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Comcast RDK 03036 Error

Comcast RDK 03036 Error – How To Fix (Guide)

The RDK 03036 error code happens when the program you’re getting from Comcast has an issue. From reports, it shows that Xfinity has alerted its subscribers of this issue. It mainly happens if the program either does not fulfil the requirements to play TV shows or insufficient information, usually in reserve, which prevents it from playing.

This error has been reoccurring for some time, especially when the Xfinity network around a particular geographical area is down. There is a way out of this problem, and that is what this write-up will focus on, and it does not require any special skill.

Meaning of Comcast Error Code RDK 03036

This particular error code is the Hexadecimal set-up of the error caused. It is often seen in the windows environment or other related windows, driver vendors, or software. When the codes display, vendors use it to identify the particular error that was caused. You’ll discover this by its numerical error number, which also has a technical description. This extra hexadecimal code is the address where the memory is located. It is also where you can find the instructions that were loaded before the time of the error.

Causes the Xfinity Error Code RDK-03036

Just like it was stated earlier, this particular error message emphasis that there is an issue with the program. The reasons why this error will likely occur are as follows;

  • First, you’ll tend to notice this error when HTML 5 isn’t authorized to be used on your program. This version of HTML is currently the latest variant of HTML. All the streaming business needs this particular variant.
  • Also, it happens when chrome augmentations are incompatible with the Xfinity playback cycle.
  • Another time you’ll notice it is at the point Google Chrome gets broken and without establishing any records.
  • The error tends to prevent some terrible threats to the playback. Xfinity goes a long way to rectify this as a result of the copyright review that always needs to be considered.
  • When a particular Xfinity worker is entirely down, at this juncture, there is nothing you can do to resolve it. You’ve to wait.
  • Obsolete programs also cause it. At this point, what Xfinity does is to modify itself to the most current version. There won’t be any other option for you to stream in a situation where you do not have it.

Note – It’s important to remember that before you proceed with the plans, make sure that you have a stable web association with access to the manager on your PC account.

How to quickly fix Comcast Error Code RDK 03036 error

There are two (2) possible ways you can go about this particular error code;

Manual Computer User Solution based on Advanced Methods

  • Boost your PC and make sure you login as an administrator.
  • Navigate to the start button, then tab: All Programs>>>Accessories>>>System Tools >>> System Restore.
  • From the display new window, click the option “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and then tap on Next.
  • Here you need to select the most current system restore point shown “On this list.” Next, you need to click a restore point list, tab on Next directly on the confirmation window.
  • Now it’s time to restart the PC immediately when the restoration has finished.

Novice Computer User Solution based on Automated Method

  • Download the repair utility tool here.
  • After the download, install the program and then click the Scan button.
  • After the scanning, select the fix Error button.
  • Now restart your computer.

How the utility tool Functions.

Once this tool has been installed on your computer, it will first start by diagnosing all the possible problems before repairing any error discovered. This tool can be referred to as patent-pending tech that repairs a damaged windows OS registry structure.

Some of its basic features are as follows;

  • Fix system rebooting and freezing issues.
  • Live updates
  • Help in start-up customization.
  • Repair of windows structure.
  • Program removal management.
  • Browser assistant object management.


This error occurs as a result of the program issue with the Windows environment. It displays a message that reads, “service is unable to connect to your set-top box.” This message is evidence of what has happened, which requires a solution. First, you can begin to troubleshoot by restarting your device. Here is what you need to have in mind; make sure all the coax cable directly connected to the outlet is finger tight, hold the power button for at least 10 seconds to restart the set-top; a welcome message will be seen when as you release the button. Now you can easily view contents from your device. Peradventure, none of these worked; reach out to the representatives using 1-800-Xfinity.


What is the meaning of the RDK 03036 error code?

When this happens, it simply means something wrong with your MoCA connectivity—in most cases, just refreshing your system using “my Account app”, this issue can be fixed.

What is the procedure for getting a reset signal from Comcast?

It’s easy—dial 1-800-266-2278 (1-800-Comcast) on your mobile phone line. When the representative picks, explain the problem you’re having. Then request a signal reset.

What do I need to fix my Comcast cable connection?

You need to make sure all the cable connections are well tight; your remote batteries should also be positioned to the right input. If none of these worked, click on continue. Your device will be scanned for potential issues. The next is to select a system refresh.

What are the ways to tighten a cable connection?

First, you need to locate all the device’s connections to the power source and ensure its finger tight. It should be tight as you can make it be without using any tool or a wrench. Next is to locate the point where the cable connects to the back of your device.

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