 per line, you can enjoy the services and will not be charged for services when you do not use them.

Pay AS You Go

Given you only pay for the services used, Ting ensures that and you are not overcharged for services you would like to enjoy. This allows you to use the services unlimited, depending on what you desire.

Coverage and Network Performance

Ting’s performance and coverage will be identical to whichever network is carrying the data between the three network providers. Since Verizon has the best network coverage in the United States, it means Ting is able to provide the same level to their customers. Ting has simplified the network selection of its new users to ensure they are provided with the best networks based on their phones and locations. Performance of the network varies with the location; therefore, new users are urged to check on Ting’s website to determine how each carrier performs in their area before activation.

Ting Features: Dashboard and Controls

The Ting dashboard is very easy to use and makes it easy to keep track of your usage throughout the month. The online dashboard, gives the total user control over the devices on your account. While most carriers charge an extra for usage alerts and individual limits by terming them as parental controls, Ting offers these features for free.

Why is Ting Inexpensive

Despite Ting’s price, there is nothing lacking in the services provided as compared to other network providers. It is imperative to note that the United States wireless industry is expensive as a whole. Through their plans, almost all other carrier make customers buy more than they will ever use and their prices are inflated. Ting’s services are termed as inexpensive since they have no fixed plans which cost up to $70 in other carriers. Through paying for what you use, Ting makes a healthy margin without putting a burden on the consumers.

For Ting to be allowed to access the cell towers and mobile infrastructure of the big nationwide carriers; Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, Ting pays them but provides its own unique features like customer service and billing directly to their customers. They purchase the service at wholesale prices and are able to pass the benefit of the subsidized rates to the customers.

Customers often ask, if Ting is using the major network providers network, why should they get the network from Ting instead of directly from the service provider? The advantage is being charged according to your usage rather than a set cost and the great customer service you receive from Ting that you will not get from the major network providers.

How to save on Ting

Ting offers incentives and promotions on both its existing and new customers. There is an incentive to switch of 25% of the early termination fee. This means if you had an existing service and had to terminate in order to join Ting, a 25% of what you paid will be credited to your account. This amount will go a long way in paying for your monthly usage.

There is a referral program offered by Ting where the person you refer (they should use your referral code or link) gets a $25 credit towards service or a new phone. As the person who referred them, you will also receive a $25 service credit for each referral you make. By referring at least one friend per month, you will be saving a lot on your monthly payments as you could end up making calls, using data, and texting at no cost at all.

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay my Ting Bill?

Bill payment with Ting is completely automated and is done monthly. Ting accepts payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, consequently ensure that you have a valid card on file. The payment is processed within a few days of your billing date. All the information, which includes payments, monthly bills, refunds, and credits, are all found on your account’s dashboard’s billing history.

Are there any additional fees?

Yes. There are additional applicable taxes, regulatory fees, or government-mandated surcharges. States and local governments levy a range of taxes, which include; Sales Tax, License Tax, Utility Users Tax, Telecommunication Sales Tax, and Statutory Gross Receipts(Wireless), and all these taxes depend on the state. The taxes are clearly elaborated on the bill and are easy to understand. For a $30 bill, these taxes will not exceed $2-$3. For international calls outside the countries not declared as free, the charges are different as well.

How is my billing date determined?

For Ting mobile service, the billing date is set when the first device was activated. Any subsequent device added to that account will have the same date. For users porting a number, the billing date is the day your port completes.

If the first service with Tang was internet service, then the billing date is the day after your installation.

The billing date can be easily changed by contacting Ting customer service.


Although Ting has been in the cell phone business for a shorter period than the other service providers, its ability to be innovative and to be a great option, especially for customers who do not use their phones often, is what makes it special as they are able to save through Ting’s flexible and simple option. I would highly recommend that any new user try Ting. Since there is no contract, there is no risk and potential loss. It will also make sure that you do not overpay for a bloated static plan each month even when not utilizing the services completely. As a Ting user, you should expect excellent coverage, varying monthly costs depending on usage, an unlimited number of lines for one account, and calling to 60 plus countries at no additional cost, among other benefits.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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