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What Is EVDO – Questions Answered

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EVDO is simply a protocol used to establish a high-speed broadband connection to your mobile devices and PC. This is used to obtain an always-on connection in order to work at the same speed as a DSL connection.

The responsibility of EVDO is to provide high-speed wireless broadband to be used anywhere; there is a limited internet connection.

Definition of EVDO

The abbreviation EVDO means Evolution-Data Optimized. Sometimes it is referred to as EV-DO or 1xEV-DO. They mean the same thing.

This type of internet connection can deliver a data rate speed from 500 kb to 800 kb as you create your hotspot. EVDO is not known before now because they started their operation using a technology that is not branded by many.

But now, so many organizations and multinational businesses that mostly have staff who work remotely have embraced the technology. That’s not all, individuals who want to get things done while on the move have also embraced EVDO.

Many providers of EVDO are provided with laptops, portable devices, and EVDO cards, which enables individuals to set up and access their private hotspot from any location.

To do this, all that is required is to install the software provided by your chosen wireless network and then insert the EVDO card into it. This will launch the utility and then grant you access to the internet.

EVDO network coverage

As the advancement of 3G and 4G connections keeps increasing, EVDO will continue to be available worldwide.

Once you’re in an area that covers the coverage, you’ll understand how generous the network is, but in a location with an absence of cell phone towers, you’ll experience intermittent connection with your EVDO.

How EVDO Works

EVDO is derived from a single carrier radio transmission tech (1x RTT) built on 2G technology but it still functions effectively on 3G technology.

The reason for choosing 2G technology is its availability in almost every location once there is a cell phone connection. The pairing of these techniques means that peradventure you find yourself in a remote area where EVDO is not available, the 2G can be accessed. However, the connection will be slow, but it’s better than not connecting at all.

In other words, the 1xRTT working with your EVDO card can be very useful once you’re far away from any transmitting tower. However, once you’re close to a signal tower, the EVDO speed has been proven reliable to the extent that you can get up to 1400 kbps. That’s laudable.

You can get EVDO in various formats such as USB device, or even Express Card.

All these can suitably be inserted into your device. Alternatively, you can also use them in a 3G router, which makes it possible for other users to be part of it. Typically, EVDO is offered via a cell phone carrier when you eventually subscribe to the service.

How Evdo Signal Can Be Boosted

Since the EVDO antenna’s introduction, it is now possible to boost your EVDO, especially if you find yourself in an area with an intermittent signal.

The antenna is unique, and it helps to enhance the signal strength when applied to the EVDO device or card. The antenna functions when it is connected to the port of the device. It is that simple.

Advantages Of Evdo

One of the primary advantages of EVDO is that you’ll enjoy your connection with minimum hassles, especially roaming to other network carriers.

This is more preferable than a Wi-Fi connection where you can only be connected if you’re within a specific range. Other advantages are as follows;

  • Signal – The EVDO signal can be comfortably transmitted simultaneously on your cell phone lines without any form of restriction whatsoever. Furthermore, the cell tower won’t limit you to a certain amount of footage or a public wireless spot.
  • Corporate VPN – For remote workers that often carry out their businesses on the move, EVDO has made it possible to still access your organization’s VPN just by using your cell phone together with a signal that offers secure encryption. Also, with EVDO, you can access real-time applications at a lower cost despite the location. This means that you can access multimedia or TV programs that ordinarily require a connection to access in real-time. Aside from these, many mobile devices are currently being manufactured with EVDO preinstalled inside the device.
  • Extended Range of Service – EVDO serves as an alternative for high-speed internet broadband, especially if you’re in an area that makes use of DSL or cable and still without a high-speed internet connection.

Disadvantages Of Evdo

One of the significant disadvantages you’ll experience with EVDO is when you’re travelling abroad.

So you must ascertain if the connectivity will be available the route you’ll follow. Aside from this, you need to confirm from your network carrier if it will be possible to connect to EVDO with the aid of your cell phone and what it will cost you.

However, most ISP offers a unique plan for this, which is usually cost-prohibitive.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve understood everything about Evolution-Data Optimized (EVDO), it’s now left for you to figure out the best option that will suit your internet needs.

However, be rest assured that if you require a reliable internet high-speed internet, especially if you travel a lot, EVDO remains the ideal option for all your internet needs.

However, you need to confirm the cost first from your service provider before making your final decision.


What differentiates EVDO from HSPA?

EVDO is a 3G technology used in CDMA to provide high-speed internet.

High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) is comparable to EVDO when considering UMTS based 3G networks. On the other hand, LTE on its own is a 4G tech meaning it supersedes both HSPA and EVDO.

What is the speed to expect with EVDO?

When using EVDO, you can get a download speed of 14.7Mbps with an upload speed of 5.4Mbps.

This is the upgraded speed, unlike before where is the first version offers 2.4Mbps and an upload speed of 153Kbps

How does EVDO actually work?

You can get this service either from a mobile operator or via ISP. To access the service, you need either a Mi-Fi device or a USB dongle.

Connect the service to the computer device, then follow the instructions which are provided by the service provider. However, some service providers might require you to install their software to access the internet.

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