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How To Connect My Roku To Wifi Without Remote

How To Connect My Roku To Wifi Without Remote – Updated Guide 2022

If you’re looking for information on how to connect your Roku to wifi without remote, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll explain 2 ways on how you can connect your Roku device to your wireless home network.

Roku is one of the most mainstream media players which can stream information from channels such as Netflix and Hulu.

It is also a common scenario for Roku users to look for a solution to connect their Roku to wifi without a remote. Here comes the problem: you have no Roku remote with you at all.

Whether you lost your Roku remote or it broke down and cannot be used, what can you do to use the Roku device now?

Roku Overview

Roku is a streaming media player that lets you stream movies, TV shows, live channels, and other content directly to your TV or home theater system. It supports a number of content sources including Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and HBO GO. Additionally, Roku has a number of apps that allow users to listen to music, read the news and even play games.

The Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI Version) is available for $49.99 on Amazon with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. The Roku Streaming Stick Plus (HDMI Version) is available for $69.99 with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

Roku is one of the most popular ways to stream content to your TV or home theater system because it is so easy to use and works with virtually all modern TVs.

There are a few simple steps that you need to take in order to get started with Roku so you can start streaming your favorite channels and shows:

Connect the power cord from your Roku Streaming Stick or Roku Ultra to an electrical outlet Connect your TV to the HDMI port on your Streaming Stick or Ultra using the included HDMI cable Plug in the power cord into a separate electrical outlet Connect your wireless internet connection if applicable Press “Home” on your remote control.

How to connect my Roku to wifi without remote

This tutorial will show you how to connect your Roku device to your wifi network without using a remote control. All you need is an android phone or tablet.

Method 1

  1. Connect the smartphone to the same network as the Roku Player
  2. Open the Roku app and eventually tap Devices at the bottom right corner
  3. You are now required to tap the Roku device. If you don’t see the Roku device, reset the phone or the Roku and check again
  4. The smartphone will now be connected as a remote
  5. Click on remote and use the Virtual remote to set the Wi-Fi
  6. Select Settings on the left side and eventually Network on the Roku’s Home screen
  7. Click on Set-up the connection and give your Roku enough time to search for the wifi and set

Method 2

  1. Download an android app called “Wifi Analyser” from the market.
  2. Open the app and locate your wireless router.
  3. Press the start button and wait for the app to locate the wifi network you want to connect to. Then press the stop button.
  4. Now press the + button and enter these settings: SSID: [enter your wifi network name here] Security type: WEP Key Type: hex Key: [enter your wifi password here]
  5. Now connect your Roku device to the router using an Ethernet cable (if it’s not already connected). Wait for it to connect and then press play on a video that is either free or rented on your Roku device.
  6. Now press the home button on your android device and go into Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi settings > tap on [your wifi network name here] > Advanced options > IP settings > Static > IP address: 6.

Common Roku connectivity issues

My Roku is connected to my TV, but I can’t connect it to WiFi. Why?

The most common reason is that the Roku is not using the same wireless network as your router. There are two ways you can check if this is the case:

1. If you have another device capable of connecting to your wireless network, try connecting it to your network while the Roku is on (and connected to your TV). If you are successful, then it’s likely that your Roku has a different wireless network name than what you have set up on your router. You will need to set up a new network on the Roku or change the configuration of your existing router.

2. Another way to check if your issue is with configuration is by going into settings on the Roku and checking if it can detect your wireless network. If it cannot find a wireless network, then the problem is most likely with configuration settings, such as there being an extra letter in the password or a typo in the encryption type.

If you’re still having trouble connecting after making sure that your Roku and WiFi are on different networks, contact customer support for further assistance.


Why is my Roku remote not working?

There are countless reasons why my Roku remote is not working. Firstly check the battery and secondly test to see whether it’s broken.

Does Roku have Wi-Fi Built-in?

Yes, the Roku streaming stick has built-in direct Roku wi-fi functionality. This means that they have included an OS that allows you to connect the device easily.

Why isn’t my Roku connecting to Wi-Fi?

There are a couple of reasons, is your Roku Broken? If yes, get another streaming stick. You might also have to reset your modem and restart the setup process.

In the end, regardless of which Roku you have, if you’re looking to connect it to a wifi network (in order to access the internet, stream videos, and so on), you’ll need to find the settings menu. From there, simply follow the on-screen instructions for entering your wifi access info. If you need additional help, follow this easy step-by-step guide for connecting Roku but wifi is not working to connect remote.

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