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Extended LTE Mean

What Does Extended LTE Mean – Why Does It Show Up On My Phone

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Since the internet connects us to our loved ones and the world at large, it’s now an undeniable part of our individual lives. Because of this, you’ll definitely find a wireless connection in almost every home you visit. Now to the critical question, how can we still have access to the internet outside our homes? This is where opting for LTE connections and networks becomes a valid option. Most people tend to have access to an extended connection, but yet don’t know the importance. So if you’re among the category of people asking the meaning of extended LTE, this write-up will answer your questions.

Extended LTE Explained

Simply put, Extended LTE is a contingency internet connection. This is usually seen on top of your screen, especially in areas where there is an absence of your carrier’s network towers. At this point, temporary service will be provided by another network carrier until you’re back in an area with the nearest tower.

To further buttress this, different network carriers usually have an agreement to supplement each other’s service at dead zone areas. So, for instance, if you’re an AT&T subscriber and you navigate to an area without a nearby AT&T network tower, if you check your device, you’ll see extended LTE written around the signal area. From then, you’ll be using the signal from another network carrier with a stable network. This does not involve any additional charges because your original carrier already has an agreement covering the cost.

Compared to the former LTE networks, you’ll enjoy better signal connectivity comprising a high-speed connection with the extended LTE. Most of these network carriers have their different roaming partners when it comes to this agreement. For iPhone users, the meaning of LTE is that your mobile phone is currently roaming your internet via a contingency network. The good thing is that this arrangement won’t disconnect you from your original carrier. But as you choose a network carrier to subscribe to, it’s necessary to take a look at their coverage map to ascertain if your device will be roaming while connected to the internet.

As was stated earlier, this Extended LTE does not involve an extra charge from your end. However, there are two possibilities to this which you need to be aware of; first, the contingency network will kick in once there is no coverage in the area you travelled to. Secondly, whenever you’re within the right location of your original carrier, and you still notice extended LTE on your device, it simply means that your carrier’s network tower in that area is malfunctioning.

The majority of people have complained that they tend to struggle with their network whenever the extended network appears on their device. The truth is that you should not expect an excellent signal. Remember receiving a little signal in a dead zone is still better than not receiving at all.

Note: If you want the extended LTE to function, it’s essential to reconfigure your mobile settings to global. This will enable you to use high-speed internet.

Difference between Extended LTE and Roaming

An Extended service simply means that whenever you find yourself in an area that lacks your carrier’s network tower, you’ll begin to use the signal from a different carrier at no extra charges. For instance, let assume you’re a Verizon subscriber, and you travelled to a different location without any nearby Verizon tower; if there is an agreement between Verizon and Sprint, from that point, you’ll start making use of Sprint tower to access the internet and receive phone calls.

Roaming, on the other hand, does not involve any written agreement between carriers. For instance, whenever you’re in a different location without your carrier’s service tower, making use of a signal from another carrier will attract extra charges because, at that point, you’re now roaming directly on their network. The charges will be passed to you by your original carrier.

In Conclusion

Extended LTE is the internet connection that is initiated whenever you find yourself in a non-coverage area. The drawdown of this arrangement is that the speed will be reasonably impacted. However, changing your settings to Global can help improve the speed. The good thing about the Extended LTE plan is that it attracts no additional charges than roaming; though the speed might decrease a bit, it’s still better than not having anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of extended LTE?

Extended service simply means when you’re in an area without the tower of your network provider, you can actually make use of another service provider who has a deal with your original ISL. Note this can only be done with some selected networks.

Do I need to pay extra money for extended service?

No, it does not involve an additional cost. For instance, if you’re with a particular network and you’re not picking up a nearby tower, you’ll not be charged for using any extended 3G data. However, when the other two variables are all met, there is still the possibility of using your regular data. Hence you won’t worry about the extra charges.

How can I turn off my extended network?

For Android users,

  • On your home screen, navigate to Apps >>> Settings.
  • Type in HD Voice or Advanced calling in the search field. This will take you to your device-specific setting
  • Click on the switch located at the upper-right. This will turn it off.

Do I save data by turning off my LTE?

Yes, technically, you can save data because LTE is fast. The speed of LTE actually consumes more data. Alternatively, if you’ve access to Wi-Fi, you can navigate to your settings and turn off the cellular data, especially for non-essential apps.

Why does extended LTE appear on my phone?

This is not an error notification; instead, it happens everywhere, especially when your carrier’s tower is not nearby. At this point, another carrier will provide the needed coverage. To an extent, this better when compared to roaming, which involves extra expenses.

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